Superstar Is In The Hospital

emergency room[Media Take Out] We just got word from a PRETTY reliable snitch – that two nights ago a popular superstar had what is being described as a DR*G OVERD*SE. And that she is recovering in the hospital as we speak.

We’re not naming names, cause our snitch is only 90% certain that it was a dr*g overd*se. But no one OTHER THAN MEDICAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS has been close to this person since the alleged incident.

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  1. isisbluemoon says

    should’ve known there was a reason Lindsay has been absent from Coachella photos since about saturday

    • PandoraWolf says

      I don’t think it’s her, only since if it were, her dad would have already called the press conference about how he KNEW that her postponing rehab would lead to this blah blah blah blah.

      Michael Lohan would sell that girl’s corpse for a five-minute spot in the media.

  2. isisbluemoon says

    i guess it might be rhiannna too…i’m sure its one or the other

    Lindsay or riri

  3. ONIT says

    Rihanna! Last show in Las Vegas (Apr 12) and now cancelled show in Houston (Apr 15). Wonder what happens for the show in Dallas (Apr 16).

  4. redstilettos says

    Didn’t Rihanna just cancel shows for laryngitis? Or maybe Gaga and her ‘hip’ surgery?

  5. Poi_La_Luce says

    Rihanna? I heard she’s cancelled another concert due to “ill health” and she definitely would be described as a superstar. I also think she’s the subject of the recent blind about the High Street brand. Her River Island line. I think it’s all about the drugs.

    I’m not surprised, she’s a mess.

  6. maggie44 says

    Rianna. She just canceled Houston show and her last show was a few days ago in Vegas

  7. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Julia Roberts. “PRETTY”, as in Pretty Woman. She gave a drunken/drugged speech at Lincoln Center a few years ago, and there’s been other occasions where she was obviously under the influence of something. This isn’t too surprising.

  8. Breathless says

    This is so Rihanna. She’s just cancelled a couple of shows in the last few days, right?

    • darock says

      This was my guess too, mostly because of the “PRETTY” reference. And she would still count as a superstar.

    • Bromance1979 says

      No one would be surprised about that one, but she’s been non-stop Tweeting for the past few days. Poor thing… GET HELP, AMANDA!

  9. dc reader says

    When was the last photograph for Lindsay Lohan. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was her.

  10. Alliegirl says

    My guess is Rihanna since she canceled/postponed her Houston show yesterday and seems Dallas is postponed tonight too.

  11. cocobeannns says

    Since when is mto a reliable source?

    I’ll guess Rihanna. She cancelled her concert last night.

  12. Dizzy says

    I think this is Rihanna, apparently she has just cancelled one ( or more ) of her concerts due to “over work”or something along those lines.Whoever it is, I hope she gets better soon and gets some rehab for the drug problem.

  13. sherlock says

    I wonder if this is Rihanna,people have been imploring her to go to rehab.Is this related to Coachella i wonder?whose been missing these last few days?

  14. Kerzep says

    Have to go Julia Roberts because of the PRETTY reference. I hope not, however. I like her and she seems very down to earth.

  15. Columbus says

    I’ve seen rumors of this elsewhere on the Internet. Hope it is not true. Supposedly it is Jennifer Lawrence.

  16. slantrhyme says

    Rihanna canceled a show in Houston. The phrase “popular superstar” seems to imply that it isn’t Lohan, who is obviously the go-to guess for anything involving drugs, but since when has she been popular or a superstar?

  17. sophiedg says

    Rihanna? Her Mon concert in Houston was cancelled due to “unidentified illness.” She also bailed on two East coast concerts last month for the same reason.

  18. JeanRalphio says

    Could this be Rihanna? She has cancelled shows, most recently in Houston. Rumors of drug addiction have been growing over the last few months.

  19. kookywooky says

    Taylor Swift? Katy Perry? Rhianna? Madonna? Britney? Selena Gomez? Lady Gaga? Christina Aguilera?