Music Star Is Scarily Obsessed

woman looking in mirror 4SOLVED!

[Village Voice] She’s a successful music star.

Her image involves lots of love and light.

But on a shoot, she smokes pot all day, is abusive and mean, and is scarily obsessed with looking pretty.



It’s Jennifer Lopez! Source:

Yes, Jennifer Lopez smokes pot. She doesn’t talk about it because it doesn’t exactly jive with her image, but she does.

The weird thing is, we’ve heard many times that instead of it making her all mellow, it makes her kind of paranoid and mean!

The girl obsesses over absolutely everything! Every hair on her head has to be perfectly placed, every eyelash needs to be separated from the other, and she will endlessly scrutinize how a one-inch change in body or face angle makes her look! If you don’t help her get herself to that precise place where she approves, she will snap at you for not doing your job. She is not a screamer or a yeller or a cell phone thrower… but she can definitely be a very critical and snippy diva when it comes to her appearance.

Frankly, she is a bit exhausting to deal with. Yes, she’s beautiful, but beauty has its price. In this case it’s the sanity of every stylist, hair stylist, and makeup artist on the set.

Well, at least the result looks good!

Oh, and did you catch the very obvious clue you were given? “Love and Light” is the name of one of Jennifer Lopez’s perfumes.

Congratulations to  DL13, who was first with the correct guess, and to Laine01 for catching the Love and Light clue!

jennifer lopez love and light

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