Music Star Is Scarily Obsessed

woman looking in mirror 4SOLVED!

[Village Voice] She’s a successful music star.

Her image involves lots of love and light.

But on a shoot, she smokes pot all day, is abusive and mean, and is scarily obsessed with looking pretty.



It’s Jennifer Lopez! Source:

Yes, Jennifer Lopez smokes pot. She doesn’t talk about it because it doesn’t exactly jive with her image, but she does.

The weird thing is, we’ve heard many times that instead of it making her all mellow, it makes her kind of paranoid and mean!

The girl obsesses over absolutely everything! Every hair on her head has to be perfectly placed, every eyelash needs to be separated from the other, and she will endlessly scrutinize how a one-inch change in body or face angle makes her look! If you don’t help her get herself to that precise place where she approves, she will snap at you for not doing your job. She is not a screamer or a yeller or a cell phone thrower… but she can definitely be a very critical and snippy diva when it comes to her appearance.

Frankly, she is a bit exhausting to deal with. Yes, she’s beautiful, but beauty has its price. In this case it’s the sanity of every stylist, hair stylist, and makeup artist on the set.

Well, at least the result looks good!

Oh, and did you catch the very obvious clue you were given? “Love and Light” is the name of one of Jennifer Lopez’s perfumes.

Congratulations to  DL13, who was first with the correct guess, and to Laine01 for catching the Love and Light clue!

jennifer lopez love and light

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  1. Tracy Lord says

    “Her image involves lots of love and light”…. this makes me think of Delta Goodrem. Her song “In This Life” goes “You give me love, you give me light” and she signs her messages with “Love & light, Delta” (that’s even on the wikipedia page for this song).

      • klouf87 says

        I’ve worked on a few filmings of The Voice here in Australia. Delta is most certainly not smoking pot. She’s definitely the least abusive/mean person I’ve ever met.

    • Tracy Lord says

      Also Delta is a judge on The Voice Australia, this might be the “shooting” in which she smokes pot, etc

    • lovelula87 says

      i used to be obsessed with delta goodrem in high school (10 years ago) and she used to ALWAYS without fail sign off her blogs with “love and light, delta x”

    • ME AGAIN says

      Just because that was the first name that popped into your head doesn’t mean it is so. Lol. This BI sound NOTHING like Fenty. Probs Taylor.

  2. xxmichellexx says

    Could be totally off but the only person who comes to mind immediately is Ellie Goulding (because of her song “Lights”). Could be totally, completely wrong though

    • iPanderr says

      I don’t think Ellie has a mean bone in her body. I’m going with the Delta Goodrem guess above; a lot of evidence supporting the clues.

  3. hannahjones says

    Oh gosh, erm not much to work with in my opinion.
    Taylor Swift?

    Clues: Love- love story?
    Mean – her song mean?
    Obsessed – many people see her as obsessed when it comes to guys?
    Light – she turned on some christmas lights in london last november?
    she also has many lyrics that feature light? (‘shadows almost killed your light’). Taylor also loves glitter and thats quite light.
    Shes successful – Taylor is very successful.
    The picture – kinda looks like her from a distance. Blonde hair, glittery.
    Shooting – she recently released her video for 22. Perhaps this was on that shooting.

    I might just be pulling things from nowhere here.

  4. says

    sounds like Taylor Swift to me.
    Her entire life seems to revolve around public “relationships” to sell albums. And she has a song called “Mean.” Her being obsessed with looking pretty doesn’t surprise me at all, she seems to always be dressed up.
    not at all surprised in this blind

  5. annnn says

    can’t wait to see the guesses! I say Taylor Swift, I don’t know, she’s blonde and has a song called mean…

    I’d love to know the details on “obsessed with looking pretty”

    • litswd.tb says

      Ok, I’ll bend to this one cause she is currently a blond on a magazine cover this month (For April, I can’t think of what magazine it is even though I know it)

      I just don’t see Mariah Carey smoking pot around her kids and I don’t recall ever hearing about her being mean (though I’m not saying she wouldn’t be)

      Rihanna is not a blond right now, she’s been known to smoke pot for a couple of years now so this rules her out. (the blind makes it sound like this person wouldn’t want be known for smoking pot)

      Jlo has blond highlights but she always has, She has said in prior interviews her kids make her a nicer person.

      Gaga I can’t recall any instances where she has been mean, I’ve heard about her ordering pizza for her fans on several occasions! (she actually sounds like a really sweet person)

  6. keyakxx says

    Taylor Swift

    – Her lyrics concern love, with many examples of ‘light’ – as well as her image.

    – SO many rumours of her being mean, not to mention the evidence seen when she was mean to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!!!

    – Would NOT be surprising if she was obsessed with her looks.

    • buttercup says

      Katy Perry was my guess too, I’m surprised I had to scroll this far down to see it.

  7. starry_nights_13 says

    first time posting! the picture kind of makes me think of ellie goulding? also she had that popular song “lights”, and theres reference to music being about “love and light”

  8. mfliz says

    Rihanna? Main clue the photo is a Mirror, Justin Timberlake’s new single; Justin obviously is known for collabing with Jay-Z on Suit & Tie, someone who is close with Rihanna

  9. McKenna says

    Taylor Swift? That’s really all I can think of. “Abusive and mean”- “Mean” is a song of hers, and “scarily obsessed” makes me think of how obsessed she comes across with all the guys she dates. And the girl in the photo is blonde. She doesn’t seem like the type to smoke pot in my opinion, but I’m drawing a blank on this one.

    • PandoraWolf says

      If Taylor Swift smokes pot, that is actually one thing I can dig about her, since her music (from what I have heard) is crap.

  10. FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

    Katie Perry?
    I’m assuming “love and light” is a clue but idk how it fits.

  11. ally cat says

    Natasha Bedingfield. But she has to be doing more then smoking pot all day….pot heads are not mean lol.

  12. mahalaskater says

    I know the popular guess is going to be Taylor Swift… But I’m thinking Selena Gomez.

  13. sophvalentina says

    Selena Gomez ??
    or Taylor Swift because of the use of the word ‘mean’ which is a title of one of her songs?

    • joyfulonemouse says

      Jlo- only because this pic may resemble her somewhat, but the description is a dead ringer for Rihanna

  14. cynthiamey says

    Miley Cyrus is one who always is talking about love and light, and she looks like she could be a biatch in real life, but who knows?

    • litswd.tb says

      She also looks like a lipstick lesbian, With her hair cut so short why would she have to worry about obsessed with beauitful

    • acancan123 says

      I think you’ve got it. I’m surprised no one else thought of Miley. Clues seem to fit, & I believe there have been rumors of her possibly being at least slightly bip*lar. I definitely wish her well. However, in my opinion, so much money, power, & freedom at a young age can often make people mean & selfish. She has cute hair & seems ultra-talented, so I hope she gets it together.

  15. texandthecity says

    mariah carey? she’s all butterflies and glitter, and seems pretty obsessed with herself …

  16. Cassidy says

    I’m thinking about Taylor Swift because of the word mean (Taylor has a song called “Mean”) but I can’t imagine her smoking pot. She cares way too much about what people think of her. Maybe Christina Aguilera? The picture makes me think of one of her albums called “Mi Reflejo”.

    • litswd.tb says

      The blind makes it sound like she would be upset if anyone found out she smoked pot so She could still be in the running. .

  17. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    Katy Perry? Even though funny enough I just saw her movie and she seemed actually pretty normal?

  18. sophiedg says

    W/o more info it seems like many stars could fit the clues, from sweet as candy Katy Perry to anyone who was part of Lilith Faire. (I’m showing my age now.) My wild A-List guesses:

    1) Madonna – Ray of LIGHT, Justify my LOVE. Known health freak, but some consider pot natural. She’s aged so the pretty obsession fits.

    2) Mariah Carey – She of the love songs, butterflies & rainbows. She’s a diva but image is still pretty clean, esp as a mother. Idol PYTs could be making her feel insecure.

    3) Beyonce – Crazy in LOVE, LOVE on Top, major LIGHT show at Super Bowl, LIGHT skinned beauty.

    4) Enya! OK, not really, but she personifies love & light and the thought of it being her amuses me. Anyone under 30 remember her?

  19. slantrhyme says

    Kesha has a song called Love into the Light, so maybe it’s her.

    Lady Gaga was the first person who came to mind, though.

  20. lovefifteen says

    This cannot be Taylor Swift. Smoking pot all day? Yeah right … it’s probably Rihanna.

    • litswd.tb says

      I wouldn’t put it passed Swift honestly. . . I’m sure the beliebers would have never guessed Justin was a doper but then the pics came out.

  21. JaneDawson says

    Can’t be Rihanna who thinks she’s the hottest sh*t the walk Earth, made up or nude, naked or clothes, beaten or battered. I doubt she’s insecure being filmed and Tay Swift ain’t a pothead. She did it in Mayer Days but nadda afterwards. Clean as whistle, poor traumatized girl.

    I like the Delta Goodrem guess. Pic looks like her too.

  22. Theo6 says

    we all know that RiRi is a pothead so that leaves her out

    we all know that Madonna is a raging b***h so that leaves her out

    I think Taylor is good for this one. She needs to get stoned and chill