The Story Behind The Split

break up 3[Blind Gossip] People are sad over this attractive couple’s split. Let’s clarify a few things about their relationship.

First of all, they were never a real couple. However, they really were friends with one another.

Secondly, the arrangement worked so well over time, that they actually thought about making it more permanent.

Thirdly, they broke up very suddenly, but it was not because of a conflict between the man and the woman. The real conflict was between the man and the woman’s brother. That’s right! The guy didn’t really break up with her. He was actually breaking up with her brother! She was just a casualty of the fallout.

Why did they break up? One guy heard that the other betrayed him (we don’t know if  it was true or not). The breakup followed very quickly after that. It was very sudden and very ugly.

Finally, all three in this relationship are adults and are professionals in the industry, so we think that there is a zero out of ten chance that any details of their relationship or their breakup will ever be made public.



Gal’s Brother:

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    • stanton says

      Did anybody ever think “Ryan” was straight? Most people knew that relationship was bs

      • YoGo8c says

        Ryan Seacrest apparently thinks he is. Probably why he has kept up with all these stupid PR stunts over the years.

    • chiente says

      I’m pretty open minded but this is just too weird. She is pretending to be in a committed relationship with Seacrest, who is pretending to be straight and who is actually f’ing her brother? Yuck. What was Thanksgiving dinner like?

      Hey, this would be the basis for a perfect movie that could air simultaneously on Lifetime, Logo and Bravo – “Undercover For a Brother’s Lover”.

      • Bromance1979 says

        Why do Derek and Ryan need to stay closeted, anyway?

        Derek is a dancer, for Christ’s sake. If he were straight, THAT would be the real story. Ryan is a television presenter. He’s not an actor, so it’s not as if he would lose “straight” roles if he were to come out. Who would stop watching Idol (is he still on that?) or E! News or stop listening to his radio show if he came out? I highly doubt anyone would care, especially Idol and E! viewers. In fact, I bet he’d get even more fans.

      • thebutlerdidit says

        I actually know, personally, 2 different girls Ryan dated & fooled around with, back at Univ of Ga. I’ve always figured he was bisexual, but everyone that I’ve ever met (Im from his hometown), said they would call him “asexual,” as in, sex coming way down the list after establishing his career and his building a Simon Cowell type empire. Be interesting to know, but I don’t see how being gay would be a big deal or hurt his career. Hes not an actor, or some heart throb musician, hes a producer, host, radio DJ…who cares what his sexuality is, you know?

  1. cindyl says

    Just heard Ryan and Julianne broke up so I am sure this is them along with her brother, Derick.

  2. screspo says

    Easy! (I think)

    Guy: Ryan Seacrest
    Gal: Julianne Hough
    Gal’s Brother: Derek Hough (from Dancing With the Stars)

    I believe there were rumors about them very possibly getting engaged.

  3. mommalovesapuzzle says

    Guy: Ryan Seacrest
    Gal: Julianne Hough
    Gal’s Brother: Derek Hough
    Just announced that Ryan and Julianne broke up.

  4. pumpkin says

    Ryan Seacrest
    Julianne Hough
    Derek Hough

    They all seem like pretty nice people. It’s really sad they have to live these kinds of lies.

    • wendy hood says

      Have to? I never saw anyone holding a gun to anyone else’s head. They have the lives they seek to lead, bless their hearts and their wallets and their love of living lies.

      • pumpkin says

        I should have written they feel like they have to because it’s still not ok to be gay in hollywood. I doubt they love living lies (but they do love the fame and the money).

      • PinkSlip says

        touche. “have to” is a stretch: you “have to” deal with cancer; you “have to” face death; you “have to” pay the kids’ school fees. Gimme a break on the “have to”‘s with this debacle, pumpkin!

  5. bjd44 says

    Well, this one’s simple!

    Guy: Ryan Seacrest

    Gal: Julianne Hough

    Gal’s brother: Good ol’ Derek!

    And why does this NOT all surprise me!

  6. Me Talk Pretty says

    Ryan Seacrest
    Julianne Hough
    Derek Hough

    I was kinda sad to see it happen myself even though I knew she was his beard. It’s like the blind said… everyone seemed to be so happy with it and they seemed to get along well. Usually these bearding things are so awkward and icky, these guys seemed pretty jovial. Oh well.

  7. FiyahHotFlashy says

    Ryan Seacrest…Out
    Julianne and Derek Hough
    Everybody knew that something just ain’t right about their relationship. Even the story of Julianne “losing” $110k in jewelry…hush $$$ to keep the real story out the tabs…Hmmm

  8. OhmyTommocarrot says

    I’m just gonna take a shot in the dark here and say..Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough??

  9. slimfast10 says

    Another easy peasy one Ace

    Guy Ryan Seacrest
    Girl Julianna Hough
    Brother Derek

    Long rumoured Hollyweird trio…

  10. tkw1955 says

    I’m probably about the zillionth guess but:

    Ryan Secreast
    Julianne Hough
    Derek Hough

    Hi, ACE!

  11. cottoncandyforthebrain says

    Guy: Ryan Seacrest
    Gal: Julianne Hough
    Gal’s Brother: Derek Hough

    “zero out of ten” chance is the hint to their Dancing with the Stars days.

    • LC_Says says

      oops, forgot to add in Derek Hough as the brother.
      clue: “0 out of 10” reference to Dancing with the Stars. Are there other clues I’m not seeing though??

  12. kellbell26 says

    Guy: Ryan Seacrest
    Gal: Julianne Hough
    Bro: Derek Hough
    Alluded conflict possibly being either – his busy work sched or the jewelry that was stolen from her car

  13. Cassidy says

    Guy: Ryan Seacrest
    Gal: Julianne Hough
    Gal’s brother: well, Julianne Hough’s brother lol!

  14. csheehan says

    Obviously Ryan Seacrest, Julianne Hough, and her brother Derek Hough. It was a nice little arrangement.

  15. Jo88 says

    Guy: Ryan Seacrest

    Gal: Julianne Hough

    Gal’s Brother: Derek Hough

    Clue being “there is a zero out of ten chance..” which relates to Dancing with the stars, where Derek and Julianne found fame. First time commenting. Hi Ace- love the site!

  16. sunshinestar says

    Ryan Seacrest and the Hough siblings. Goodness, just come out and admit that you are gay – Derek Hough can’t fool anyone and Seacrest needs to just quit the charade. People don’t care about stuff like that anymore – just be happy and live your life!