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[Blind Gossip] We have a fascinating update on the termination of this faux couple!

We told you that their professional obligations have been basically fulfilled, and that the contract could be terminated early if both parties agreed.

Well, we’ve just learned that one half of the couple is pitching an absolute fit about terminating early, and is refusing to let the other party out of the contract!

Although she is the one who violated the terms of the contract and screwed up the friendship, the female half of the couple doesn’t want to let her partner off the hook any sooner than she absolutely has to. She continues to call and text and email him relentlessly, trying to get together with him, determined to keep the charade going, even though he doesn’t even want to see her!

Why is she doing this? For several reasons:

One: She knows that she is the one who screwed up the friendship by screwing around with someone else. She keeps hoping that if she hangs on and hangs around long enough that he will forgive her and they can go back to being close friends.

Two: She doesn’t have many other close friends in her life. When they were a “couple”, they spent all their time together and he was her closest friend. She refuses to accept the fact that since she humiliated him he doesn’t really want to be friends with her any more.

Three: She knows that he is a nice guy and a true professional, and that – no matter how badly she has behaved – he won’t stoop so low as to publicly berate her, embarrass her, or disclose the terms of the contract. She is counting on that to give her the opportunity to work her way back into his life.

Four: She knows that the fame that she experienced during the height of their coupledom will dissipate quickly once she is “single”. You know all that complaining she does about the fame and attention? Well, the truth is that she loves it, and she is scared that once it is gone that she will never get it back!

Five: The contract runs through August. Legally, he is on the hook until then. It takes only one person to enforce the contract, but it takes two to terminate it.

So, if she wants to, she could legally tie him to her for the next few months, force him to make appearances with her, and prevent him from publicly dating anyone else!

Now, everyone in this scenario – except her – thinks that she is being incredibly immature and selfish. He just wants to move on with his life, but he can’t until she releases him. So, she is determined, he is annoyed, and the production company reps and the publicists and the attorneys are all meeting this week to try to work out a compromise.

We say, “Let him go, Girl!” He helped you achieve fame and fortune and popularity, and, in return, you screwed him over. Hanging on to the relationship tooth and nail just because you legally can now just makes you look sad and desperate.

Let him go.




rob pattinson and kristen stewart 2

It’s Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! Source:

After much whining and wailing and teeth-gnashing, Kristen Stewart finally let him go! Robert Pattinson is now a free man!

People Magazine reported on the demise of their relationship:

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Split:

Signs Their Relationship Was Crumbling

There have been recent signs of trouble in paradise for newly-split couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

The exes, who were inseparable just weeks ago, grew distant since Pattinson returned from New York to Los Angeles on May 8.

“They again went from spending every second together, to spending more time apart at their separate houses,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Kristen has been in a terrible mood, and it was obvious that things were not great with Rob.”

A major sign pointing to the demise of their romance was the absence of Stewart, 23, on May 13, the date of Pattinson’s 27th birthday.

“It was very strange that they didn’t celebrate Rob’s birthday together,” the source says. “He had friends over at his house, but Kristen was not part of the celebration. For the past few days, they have not spent any time together.”

Of course the magazines and tabloids are reporting it as if they were really a couple in love and that Kristen is heartbroken, but our readers know better. It was just the end of a long contract… and Kristen is heartbroken over the loss of the three more months of publicity to which she felt entitled.

For details on the contract, see the post titled “The Sun Is Setting On This Relationship.”

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Everybody and their mother got this one right! Congratulations to Girliegirl0101, who was first!

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