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woman hanging on to manSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] We have a fascinating update on the termination of this faux couple!

We told you that their professional obligations have been basically fulfilled, and that the contract could be terminated early if both parties agreed.

Well, we’ve just learned that one half of the couple is pitching an absolute fit about terminating early, and is refusing to let the other party out of the contract!

Although she is the one who violated the terms of the contract and screwed up the friendship, the female half of the couple doesn’t want to let her partner off the hook any sooner than she absolutely has to. She continues to call and text and email him relentlessly, trying to get together with him, determined to keep the charade going, even though he doesn’t even want to see her!

Why is she doing this? For several reasons:

One: She knows that she is the one who screwed up the friendship by screwing around with someone else. She keeps hoping that if she hangs on and hangs around long enough that he will forgive her and they can go back to being close friends.

Two: She doesn’t have many other close friends in her life. When they were a “couple”, they spent all their time together and he was her closest friend. She refuses to accept the fact that since she humiliated him he doesn’t really want to be friends with her any more.

Three: She knows that he is a nice guy and a true professional, and that – no matter how badly she has behaved – he won’t stoop so low as to publicly berate her, embarrass her, or disclose the terms of the contract. She is counting on that to give her the opportunity to work her way back into his life.

Four: She knows that the fame that she experienced during the height of their coupledom will dissipate quickly once she is “single”. You know all that complaining she does about the fame and attention? Well, the truth is that she loves it, and she is scared that once it is gone that she will never get it back!

Five: The contract runs through August. Legally, he is on the hook until then. It takes only one person to enforce the contract, but it takes two to terminate it.

So, if she wants to, she could legally tie him to her for the next few months, force him to make appearances with her, and prevent him from publicly dating anyone else!

Now, everyone in this scenario – except her – thinks that she is being incredibly immature and selfish. He just wants to move on with his life, but he can’t until she releases him. So, she is determined, he is annoyed, and the production company reps and the publicists and the attorneys are all meeting this week to try to work out a compromise.

We say, “Let him go, Girl!” He helped you achieve fame and fortune and popularity, and, in return, you screwed him over. Hanging on to the relationship tooth and nail just because you legally can now just makes you look sad and desperate.

Let him go.




rob pattinson and kristen stewart 2

It’s Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! Source:

After much whining and wailing and teeth-gnashing, Kristen Stewart finally let him go! Robert Pattinson is now a free man!

People Magazine reported on the demise of their relationship:

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Split:

Signs Their Relationship Was Crumbling

There have been recent signs of trouble in paradise for newly-split couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

The exes, who were inseparable just weeks ago, grew distant since Pattinson returned from New York to Los Angeles on May 8.

“They again went from spending every second together, to spending more time apart at their separate houses,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Kristen has been in a terrible mood, and it was obvious that things were not great with Rob.”

A major sign pointing to the demise of their romance was the absence of Stewart, 23, on May 13, the date of Pattinson’s 27th birthday.

“It was very strange that they didn’t celebrate Rob’s birthday together,” the source says. “He had friends over at his house, but Kristen was not part of the celebration. For the past few days, they have not spent any time together.”

Of course the magazines and tabloids are reporting it as if they were really a couple in love and that Kristen is heartbroken, but our readers know better. It was just the end of a long contract… and Kristen is heartbroken over the loss of the three more months of publicity to which she felt entitled.

For details on the contract, see the post titled “The Sun Is Setting On This Relationship.”

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Everybody and their mother got this one right! Congratulations to Girliegirl0101, who was first!

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  1. shuboy says

    Actor: Robert Pattinson

    Actress: Kristen Stewart: Time to move on Kristen; you ruined the friendship and have no one else to blame.

  2. Layale says

    So totally KStew. I hope she fades away with the Twilight….sorry, cheesy, I know, but I couldn’t help myself! LOL

  3. Poi_La_Luce says

    Yep, it’s once again Kristen Stewart and Pattinson.

    “tooth & nail” – monster imagery – vampires?

    Plus all those allusions to the messing around with that married director.

  4. marykatez says

    Kristen is desperate to remain in the closet! I’ve never seen anyone more uncomfortable in dresses and heels. She reminds me of a young Jodie Foster.

    • cocobeannns says

      So, because she’s uncomfortable in dresses and heels, she’s automatically a lesbian? Great logic.

    • jaime says

      Seriously tho i don’t get it. I feel this way too but you’d think she’d want OUT of this PR shit so she can be free from this fake life she’s been living for years. You can tell she’s always miserable with Rob. Stop engaging in these contractual relationships girl.

    • ldylkngb says

      And who did she go to for advice right after the Supposed cheating? LOL She supposedly stayed with her for a time also.

    • luv the beach says

      she is just like Foster! very masculine. I think Jodi would have done kristen more of a favor by giving her acting lessons. Jodies pulic rant doesnt seem to have helped kristen at all

  5. 4sixx2 says

    So many Kristin & Rob items lately. I believe they’re also the couple whose contract is up in August. Humph, I hope she can find some friends.

    • 4sixx2 says

      Whoops, I didn’t read 5- They ARE the couple whose contract expires in August. Oh the strife and struggles of life as a celebrity. She’s always appeared very emotionally stunted and awkward to me- which may be the reason she has few friends. That may translate well into a vampire, but little else-including real life.

      Funny that KStew and JLaw are compared so much- seems like they couldn’t be more different. JLaw appears to be the life of the party.

  6. robert3242 says

    No one involved in this sordid charade has clean hands. Both actors should have had their heads examined for ever allowing the producers (or their own publicists) to talk them into anything so foolish to begin with. But neither one is “worse” than the other insofar as infidelity is concerned, if one can even use that word when the whole thing was a sham from the beginning. And mark my words: she actually has talent; he doesn’t–nary a trace. Five or ten years from now, she’ll still be acting in movies; he’ll have disappeared back into obscurity. And sooner or later, she’ll end up producing and directing, too, while he’ll be lucky if he can get a job as a sales clerk in some London shop.

    • redstilettos says

      Snort. Welcome to this person who is on K’s team. lol She can’t get a job. However, Rob is currently working on another movie.

  7. steph148 says

    Hmm. I assumed that Kristen and Rob would mutually agree to “stay together” for at least a few months after the DVD release because it looks incredibly suspicious to break up a month or two after their multi-year professional obligations to Twilight have ended. Interesting that this isn’t mentioned as one of the reasons. Maybe they figure that non-Twihards already know it’s fake, and that Twihards will never accept that it’s fake, so prolonging the relationship for appearances’ sake isn’t important?

  8. crystalbluee says

    kristen and rob obviously. idk i kinda feel bad for her. she does seem like she’s a loner but apparently is scared of being lonely. maybe he should give her another chance with friendship at least..

  9. RebaFan81 says

    Oh, Kristen, give it a rest, dear! We ALL knew this was fake! Just let Rob live his life!!
    Actor: Robert Pattison
    Actress: Kristen Stewart

  10. rosiedoes says

    I’ve always assumed this was Robsten, but calling Mr. I HATE MY JOB AND I WILL DENIGRATE IT PUBLICLY “professional” doesn’t seem quite right…

  11. pnelope says

    Who is buried in Grants Tomb?
    Sheesh – as easy as Pie!
    I believe this story was leaked to pressure her to let go. Lets see if it works.

    Kristin Stewart for the Clingy Actress
    Rob Patterson for the Actor

  12. exnetworkpro says

    Robert Pattinson deserves better than that lip biter. Go date someone hot now!!

  13. gossiphound says

    Actor: RPatz
    Actress: KStew

    Is this story for real?! It just seems too unbelievable in this day and age! I always thought that they were so in love, pre-Rupert Sanders.

  14. Rapunzel says

    Clearly K-stew. Despite the lameness of those movies, Pattinson seems like a decent guy. Shame she’s putting him through this for even longer.

  15. iheartthisstuff says

    You’d think she’d be psyched to be free to date other married men.

    Actor: Robert Pattinson
    Actress: Kristen Stewart

  16. Revisionist says

    well, we all know who it is…have known all along…

    But here is what I dont get. HOW IS THE CONTRACT ENFORCABLE?????!!! Seems like that would take a judge and by seeking legal action would out the contract which would seem more damaging. If I were Rob I would just say, have it.

  17. saraintheuk says

    First time poster. Love the site. It makes my day more interesting.

    Actor: RPatz
    Actress: KStew.

    It almost makes me feel sorry for him.

  18. KatarinaJ says

    Is there any guess but Rob Pattinson and KStew? Being scene as good enough for Rob as Bella was for Edward is a huge positive. She may not have wanted to be ‘famous’ or chased but the ‘association’ with this being as real of a Romeo-Juliet story as their fantasy on-screen was IS positive for her.

    I think she should embrace singlehood and just move on. She screwed up, she apologized publically so why can’t she just ‘spin’ it as ‘letting him go’ in a good way. She could make this work to her advantage, so work it, since you have been obviously ‘working it’ since day one in a SHOWMANCE.

  19. invisiblejane12 says

    I’m sorry, how are these contracts enforced? If he wants out, what, she sues him? How? Confidentiality clause? What if he’s just like, eff it, and announced it was all for publicity? Everyone involved would be too embarassed to make him pay.

    • QubbuQ says

      I would expect ‘goodwill’ is important in that community, so if he reneged he would have a mark against his trustworthiness and if he plans to stay in the business a while, it’s important to have a good reputation with no problems associated with you. If he ever needed such a relationship again in the future, it would be all that more difficult to find one to agree to it.

  20. KrishnaLuna says

    Kristen Stewart is such a troll.
    This pretty much has to be her.
    Poor Robert.
    I hope he rebounds with some happy, pretty, talented girl, you know, the opposite of Kstew.

  21. mickeymammoth says

    A) Can there really be legal contracts for pretending to date someone?? B) While Kristen Stewart did blow up the relationship by “cheating” on Robert Pattinson, they were a fake couple. Why would Rob dump her as a friend just because she wanted a sex life? Because she was indiscreet? Seems petty to me. C) If they were such good friends, how would Rob not know about Kristen’s affair with her director? D) Break up already. I’m sick of wasting blinds on you guys.

    • pinupgirl says

      Hi, there was a blind shortly after the whole cheating scandal that alluded to the fact that she humiliated him in front of the entire world (and that’s why he was angry).

  22. SassyP says

    stewart pattinson

    My second post, but this one is a no brainer. Just like she is. He is far too good for her.

  23. thebutlerdidit says

    Kristin “trampire” Stewart needs to move on. Its over, let R Patz & his rotten teeth make his next flick on peace.

  24. Rafael says

    Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Let him GO, girl. Hanging onto a gay man like this makes you look more then pathetic.

  25. babysalma122 says

    robsten !!! i feel bad for rob seriously and kristen should move on with her life and work on her issues !

  26. limericks says

    Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. I’ve become very cynical and don’t believe anything about any of these celebrities. They’re all lying, I still don’t get the point of these huge charades. I blame the public for being so damn gullible.