1. Buffysoapaddict says

    I’m gonna take a small guess and say Kristen Storms.

    I’m only guessing that because she’s been rumoured for a while to have a drug problem.

    • FairyMay9 says

      She’s not a bad guess, except The People is a Brit source, so I don’t think it’s a US soap.

  2. Shells says

    It’s not Kirsten Storms (Kristen?). It’s a British show. Could be anybody? There are worse scandals, like the one involving the man who plays “Kevin” on Coronation St.

  3. Molls says

    I suppose Downton Abbey is a “soap” so I’ll go with Michelle Dockery because she was REALLY thin last season.

  4. Zap The Sheep says

    Is “Sex and the City” considered a soap opera because the picture reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker.

  5. zephyr66 says

    OK, it seems that “nosebag” is slang for cocaine. But I have one question, if this blind came from The People, does that mean it always references a British star? Or could it refer to a soap star from another country (the U.S., somewhere else in Europe or even Latin America)? Would there be some sort of caveat if is wasn’t someone from the UK? That confuses me about certain blind items I read here.

    • FairyMay9 says

      I wondered that, myself. I looked thru seven pages of solved items, not one was from a Brit source. So, hard to know. But my thinking is that a Brit paper is gonna do a blind soap item about a Brit, because how many Brits are watching US soaps? We can barely get the Americans to watch the US soaps. Which reminds me, everyone should help save the genre and go watch Days or GH or something.

      • zephyr66 says

        I assumed that this item concerned a British soap star because of the source, and I honestly don’t know how many American or other countries’ soaps are seen there. I have heard that one of the main reasons B&B is still on the air is because it has a pretty large international following. But other than Downton Abbey (if that is even really considered a soap), soaps from other countries don’t really get much exposure in the U.S. either. I was just wondering about how that works when blind gossip reprints a blind from a different source, thanks for your response. And you’re right about supporting the few soaps that are left here in the U.S. as well!

    • Chosen says

      If it wasn’t a British soap star, they would specify. If they don’t specify a nationality, it is usually a British celebrity they’re talking about or an easily recognizable International celebrity who is in Britain at the time of the BI

  6. JenJenJen says

    Sammy Winward on Emmerdale only because her character works with horses (and I thought that might have been a clue)

  7. arielade says

    Kirsten Storms has really bad endometreosis. She had to take a year or so off of GH to deal with the surgeries and pain. Because of that, I can’t see her doing a bunch of cocaine, a party drug. Maybe pain pills therapeutically, but not cocaine. But I do love her though so I may be biased. :)

  8. tkartk says

    Even though this BI is more than likely NOT about a US soap star, Kirsten Storms likes her alcohol but I really don’t think she’s a coke head. I’m glad she’s back on GH though!