Man’s Man Buys A Love Nest

love nest[Blind Gossip] While this actor currently has the starring role on a TV show, he is not just a TV star. He has had many several successful hit projects in different areas of the entertainment business, likely because every demographic group just seems to find him so darn appealing!

He is probably considered a real “man’s man” to most men; he reminds women of their own husbands; and even kids like him. He’s not big or tough or mean, but he is just totally relatable as a father and a husband and friend, which attracts the widest possible audiences to his projects.

It is this perception of him as a “man’s man” that will make this news especially surprising. Although he is married and has a child/ren, our “man’s man” is either bisexual or gay.

Very specifically, he bought a condo in a large city for himself and his boyfriend. The boyfriend is very cute and is quite a bit younger than the star. They were reportedly very sweet and affectionate with each other while shopping for their little love nest. The star already has one or more homes in other cities. This condo is where the boyfriend lives full-time and where the star stays whenever he is in town.

BTW, this is NOT The Twinkie Guy from He’s Really Into Twinkies… although both The Twinkie Guy and Man’s Man are in the same decade of life.

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