1. I Am PunkA says

    Harry Reid. Senate Majority Leader. Senator from Gambling state Nevada.

    His name is being linked to a pay for access/play scheme with an indicted felon right now, which might bring down a state Attorney General as well.

    • J954 says

      I don’t really have a good guess on this one, so I’ll cosign this. How are so many people on here guessing Obama?? One of the biggest clues is the critics being mostly silent. The President’s critics on the R side are numerous and very vocal, and when the Ds criticize him, it’s usually for not taking a tough enough stand, so “storied vindictiveness”?? I don’t think so…

      • tequilafish says

        Probably because Obama is the only person they can name.

        Not everyone follows politics.

      • Bromance1979 says

        People are guessing Obama, because they’re still bitter he got a second term and are convinced he’s evil for absolutely no reason.

        It’s not Obama. I think I Am PunkA has the best guess here.

    • syrup says

      Agree! He is known as Cleanface in Nevada – and is supposedly not quite as honest as he seems to be!

    • terry123 says

      The hint is in the photo of blood splatters on the face – just like when Cheney shot his friend in the face.

  2. Another Blind Gossip Fan says

    You can’t be serious?!! LOL
    Let’s simply include ALL of Wahington DC!

    • Syd Wishes says

      Because there’s a made-for-tv movie called “The Rudy Giuliani Story.” And “storied” is a clue.

      But it really could be anyone politician. When their guard is down, they are all vindictive and scary.

  3. CousinDupree says

    The obvious choice would be Cheney, or one of his cabal, but I wouldn’t put it past a Ron Paul or John McCain (especially noted for his temper and vindictiveness.)

    • timesink says

      You can’t be serious about Ron Paul. He’s the only honest, moral politician there is. (and hardly vindictive)

  4. stonn says

    Rudolph Guiliani, former mayor of NYC. Ran for a Senate seat some years ago. Very vindictive and nasty when criticized; strongly rumored to be a psychopath. His daddy was a mobster. This could be him.

  5. More Cowbell says

    I registered just so I could answer this; I’m guessing Dick Cheney. A man who will shoot a FRIEND in the face will stop at nothing to hurt an enemy.

    Love the site, Ace!

  6. teresamac says

    I am going with John Boehner. He seems to have an alcohol problem otherwise why all the tears all the time, and he seems not to have friends on capital hill, yet he is the Speaker of the House. So I am going with Orange Boehner…

  7. Minderella says

    John McCain. That guy gets away with saying the most horrible things, and he’s very vindictive.

    • karensue32 says

      What country have you been living in? He comes from Chicago polotics, nothing but vindictive, self-centered and corrupt.

      • justhad2 says

        THANK YOU, karensue32! nowhere in this country of ours are the politics more corrupt than in Chicago-where Obama learned all he knows!

  8. brynnette says

    There are a lot of rumors about the Obama machine squashing anyone, (especially press) who dares to critique. But I tend to lean toward either Cuomo or Rahm Emanuel.

    • secretcircus says

      really? if this was true than the entire faux news station and all the websites who do not give the president an ounce of respect would have been quashed but…here we are. it’s gotta be cheney

      • brynnette says

        really? just ask anyone in the WH press corp. Soft balls are all that are allowed or you’re banished.

      • brynnette says

        Not to mention the job they’re doing on Woodward, who dared to claim out loud, that he’s being threatened for negative comments. Ridicule, marginalize and destroy. The Alinsky playbook.

  9. goldieb says

    “storied vindictiveness”? Like shooting a “friend” in the face? Like outing a CIA agent?

    DICK Cheney.

    • javelina says

      Richard Armitage outed Valerie Plame. Let me guess, the Sean Penn movie version is different. Shocker!

  10. goldieb says

    Obama has no “storied vindictiveness,” unless someone would like to offer an example.

      • javelina says

        Is that the kill list for Americans that aren’t offered due process? Cold blooded murder. Where are the anti war protesters when you need them? Oh, right, now corporations are the bad guy!

    • youdontsay says

      actually the ‘blood stain’ makes me think of Dick Cheney shooting his ‘friend’

  11. glittercoke says

    It’s not a president, I assume, since out of ALL of the bills that could have been pictures, it’s one that ISN’T a president. So I’m going to assume it’s Harry Reid and his gamblin’ ass.

  12. tkartk says

    I’ve read too many stories how the Obama administration controls the media coverage too NOT believe this is Mr. Obama himself!

  13. AnotherNic2Remember says

    I believe this has something to do with the Obama Administrations threats towards Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward. Now other MSM reporters are stepping forward with similar stories.

    • tequilafish says

      The other MSM reporters e.g. Chuck Todd are all stepping forward to say how ridiculous and wrong Woodward is.

      And having worked in PR it is completely normal to push the press around a bit. Only Woodward has seemed to get all uptight about it.

  14. CapnZebbie says

    so, someone who is both corrupt and vindictive? McCain is vindictive, but I think not corrupt, so I’m going to go with Cheney. That guy is horrible, but no one in politics ever says anything bad about him.

    People in the news, yes, but not people in politics.

  15. DiamondGoddess says

    Oh, yes, this COULD be so many!!!
    But I’ve NEVAH bought the Obama image.
    Plus the fact that his wife reminds me of Madame Defarge, lol.
    I vote for the “Obama machine,” FTW!!!

  16. functionallyretardscientist says

    As much as them repugs would love it, this isn’t Obama. He’s got plenty of critics. If he’s so vindictive he’d have gone for Fox News, birthers or crazy GOPers a long time ago.

    Also, he’s not Muslim, Kenyan or a Socialist.

  17. Moss says

    The blood splatter on the bill is worrisome….plus “how corrupt politician keeps them quiet”- appears it is by killing them.
    Wonder if it is Bill (ties in with the “bill” shown) or Hilary Clinton. It is so difficult to believe that such a likable couple is capable of such things, but the older I get I think a lot goes on that the normal public would never dream of (actually evidenced here on BG). There were so many stories regarding the Clintons and Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Barbara Wise, Jim Mcdougal, really the list goes on.

  18. Samie says

    Cheney. He shot his friend in the face and the friend apologized to Cheney. He outed a CIA agent deliberately (treason) and got off by saying he couldn’t remember. He’s a teflon criminal. No wonder his heart keeps trying to stop. He’s heartless and his body is probably trying to save him from committing more crimes.

  19. FairyMay9 says

    This is absolutely Cheney. Look at the clue. Big money (Haliburton) and blood spatter from a gunshot (hunting accident shooting his friend IN THE FREAKING FACE) … no consequences … no real outcry. Brilliant clue if we’re right. Absolutely Cheney

  20. jem2007 says

    I think it’s sadly hilarious that anyone on here actually thinks President Obama is anywhere in the same vicinity as corrupt or in the same league of political malfeasance as Bush & Company. Bill Clinton may have be a liar and a cheater, but to take an honest look at modern day political corruption in our country you’d see an overwhelming trend: republican.

  21. valley of the dolls says

    People. On what fucking planet is Obama’s “vindictiveness” storied? When have you ever heard tell of such a thing? Stop being bitter and make some guesses without your bias showing.

  22. tkartk says

    @teresamac: “I am going with John Boehner. He seems to have an alcohol problem otherwise why all the tears all the time, and he seems not to have friends on capital hill, yet he is the Speaker of the House. So I am going with Orange Boehner…”

    There is an actual Neurological problem that can cause this, Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA)… look it up, not that I’m saying his crying IS this, just saying!

    As far as those of us guessing Obama, why the name calling? Trolls? We don’t follow politics because his is the only name we are guessing? Then the almighty one, that we are all bitter because he won a 2nd term?! WTF!?

    I’m none of those things except a Conservative who wants the best for our country and no, I’m not a troll, nor bitter and I DO follow politics and know names and have heard that Obama is very vindictive and if his Dems don’t follow in line with him….. well!

  23. scumby says

    several young down low black members of Reverend Wright’s church were murdered. no police investigation was ever made.