Not Exactly A Model Husband

wedding 5[Blind Gossip] There have been a lot of break ups lately, and we hear that there is another one coming!

This celebrity is very beautiful – and has been famous for over 20 years now – but her taste in men has always been questionable.

Her spouse is not exactly a model husband. She has primary responsibility for raising their child/ren and keeping the family together… while he does little except cheat on her! He was cheating on her while they were dating, and kept cheating right through their marriage. In retrospect, it was pretty na├»ve of her to think that he would change once they got married.

One additional interesting aspect of this split is her long-time friendship with a very famous actor. The actor has become friends – no, make that very good friends – with her husband, so it will be interesting to see which half of the couple he will support after the split.



Actor Friend:

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