Not Exactly A Model Husband

wedding 5[Blind Gossip] There have been a lot of break ups lately, and we hear that there is another one coming!

This celebrity is very beautiful – and has been famous for over 20 years now – but her taste in men has always been questionable.

Her spouse is not exactly a model husband. She has primary responsibility for raising their child/ren and keeping the family together… while he does little except cheat on her! He was cheating on her while they were dating, and kept cheating right through their marriage. In retrospect, it was pretty na├»ve of her to think that he would change once they got married.

One additional interesting aspect of this split is her long-time friendship with a very famous actor. The actor has become friends – no, make that very good friends – with her husband, so it will be interesting to see which half of the couple he will support after the split.



Actor Friend:

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    • Brian says

      These all fit but the primary money earning part. Cindy Crawford’s net worth is estimated at 18-20 mil. Rande Gerber: 100 million!

      • gwenn says

        Agreed! Rande Gerber was well-known in certain circles before he met Cindy for his restaurant and club work. I don’t think he needs her for the money.

      • bugaboo22 says

        Except it doesn’t say net worth; it sounds more like “doing the work”. Ie he’s not doing his part for the family, and she’s carrying all the weight. Maybe she feels she needs to keep working if he’s a jerk about having more money? But the “model” part and the male friendship parts fit. Good guessing!

    • RedScience says

      by saying ‘very’ good friends is the implication that rande and george are MORE than friends? i.e. lovers? Just wondering…

      • riZZas24 says

        I’ve always thought so. I also think Cindy is aware of this and has her fun on the side too. Open marriage and all :)

    • lovelula87 says

      fairly sure this was the subject of a BI a couple of years ago? or a year ago? hinted the husb was gay with a famous actor and she knew but kept up appearances. cindy/randy/george were popular guesses!

      anyway – i agree with this guess here too!

    • I Am PunkA says

      By the way, saw her at the Cincinnati Airport about 2 years ago. Stood right next to her in a terminal waiting area. She looked classy and gorgeous. Stunning in person. And she seemed nice.

  1. publicityiscandy says

    But Rande seems wealthy in his own right, no? Altho as a victim of her Meaningful Beauty auto-renewal scheme, I can see how she’d be earning all the money.

  2. travoltasbeard says

    Wife: Cindy Crawford

    Husband: (The very) Randy Gerber

    Actor Friend: George Clooney

  3. iknowiknow says

    Wife: Cindy Crawford

    Husband: Randy Gerber

    Friend: George Clooney

    Hints: model wife,

    There was a story that she got a little wild during a night out and was hitting on much younger men and acting single recently.

    • iknowiknow says

      That hint should be “Model husband” . She the model. Gah- is it the weekend yet?

  4. Aligirl21 says

    I’m guessing Cindy Crawford, Randy Gerber (who was also a model), and the friend as George Clooney. There has been no shortage of rumours regarding the unconventional nature of their group friendship.

  5. betchaaskt says

    Julia Roberts and Mode-r?
    “not exactly a Mode-l”
    Mystic Pizza, Steel Magnolias, and Pretty Woman all came out more than 20 years ago.
    The friendship would seem to point to Clooney, but I can’t imagine he wouldn’t side with her in the split.

  6. Dont Know For Sure says

    Wife: Cindy Crawford (clue being “not exactly model husband”)also she is called a celebrity which usually means a non-actor or singer.

    Husband: Randy Gerber

    Actor Friend: George Clooney

  7. valley of the dolls says

    Oh, dear.

    Your emphasis on “very good friends” is a bit suspect, Ace, and I must beg you not to pique my interest in such a manner.

  8. mrsjaymack says

    This makes me think of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. Not sure who the guy is; maybe George Clooney.

  9. pattynyc says

    woman-Cindy Crawford (clues being model, beautiful, over 20 yrs, questionable men (Richard Gere)
    Man – Randy Gerber
    friend – George Clooney
    Plus, picture of wedding on the beach as per what was released after their wedding

  10. kbd61186 says

    Woman:Cindy Crawford
    Husband:rande gerber
    Celeb friend:George clooney

    Rande and George now have a wine company/label together

  11. sfgirl says

    Easy. Cindy Crawford, her hubby Randy what’s his name, and George Clooney. “Model” husband being the dead giveaway.

  12. GingerIsMe says

    Cindy is beautiful, as described. “Not exactly a model husband”, Rande was a model also.

  13. KWDragon says

    I’m worried that this sounds like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I know it says “spouse” and “husband,” but the blind does not explicitly specify marriage/divorce.

    I know they have their detractors, but I like them, both separately and as a couple. Could the actor be Billy Bob Thornton, who just started showing up in the media again recently? Support the ex-wife or the bro? Hmmm…tough choice.

  14. Redlanta says

    I’m going to have to go with that crazy threesome-Cindy crawford, Randy Gerber, and Mr G Clooney.

  15. Daisy.DaisyAdair says

    Wife: Cindy Crawford
    Husband: Rander Gerber
    Actor Friend: George Clooney

  16. gumbii2662 says

    Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. “Model” husband, referring to her career. Her beauty is referenced several times, alluding to her “meaningful beauty” line of products, and the very famous actor that Rande his become very close (wink, wink) with is George Clooney. Also mentions her questionable taste in men, and I guess this is regarding Richard Gerbil-Butt Gere.

    • the great chrysanthemum says

      “Model” husband in actuality Rande was a male model , that’s how they met, then she married Gere, when they split she went back to Rande.

  17. stolidog says

    Clooney, Randy Gerber and Cindy Crawford. Since Gerber and Clooney are lovers, I expect Clooney will support Randy. No worries, Cindy gets Stacy Kiebler as a consolation prize.

    Hint: model husband

  18. Samie says

    Beautiful woman: Cindy Crawford (clue: model husband)
    Husband: Randi Gerber
    Very Good Friend: George Clooney

  19. cottoncandyforthebrain says

    Wife: Cindy Crawford
    Husband: Randy Gerber
    Actor Friend: George Clooney

    Model husband and her being called a celebrity, not an actress or singer are the clues. Plus Randy has been caught cheating before and there have been lots and lots of rumors about Randy and George.

  20. boyjack4 says

    Cindy Crawford
    Randy Garber
    George Clooney!!
    Easy blind…’
    Model husband’
    Rumoured gay alliance with George

  21. westcoastlove says

    Totally guessing here:
    Niki Taylor – 37 yrs old, been modeling for 20 yrs, very beautiful. has 4 kids
    Burney Lamar
    Actor Friend – not sure?

  22. Dana5570 says

    I’m thinking Cindy Crawford and her husband Randy Gerber, witht the friend being George Clooney.

  23. moodymigraine says

    Wife: Cindy Crawford

    Husband: Rande Gerber

    Actor Friend: George Clooney

    The name of George’s and Randy’s business venture, loosely translated, means “house of friends”.

  24. jshjen137 says

    Wife: Cindy Crawford
    Husband: Rande Gerber
    Actor Friend: George Clooney

    Just a guess, they are all very close friends and the term Model Husband.