Wedding Party Problem

wedding party 2[Blind Gossip] We’ve known for some time that this celebrity is engaged, but the details about her wedding plans have been far and few between.

One item on her checklist that isn’t leaking out is her choice for Maid of Honor. While it is usual for a bride to choose a sister or cousin or long-time friend, our bride is going a different way.

Her long-time best friend is an famous actress. However, their friendship is on shaky ground right now. We’ve talked about some of the issues that have caused the friction between the two over the past year or so. During that time, our bride has become close friends with another female celebrity (who has a habit of stirring up controversy).

Our bride understands the public relations machine, very, very well. It would be disingenuous to choose the old friend as her Maid of Honor, as the two are cordial but rather cool towards each other right now. However, if she chooses the controversial new friend, the media will certainly work overtime to uncover the “scandal” that tore the former best friends apart.

A third choice, one that would work for both her and her future husband, is a celebrity couple with whom they have been spending a lot of time recently.

So, what will she do? Choose her former bestie (which will placate the press), or her new friend (which could stir up questions) or the celebrity couple (which would be neutral and work for both her and her fiancé)?

As of today, she is choosing… none of the above! She is starting to think that she just wants to avoid the whole mess, and is now asking her future husband to forgo the wedding party altogether. If she can’t have anyone up there, neither can he! He’s not happy about it, but, unless she has some miraculous reconciliation with her long-time bestie, this may be the only thing that will keep the peace.


Long-time Best Friend:

New Friend:

Neutral Celebrity Couple:

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