Ignoring Oscar

red carpet 4[Blind Gossip] This pair of esteemed actors didn’t show up to the Oscars this year.

They privately said that they weren’t attending because they weren’t nominated. But we know the real story! As former Oscar winners and Hollywood big shots, they were definitely invited to The Academy Awards. But they talked before the event and mutually decided not to go. Here’s why:

He knew that if he attended the Oscar pre-parties… and the Oscars ceremony… and the Oscar post-parties, that he would have to behave himself and watch what he said and to whom he said it. He wanted to party without restrictions. So that’s what he did all week.

She was asked to be a presenter this year, but refused. She is a little gun shy about talking to people right now. She had an odd moment in the spotlight in the past year, and now she would just rather lay low for a while. No red carpet or questions or spotlight for her!

So, together they decided: “If you’re not going, then I’m not going!”

By the way, these two are not married to each other. However, they have been linked together both personally and professionally, and they each definitely influence the other’s choices and decisions.

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