Ignoring Oscar

red carpet 4[Blind Gossip] This pair of esteemed actors didn’t show up to the Oscars this year.

They privately said that they weren’t attending because they weren’t nominated. But we know the real story! As former Oscar winners and Hollywood big shots, they were definitely invited to The Academy Awards. But they talked before the event and mutually decided not to go. Here’s why:

He knew that if he attended the Oscar pre-parties… and the Oscars ceremony… and the Oscar post-parties, that he would have to behave himself and watch what he said and to whom he said it. He wanted to party without restrictions. So that’s what he did all week.

She was asked to be a presenter this year, but refused. She is a little gun shy about talking to people right now. She had an odd moment in the spotlight in the past year, and now she would just rather lay low for a while. No red carpet or questions or spotlight for her!

So, together they decided: “If you’re not going, then I’m not going!”

By the way, these two are not married to each other. However, they have been linked together both personally and professionally, and they each definitely influence the other’s choices and decisions.

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      • chandler02 says

        Or does he? His production company Plan B produced “The Departed”, which won for best picture. Would he be considered a producer of that film? I don’t technically think he won, but he kind of did.

      • Okayeah says

        I read this as the pair have Oscars and are big shots between them. Angie has an Oscar and Brad has had a lot of connections for years (her power is newer). So I’m inclined to think it’s them, and I think it’s adorable that one didn’t want to go without the other! 😀

    • Jamerican says

      Nope…..Brad has not won an Oscar so not them!
      Additionally the last lines of the blind suggest that the subjects of this blind are not romantically linked. My guess is Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson!

    • PomegranatePam says

      I think they’ve been more than linked together. Doesn’t “linked” refer to a loose association of sorts? And I don’t think Brad has an Oscar.

      • 4sixx2 says

        Brilliant. I had NOTHING and this is absolutely perfect! He can’t contain himself when he’s drunk and she had the odd “coming out/honey boo boo speech!

    • channel orange says

      Her awkward moment in the spotlight: coming out acceptance speech at the Globes.
      He obviously needs to behave when he parties, ’nuff said.

    • Mysterious says


      1) “he would have to behave himself and watch what he said and to whom he said it” is Mel Gibson saying misogynistic things to women, racist things to people who aren’t his race & religion. And he likes to party aka drink.

      2) “She is a little gun shy about talking to people right now.” is Jodie Foster — anti gun stance

      “She had an odd moment in the spotlight in the past year” … “odd moment” Double entendre. Odd is synonymous with “queer” and “queer” is how homosexuals refer to themselves. Jodie Foster’s odd aka queer moment in the spotlight was just that .. her coming out speech.

      • nolabelle says

        , really? idk any gays who refer to themselves as queer anymore , not since the 70s.
        Whoa, you wrote it like he says that always when he is over and that s not true, he is unfortunately an alcoholic who gets mean when drunk-this s a disease

    • Booboo1068 says

      Oh right, forgot about the Jodie Foster speech and Mel’s drinking antics are forever caught on tape! I had guessed Brad/Angie but wasn’t sure. THIS pairing makes sense. So many good commenters on this site!

  1. tennispeach says

    Julia Roberts and? I was going to say Brad Pitt, but he has only been nominated but not won an Oscar.

    • shuboy says

      Changing my answer to what “fifty” posted: Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie. It fits the Blind description.

    • cheefskiver says

      This is who I thought of. Lainny has mentioned Leo’s partying recently on twitter and Kate is now Mrs RocknRoll. Who would want people asking you about that. Also they are known to be close friends.

  2. KatarinaJ says

    Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson.
    She had her scrutiny over her sexuality and retirement speech aired on the Golden Globes and he is a known drinker/party guy.

    Funny that someone who has gotten a rep for being a mysogynist is so well liked by Jodie. Probably speaks volumes to the fact that he CAN be a nice guy.

    • bellerose says

      Anyone can be nice in front of their friends/co-workers and when they know the cameras are on them. People’s true characters are revealed through how they act when they think no one (or at least, no one who “matters”) is watching.

    • kellyp says

      Aren’t there rumors that Mel is the sperm donor for Jodie’s children? That would explain their odd connection.

  3. Rapunzel says

    Huh. I want to say Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, because they’re besties and “If you’re not going, then I’m not going!” is like “You just, I jump” from Titanic and neither were at the Oscars last night (even though he was in Django Unchained, one of the best picture nominees). But while she’s won an Oscar, he hasn’t. And I can’t think of any weird moment in the spotlight she’s had recently. So what I’m trying to say is, I have no idea.

    • invisiblejane12 says

      marrying Ned Rock ‘n’ Roll is pretty weird! Plus there was that fire at Richard Branson’s house; she was in the media for that. I realize both of those are stretches.

  4. mc0107 says

    could the female be angelina jolie, with the odd moment being her body photo-bombing the pictures of her leg ?

  5. rorythedragon says

    Thought at first this was Brad and Angie but he has never won an Oscar, though nominated. So…back to square one.

  6. Bromance1979 says

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

    I know the last clue sort of indicates they’re not a couple, but it could still work. They’re not married and are linked together personally and professionally.

  7. rosiedoes says

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? A quick search and they haven’t come up in any pics, except last year’s.

  8. slimfast10 says

    Easy peazy, Brangelina..the whole crazy leg pose thing from last year probably made her a little gun shy, but shyness never been an adjective associated with Angie.

    • Ebonyangel20 says

      Somehow this makes me think of Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, but her announcement was earlier this year. I think I’m off thought.

  9. Booboo1068 says

    I’m sure everyone will guess Angie and Brad so OK me too.

    BUT if her odd moment in the spotlight was the leg incident from last Oscars then it wouldn’t have been within the last year as noted in the BI. If its Angie did she have another odd spotlight/ public moment…rumours yes, but actual caught on camera moment? Plus could they have bailed because of Aniston and or wanting to play out the did(nt) they marriage plus pregnancy questions? Better to hold off until they are not sharing the spotlight.

    Also did Jennifer confirm before or after Brad was confirmed a no show? Oh, the PR games!


  10. minx says

    For some reason I’m thinking Gibson and Jodie Foster. The “odd moment” for her was her quasi coming out speech; maybe she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. And Gibson probably hates hang to behave anywhere, anytime.

    • minx says

      Meant to type MEL Gibson, and that he hates “having” to behave, not “hang” lol. Crazy iPad!

  11. RuHa says

    Angelina and Brad? She has been conspicuously absent since last year’s Oscars. She showed up not long ago at some benefit or awards, but other than that, she has been MIA.

  12. ForSerious says

    Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet?

    Both are Oscar winners, have worked together a few times, and are close friends. Leo of course loves to party. And Kate’s new husband (Ned RocknRoll) has nude Facebook pics they’re suing to keep out of the tabloids…

    ps: Hi Ace! First time poster, longtime fan!

  13. Jennifer says

    Angelina and Brad

    Angelina’s leg being her odd moment in the spotlight in the past year . . . and “gun shy” being a hint because of all of her action films (Tomb Raider, Salt, Wanted, etc.).

  14. steph148 says

    Actor: Mel Gibson. He’s definitely somebody that likes to party without restrictions…

    Actress: Jodie Foster. Her “odd moment in the spotlight” came during her speech at the Golden Globes.

    They’re very good friends and they were both involved in Maverick and The Beaver.

    Caveat: I have no idea why Mel Gibson would have been invited to the Oscars (or any pre- or post-Oscar parties, for that matter).

    • nolabelle says

      Why not? He has one of the top 3 highest grossing movies in all history. And a very successful production company and is a hundreds of miliions multi-millionaire, more wealthy than most in that theatre. They all want his money invested in their show/career.

  15. cookiemonster says

    After much thought-going to guess Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster. Mel tends to get into trouble and Jodie had that comment at another awards show.

  16. nyahweh3 says

    Well at first, I thought Brad and Angie, but she’s the only Oscar winner. I think it must be Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster.

  17. Terry says

    Actor: Mel Gibson (“he would have to behave himself and watch what he said”)
    Actress: Jodi Foster (“she had an odd moment in the spotlight this past year” — did she “out” herself when being honored recently?)

  18. loracyaf says

    I say Leo and Kate.
    He never stops partying and her husband seems to get bad press.
    Leo seriously needs an Oscar soon though!

  19. fifty says

    Hi ace first time poster.
    I just had to respond to this.
    It looked like Brad and Angie at first, but Brad has no Oscar.
    Going with

    Jon Voight. Oscar. Runs his mouth: anti-Obama, anti-Democrat, bordering on far right Republican

    Angelina Jolie. Leg incident.

    Father and daughter relationship personal. Of course both actors so professional relationship. Movies The Champ and Lara Croft.

    • nolabelle says

      Jon not a partier anymore apparently, also, his being a rep or on the right does not equate to running off at the mouth.