Insult Oscar

women party 3[Blind Gossip] This usually funny TV and film actress was not nominated last night, but she was at The Oscars last night, smiling for the cameras and playing nice with the press.

She wasn’t quite so nice last week. At one of the pre-Oscar parties, she had a bit to drink and was talking to another guest about one of the nominees, who at that moment was making her way through the crowd. “She may be talented… but that outfit is the worst! Hope she’s not planning on wearing that on Sunday!”

Although the room was rather loud, the nominee heard the comment. She turned toward the actress, smiled, and calmly said, “As a matter of fact, I have a very nice dress picked out for Sunday. Thank you so much for your interest!” and continued on her way.

The embarrassed actress mumbled an apology and slunk away. We guess she shouldn’t count on their agency pairing them up for any projects in the near future.

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