Insult Oscar

women party 3[Blind Gossip] This usually funny TV and film actress was not nominated last night, but she was at The Oscars last night, smiling for the cameras and playing nice with the press.

She wasn’t quite so nice last week. At one of the pre-Oscar parties, she had a bit to drink and was talking to another guest about one of the nominees, who at that moment was making her way through the crowd. “She may be talented… but that outfit is the worst! Hope she’s not planning on wearing that on Sunday!”

Although the room was rather loud, the nominee heard the comment. She turned toward the actress, smiled, and calmly said, “As a matter of fact, I have a very nice dress picked out for Sunday. Thank you so much for your interest!” and continued on her way.

The embarrassed actress mumbled an apology and slunk away. We guess she shouldn’t count on their agency pairing them up for any projects in the near future.

Funny Actress:



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  1. Rapunzel says

    Funny Actress: Jennifer Aniston
    Nominee: Naomi Watts
    Agency: Creative Artists Agency
    Possible clue, Naomi Watts starred in “Funny Games”.

  2. weRwhoweR says

    idk if they’re part of the same agency but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess jennifer aniston & jessica chastain

  3. NOTellebee says

    This is probably totally incorrect, but for some reason I was thinking Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts.

  4. tallzeez says

    I don’t think this is Tina or Amy. However, the picture is a blonde and brunette which is what Amy and Tina are when they team up for several projects.

  5. minx says

    I’m trying to think which tv/movie actresses who do comedy were there last night, and I can only think of Amy Poehler, Melissa McCarthy or Aniston. I have no idea which nominee was the insulted one, though–could be anybody. And no idea on the agency.a

  6. LaLeche says

    I can see this being Jennifer Anniston (funny actress) and Jennifer Lawrence (nominee).

    “Pairing them up” = a pair of Jennifers?

  7. WellHelloThere says

    Funny actress: Jennifer Aniston

    Nominee: Jennifer Lawrence

    Agency: CAA. They are both repped by Kevin Huvane.

    Pic makes me think of JA and Chelsea Handler.

  8. Catseyezzz says

    Funny Actress: Jennifer Aniston
    Nominee: Anne Hathaway
    Agency: AWS

    However, Jennifer doesn’t impress me as the snarky kind.. who knows.. it is Hollywood!

  9. stacat1 says

    Funny Actress: Kristen Chenowith
    Nominee: Jennifer Lawrence
    Agency: CAA

    total stab in the dark…

  10. Soulfire says

    Funny Actress: Chelsea Handler

    Nominee: Jennifer Lawrence

    Agency: Whatever network Chelsea’s show is on

  11. MrsBreeder says

    Feeling this is Amy Poehler…am trying to figure out who is also at William Morris. I thought the actress might be Jessica Chastain, but I don’t think she is at WME.

  12. IGetIt says

    Funny Actress : Amy Poehler

    Nominee : Not quite sure. I will say Jessica Chastain for the Chanel dress but don’t know if the two was at the same event.

  13. Letmeguess says

    Funny Actress: Kristin Chenoweth

    Nominee: Maybe Anne Hathaway?

    Agency: Creative Artists Agency

  14. blackorchid says

    Funny Actress: Olivia Munn

    Nominee: Jennifer Lawrence

    Agency: CAA

    According to Lainey both actresses were at the Grey Goose party, and Munn was at the Oscars last night.

    • steph148 says

      I’m thinking Olivia Munn as well, since she seems to attend every industry party that will have her. No idea who the nominee in question is. I don’t know that it would have been the Grey Goose party, though, since that was the night before the Oscars, and the blind says this happened last week.

    • shelaur22 says

      I think it’s funny that Munn has been in Marchesa as of late. Sucking up to Weinstein? I could be very vulgar here but I shall refrain.

  15. lepidoteran says

    I can’t access agency info so I’ll take a blind stab and go with:

    Amy Poehler (flexing her Mean Girls side)

    Anne Hathaway (whose dresses have been hit-or-miss this season)

  16. casey14 says

    Funny Actress: Jennifer Garner

    Nominee: Amy Adams

    Agency: Endeaver Group

    It appears they both appeared at pre-Oscar parties.

  17. HotTea says

    Funny Actress: Lena Dunham. She looks like the type that would be loud and bitchy when having too much to drink. I have no idea about the other actress. Maybe Ann Hathaway.

  18. I Am PunkA says

    Well, rule out Jennifer Aniston. It said usually funny. She hasn’t been funny in over 5 years. So it ain’t her.

  19. sarahj103 says

    Funny Actress: Olivia Munn
    Nominee: Jennifer Lawrence
    Agency: CAA?? No clue.

    There is no way Anne H. would have handled a mean comment as smoothly as described. If someone said something like that she would still be in the bathroom crying about it.

  20. nycgal212 says

    Jennifer aniston
    Jennifer Lawrence

    Lawrence should be relieved if she isn’t paired up aniston who is one of the worst overpaid actresses ever

  21. shelaur22 says

    I could see the nominee being either Lawrence or Hathaway, depending on the tone of voice. “Thank you for your interest!” Bubbly Jennifer Lawrence would say it a certain way, and prissy Anne Hathaway would say it another. As for the funny actress, I guess YMMV. I don’t consider Olivia Munn (sleeping her way to mediocre roles) or Jennifer Aniston (queen of crappy romcoms) to be very funny, and I can’t see Melissa McCarthy, who wore a grey bag to the Oscars yesterday, saying anything bad about someone else’s outfit unless she was trying to be funny. I’ll go with Aniston. Her shrill voice can carry.