• cocobeannns says

      I forgot about her. I like this guess better than my LiLo guess. Lohan has been on the downward spiral for quite some time now, while Bynes has more recently found herself in some trouble.

    • bellerose says

      Amanda is troubled, but she isn’t broke. Lindsay Lohan on the other hand is scrambling for cash to pay off her debts.

    • guessing game says

      Totally agree with Lifted. The picture is almost exactly the same as the Maxim one of Amanda Bynes, including the bra. And recently Amanda has had to pay out some undisclosed civil settlements (probably pretty pricey) for her various mishaps.

  1. ShockingBlue says

    Which one specifically – Pam Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid? A number of them fit as the answer to this question.

    • Okayeah says

      Well, The People is UK-based (I think) so they may have a different perspective on her “stardom”. Pammy is everywhere on the reality circuit these days!

    • fangirl89 says

      I’ve got to stick up for Mish here because she’s doing really well across the pond. She’s got her own line of handbags sold in high end department stores and a flagship store in London. She’s got money and a lot of fashion friends like Uncle Karl so doubt this would be her

  2. stolidog says

    I would, of course, guess Lindsay Lohan, but I don’t think 2 lines of coke and a pack of reds qualifies as “large sums of money”, so, I’ll guess Misha Barton.

  3. modelle18 says

    Lindsey Lohan – i would be self medicating too if I had to sell my body and have a family thatw ould rather sell me out to may a cut than actually look out for me and love me for the right reasons

  4. Junior Mint says

    The ones that are openly talked about? Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid, Naomi Campbell, Pamela Anderson, …

  5. kateO says

    My first thought was Lohan, but nobody is calling her a star anymore. I would say Pamela Anderson – the ‘star’ refers to Dancing with the Stars.

  6. Kerzep says

    I don’t know that she’s a “Hollywood Star”, but I’ll go with the idiot that is Lindsay Lohan.

  7. Tracy Lord says

    I’ve heard that about Ashanti before, but she’s not an actress (is she)? So I don’t know.

  8. SilentStar says

    *Sigh* I’d have to go with Lindsay Lohan. Poor thing. This and other sites have repeatedly alluded to this already. There is speculation that some of her “celebrity appearances” are actually dates. We know she has fallen on hard times. The photo selected for this blind looks like a “Liz & Dick” reference.

    I just hope she stays safe and recovers from all this one day.

  9. I Am PunkA says

    Or Denise Richards. She did it before. And she still hangs with Charlie Sheen, so probably still doing it now.

  10. LeahLynn28 says

    The first name that came in my mind was Lindsay Lohan,but i wouldn’t call her a Hollywood star,she never became a real star.
    If it isn’t her,could be Amanda Bynes,Tara Reid or Pamela Anderson.But she has to be Lohan.Her trip to England and the possible future trip for Dubai are suspicious.And her father denied she was a prostitute.Must be her,it’s too easy to guess,but must be

  11. kermit1969 says

    Kirsten Dunst, she dropped off the radar a couple of years ago, came back in a couple of good movies but she has moved back in with her mother (like Lohan has) and I have heard this about her in prior blinds.

    Also Pam Anderson is a great guess, she is doing ice skating shows in other countries, total disaster.

    • jmk says

      Isn’t Kirsten Dunst paired with that super hot (both career and looks) Garret Hedlund? I don’t know for sure, but I would think a committed relationship, even in Hollywood, might keep someone from doing this. But, I have been called naive before!

  12. DiamondGoddess says

    Pic looks like Stacey Dash who is in the infamous “hooker look-book” Room 23 by Diana Jenkins.
    Could also be Pam Anderson, Lohan, Bynes, etc., etc., you name it (unfortunately!).

  13. genkigirl says

    Isnt The People a British paper, we wldnt really know about Amanda but all know who Lilo is… She is hanging out with the rich Arab boys here, eaw!!! They usually have to pay to get some.

  14. PapillonLover says

    Lindsay Lohan and “Hollywood star” go together like VD & Penicillin and the stories of her hooking are as old as her really bad extentions. It’s safe to say, it ain’t her.
    I do get a Lare Flynn Boyle vibe from the pic….just sayin!