The Second Row Is For Losers

fashion show front row 2[Blind Gossip] This pretty actress sat in the front row of one of the shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. She didn’t get there easily.

She was initially assigned a seat in the second row. When she got to the seat, she refused to sit down. “There must be some sort of mistake!” she exclaimed, and excused herself to go call her publicist.

She tried to speak quietly, but everyone around her heard her anyway. “I can’t sit in the second row! The second row is for reality stars and losers! If you can’t get me a front-row seat, I am leaving!” It was a quiet hissy fit, but a hissy fit, nonetheless.

A couple of phone calls later she had her seat in the front row. She is definitely not a reality star. And we guess she’s not a loser, either.

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    • says

      I am going to second you on this one. I know what people are going to say, “Oh but she seems so nice and kind” and whatever, but given some of the rumors about her through the years I would not be surprised if it were her. I know I know rumors are rumors, but still, she is into the whole fasion thing, she has been in NY recently (Apparently has an apartment there) and she always seemed rather smug and stuckup to me.

  1. audreyyy says

    isabelle fuhrman??? idk complete random guess because she keeps taking picture from it and it looks like she has a good seat and she kinda seems like a secret bitch

  2. dnyce11 says

    Oh geez! This sounds like Zoe Saldana. Clue is “losers.” She was in the movie “The Losers”

    • ktbell05 says

      I have heard nothing but how sweet she is….but the “pretty actress” clue made me think of her co-star, Troian Bellisario. For some reason, she rubs me as the type that would do something like that. Also the word “quiet” is mentioned a couple times, which makes me think of the end of the intro to Pretty Little Liars, where Lucy Hale puts her finger to her lips and the “SSShhh” sound is made.

  3. pnwpersonkim says

    Someone from pretty little liars…prob Lucy hale since she needs publicity for her soon to be released country album and she loves fashion.

  4. LenaR says

    First Time poster my guess is Shay Mitchell the hint with pretty actress made me think pretty little liars read an article where she was there so thats my guess

  5. LeahLynn28 says

    Pretty actress?Well,can’t be Lohan anyway.Her career and her beauty were gone years ago.
    This actress must be B-List to be assigned to the 2nd row,but i still don’t know who she is.Lohan is D-List or worse than that right now.

  6. purplesky says

    Don’t know who might be. I doubt tho Ashley Greene cause at the only one show she went was with her

  7. RedScience says

    Zoe Saldana. She was recently in the front row of a show next to Jada Pinkett and she was a star in the movie Losers (clue).

  8. allie15 says

    Troian Bellisario (Spencer from Pretty Little Liars) has a reputation for being a bit entitled. “Pretty actress” being the clue, Troian’s father is an actor and apparently she is known for throwing hissy fits.

  9. NickPat24 says

    Victoria Justice at DKNY. Clues: repeated use of the word “loser” and she stars on the nickelodeon show Victorious. She was also reported as being too late for interviews but looking exceptionally cheerful.

  10. luckyXIII says

    the blind doesn’t specify whether it’s the february fashion week or this past september’s. i’m going with michelle trachtenberg because i know she attended shows in sept and sat front row. the image used for the blind reminds me of the covers for the gossip girl books.

  11. Atalanta says

    Zoe Saldana sounds about right. But, I’m not so sure this is really a negative thing that she did. I would imagine sitting the front row is an image thing, and in a business like this, image is everything. Good for her for having good business sense and making sure she was sat in the “right” place to advance, not deter, her career.

  12. camellia says

    Vanessa Hudgens was front row at a lot of show, although I can’t understand why. Has she even done anything besides high school musical?

  13. OhMyGossip says

    Was Lea Michele at Fashion Week at all? She sang a rendition of I Feel Pretty/Unpretty for Glee, they sang the original song Loser Like Me, she’s not a reality star and she’s rumored to be prissy and potentially stuck up. She seems like she may think that type of person is far beneath her.

  14. Stars In My Eyes says

    “IT’S “HEIGL!””
    This is totes Katherine Heigl. I saw a pic of her on another gossip blog yesterday and she was in the front row and everyone around her was like “wtf?”

  15. yinyang says

    So stupid! I want to know this blind! I sat in 2nd row at lots of shows but no complaints here! Who really cares where u sit? Celebs ruin the shows by showing up & taking away from show. It annoys me when random celebs just go to be seen..

  16. stalkingdykes2 says

    Victoria Justice. She sat in the front row in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – since the second row is for losers, and she’s VICTORIOUS.

  17. rudy says

    Katherine Heigl. How embarrassing.

    Seating is a big deal at these shows. Someone let a woman wearing neon green pants sit where she is practically in every picture. I kind of like it but I don’t think Jason Woo does.

  18. QuietUk says

    probably Kathrine Heigl. Sorry darling. but you really don’t look good in your choice of clothes. IMO. without clothes you would, probably make the rest jealous :)

  19. tvbuff says

    Lea Michelle: “loser” as in the Glee logo, pretty as in “I feel Pretty,” not to mention she is known for her hissy fits.