• BRUSHFIRE97 says

      While you are right. Am I the only one who thinks Frank Ocean is overrated?!?! His music never seems to be all that. I would much rather listen to Miguel or Trey Songz than him. But eh…

      • Okayeah says

        Well, he’s getting a lot of attention for coming out. I get it. He’s good, but is he REALLY that good?

      • cheefskiver says

        So glad someone else thinks this too. I think of him like the emperors new clothes, where everyone is too cool to admit his music is blah.

      • channel orange says

        Yes, you three people are the only ones who think Frank is overrated. That boy is a genius. u_u

        Also: I agree, this is definitely about that d-bag Chris Brown.

      • zeep says

        I agree with you all. I was so thrilled to see somebody, ANYBODY, beat Chris Brown, who seems to get a free pass from the industry that more talented, more deserving people never get. But then he performed and I thought he was just meh. I’m still glad someone new won, especially someone who got in a fight with Chris Brown, but his voice didn’t sound that special. Is there really a void in R&B to be filled?

      • Aafke says

        Lol did you all see the photo of Adele yelling at Chris Brown when he wouldn’t stand up to clap like everyone else

      • akajenb says

        Was the Grammy’s last night? Haven’t watch any award shows in ages.

        I guess the first poster got it right. Restrained being the clue.

    • Bromance1979 says

      Does Chris Brown REALLY think he’s ever going to win anything ever again? Everyone hates him, even if he still has a loyal following of teenage girls who still (disturbingly) love him.

      Agreed on the guess. I wouldn’t doubt him using a derogatory word like that.

    • ktbell05 says

      I decided to agree on this first post bc this is exactly who I thought of too. I cannot stand C Brown….most ignorant egotistical POS excuse for a man that I can ever witnessed. Anyone who sleeps with him I hope to God they get an STD test ASAP. He’s dirty as f!ck.

  1. jennaaaaaa says

    Singer who complained: Chris Brown
    Singer who won: Frank Ocean

    Clue: “Restrained”…Chris Brown has had a restraining order before (after beating up Rihanna)

  2. downtowngirl says

    Singer Who Complained: Chris Brown
    Singer Who Won: Frank Ocean
    Clue being Frank is openly bi and Chris Brown is an a**

  3. rec1c says

    Frank Ocean beat Chris Brown in Greatest Urban Contemporary album. Chris was of course the complainer, as usual

  4. twinklefairy12 says

    Singer who complained: Chris Brown
    Singer who won: Frank Oceans

    I’m actually really happy Frank Ocean beat Chris Brown. It’s like the high-road of returning the beat down Chris did to Frank.

    Chris is such an animal.

  5. GemK says

    Ugh… You know this is Fist Brown after losing to Frank Ocean! I was so glad Frank won!!! Chris Brown was the won who got beat at the Grammys this year!

  6. brobdingnagian says

    Singer Who Complained: Chris Brown (LOSER)

    Singer Who Won: (Frank Ocean) (Winner, Congratulations!!)

  7. Brooklyn 423 says

    With that attitude of his, Chris Brown will never ever get a Grammy. It deservedly went to Frank Oceans. Maybe Rhianna can beat some sense into him, that is, if she has any.

  8. gcreptile says

    Someone lost to Frank Ocean…. probably Chris Brown. Did he have a ‘restraining’ order against Rihanna? Probably.

  9. Layale says

    Oh, I remember thinking that when I saw the camera pan to his shock. He tried to hide it right away. Chris Brown.

  10. louise1 says

    Of course Chris Brown and Frank Ocean. Clue being “restrained.”

    Also AMAZING picture to go with this.

  11. OohDoTell says

    I do not know if that vile Chris “Difficult” Brown was nominated for anything, but this whole blind made me think of him vs. Frank (?) Ocean.

  12. irishlass28 says

    The Whiny Baby: Chris “The Asshole” Brown

    The Winner: Frank Ocean

    Get a f—ing life, Chris!

  13. suzy_scott says

    too easy, unfortunately. the difficult brown.
    could he be any more of an douche?
    he knows that everyone would be listening/watching for his reaction…he just couldnt NOT be a a-hole.

  14. xxmichellexx says

    Singer Who Complained: Chris Brown
    Singer Who Won: Frank Ocean

    Chris Brown needs to just go away. Calling him a jerk is the understatement of the century…

  15. Eryn says

    Chris Brown lost to Frank Ocean. There are photos showing Chris not standing up to applaud Ocean’s win at the Grammy’s. Also, Frank Ocean is gay and out, hence why Chris used the derogatory word against him.

  16. jocar says

    If by restrained you mean “barely concealed contempt.” He is his own worst enemy and will eventually end up behind bars for a lo-o-o-ng time.

    • iPanderr says

      I don’t think think Ed would call someone a “faggot” and he really doesn’t seem the type to complain about losing an award. Even after all the money he probably has rolling in, he still doesn’t own a house and wears jeans and a hoodie. He’s not in it for the fame. He’s just grateful to be playing his music for a living.

  17. OhMyGossip says

    Ahhh jeez – Breezy complaining about Frank Ocean beating him for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Frank Ocean is openly gay these days. He and Chris Brown got into a physical fight recently. Makes sense that something this heinous would come out of CB’s mouth.

  18. TeacherKat says

    I’m sure everyone has guessed it, but Chris Brown and Frank Ocean (I love the gif out there of Adel rolling her eyes at Chris as he sits while everyone stands when Frank Ocean won).