Chopping Down A Model

kimmi kennedySOLVED!

[Bossip] Which “Pop That” Rapper Got Caught On Tape Chopping Down A Men’s Mag Model Turned Emcee?

Does another one of your favorite rappers have a freaky flick floating around? A source told Bossip exclusively that there is indeed a new naughty tape featuring one of the four rappers from the mega-hit “Pop That”…

A Bossip source whispers that Kimmi Kennedy is a vixen that doesn’t mind mixing business and pleasure. She’s the latest men’s mag model to step in the booth in hot pursuit of a rap career, but when she reached out to this rapper he gave her a lot more than a feature. Besides the free verse our “Pop That” MC also supplied a serving of long hard D on the side.

Who do you think it is?

french montana 1SOLVED!

It’s French Montana! Source:


Who do you think it is? If you guessed French Montana, you got it right. A reliable source told BOSSIP they’ve seen the tape.

Here’s the catch though… Kimmi secretly taped the sex session!!!

Congrats French, you’ve finally made it to the big leagues. This is just the boost your career needs. You just gotta hope Kimmi got you from a good angle.

Congratulations to NBG, and everyone else who guessed correctly!

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