These Oscar Noms Aren’t Exactly Lunch Pals

oscar luncheon 2013

[Blind Gossip] Which two celebrities carefully avoided each other during the 2013 Oscar Nominees Luncheon and Class Photo? The two men have worked together, and everyone assumes that they are friends. However, one of the men had a brief affair with the other man’s Significant Other. The two got into a fight about it (no punches were thrown, although there was some shoving and a lot of yelling and name-calling), and have avoided each other ever since.

Here is a link to a full-size, clickable photo of the entire group.


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73 comments to These Oscar Noms Aren’t Exactly Lunch Pals

  • quinner

    Complete guesses… Ben affleck and joaquin phoenix…or tommy lee jones and robert de niro?

  • Alizit

    ben affleck and bradley cooper?

  • raslebol

    not Clooney and David O Russel!

  • Ms_Kiki

    Tommy Lee Jones and Robert De Niro ?

  • raslebol

    Tommy Lee Jones and Robert De Niro ? they just worked together

  • Booboo1068

    Wow, Ace actual photos now?! You are getting it! But, again Im lost. The two who stood out were Ben Affleck and Steven Spielberg? Unless Significant Other refers to a MALE?

  • stolidog

    Easy. Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck.
    Ben Affleck had an affair with Cooper’s former partner, Victor Gables, who was starring in Alias at the time with Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Garner.

    • tiredofwhining

      Do you mean Victor Garber? That can’t be, since Garber’s partner for the past 14 years has been Rainer Andreesen, who frankly, makes Bradley Cooper, yummy as he is, look like chopped liver…..

    • bubbajane

      I think you mean Victor Garber.

    • raslebol

      what do you smoke? LOL

      • Micky

        Gay man’s wishful-weed. lol

        Seriously though, Affleck is a dog & an alcoholic so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was sniffing around another man’s girl.

    • MizGrandma

      Think tht was Vicotr Garber, though have not heard of the affair. Garber has been in a very long-term relationship.

    • 4sixx2

      Wow, I love it. Other guesses think Coop smooched Jen, but that’s just not right. It makes much more sense Cheat Dog Ben coveted a Coop girl. No punches were thrown because Coop didn’t love his beard, but he didn’t love being disrespected either. Team Stoli!

      • 4sixx2

        Wait, what??!!! LOL! I read “VictorIA Gables” (should be Victor Garber). Too Funny! Ok, I STILL think that it’s Ben & Bradley, but that Ben borrowed a Beard, not a Boy. Still <3 Stoli!

  • Kitty S

    Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper.
    Acted together in ‘He’s Just Not that into You’

  • colby2283

    Denzel Washington & Robert De Niro

  • Kerzep

    Tommy Lee Jones and Robert DeNiro!

  • Up the Coast

    Denzel and DeNiro

  • kookywooky

    Joaquin Phoenix & Tim Burton?

    Joaquin Phoenix & Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

    Joaquin Phoenix & Daniel Day Lewis?

    Ben Affleck & Stephen Speilberg?

    Robert DeNiro & Denzel Washington?

  • MissNormaDesmond

    Ben and George.

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    Affleck and B. Coop?

  • ladyluck27

    bradley cooper and ben affleck are the obvious choice, but i’ve read blinds that bcoop is gay and that jennifer garner is very committed to ben (and he is the cheat). So, i’m not sure.

  • zeep

    Ben Affleck & Bradley Cooper? Cooper and Garner worked together on Alias. But he was on Today on the day of nominations saying Affleck was snubbed, so I don’t see it being about them.

    Affleck has also worked with Tommy Lee Jones, who is in an upcoming movie with De Niro.

  • Bromance1979

    Ben Affleck and…

  • ShennanigansOHoolihan

    Hugh Jackman & Bradley Cooper.

  • malkatz

    Randomly guessing Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper.

  • aeduko

    Affleck and Clooney? I got nothing.

    But that little girl is the cutest. Best looking of the bunch!!

  • Annhog1

    I can’t believe how much Daniel Day Lewis looks like an Oscar statue in that picture.

  • bellabee323

    ben affleck and someone

  • Quanah

    Hugh Jackman and whomever he’s looking

  • WellbeaDream

    So.. This is my first time posting so I’m guessing it has something to do with either Bradley or Ben Affleck.

  • Brittttt

    Ben Affleck and…?

  • petunya

    Didnt Ben Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner work with Bradley Cooper on Alias?

  • css1014

    Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck-JLo

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    This is tougher than I thought. I want to guess Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck because they worked together in He’s Just Not That into You, and Cooper worked with Jennifer Garner on Alias. But there’s pictures of Brad and Ben laughing it up and hugging at a the Critic’s Choice Awards just a month ago. Sooo, I’m stumped.

  • randijane

    Actors: Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper
    Significant Other: Jennifer Garner

    BC and JG worked together and dated back when Alias was on television. BA and BC were in “He’s Just Not That Into You” together.

  • ningyo

    Leo Dicaprio and every other actor he’s lost a oscar win to.

  • Letmeguess

    I’m guessing Tim Burton and Steven Spielberg…. only because I spent waaaay too much time staring / clicking / zooming on this picture while trying to piece clues together and it was the only thing I could come up with.

  • moomoohandsomeboy

    Steven Spielberg & Jeffrey Katzenberg .

  • Shells

    Ben and Brad! Awww, everybody beat me to it. LOL

  • lepidoteran

    I’d guess Affleck and Cooper (who were also in Changing Lanes together in addition to He’s Just Not that Into You), and considering the frequent BIs suggesting Cooper’s gay, I’ll guess that Affleck had a fling with one of the women (“Significant Other”) Cooper had a “relationship” with and Cooper (also rumored to have a pretty bad temper) got mad that Affleck was intruding on his set-up relationship, not that he had a romantic rival.

    Off the top of my head, Cooper’s been with Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Esposito, and Renee Zellweger for what it’s worth…

  • MrsBreeder

    That’s like a Where’s Waldo picture.

    I have no idea…but I really hope the man (wearing glasses) standing next to Jessica Chastain is involved. He’s awesome.

  • Ralphie

    I want to say that the fight and throw a punch are references to David O. Russell who directed the Fighter and is nommed for Silver Linings Playbook. My thought was Affleck, too, but back when he was dating Gwyneth, who was in Russell’s I Heart Huckabees, but I don’t really know of anything Russell and Affleck have done together or the timing of the affair. It’s all I’ve got.

    Damn, poor Jen Lawrence was shoved WAY in the back row, huh?

  • durdik

    it can’t be Bradley and Ben. They are working together on an upcoming film. Plus, they were all hugging and laughing at one of the awards. AND Bradley was on Kimmel recently and said something about Ben. I really think they’re good.

  • durdik

    How about Bradley Cooper and George Clooney? Considering George wasn’t too happy about BRadley getting the SMA cover.

  • Sophie

    Robert De Niro and Bill Murray

  • sweetcheeks

    Well it cant be Ben and Joaquin, as technically they are family….Hugh Jackman is just a sweetheart, so I can’t see that…so, in other words, I dunno. I like the David O Russell thing.

  • mollynyc

    Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper SO being Ryan Seacrest.

  • bellsie

    I have no idea on who the blind is about, but I can’t help but mention how ecstatic Ben Affleck looks in that photo.. *Sarcasm*

  • kermit1969

    Since this refers to two male celebrities I will say:

    Ben Affleck is angry. Harvey Weinstein slept with Gwyneth Paltrow back in the day when Ben was dating her. Affleck/Weinstein

    • Micky

      Nah. Ben produced a crap movie in an HBO competition for new filmakers on Harvey’s tab. Ben was already with JLo so he couldn’t have been too mad at Harvey.

  • Knee

    By FAR!!! What a doll…..

  • GeeMoney

    Wild guess… Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper. I’m thinking that Hugh slept with Victor Garber at some point in time while him and Bradley were hooking up… lol.

  • ILoveLucy

    I zoomed and looked at everyone and never found Affleck. But how awesome does Sally Field look? And the guy in the front row, far right, is doing that thing with his fingers “Look Here”, usually near their nether regions. Kids do that, always boys! Anyway, this pic made me very sad. It reminded me of all the group photos that the photog never took at my only daughters wedding. Not one. ALWAYSake sure the photog knows you want everybody in and all groups photo’s taken at a wedding and important event. You can never go back. So do it right the 1st time. It’s depressing because we know all of those people and family will never be together all at once again. :( That really all I got from this photo. Sorry

    • ChattyCat

      OH NO!!! That’s terrible. My parents don’t have photos of their monumental day either. They married 50yrs ago. One of my dad’s cousins offered to be photographer for the day (no big fancy wedding photographer available in their little italian village). At the end of the day he realised he’d forgotten to load film into the camera! I would have killed him. My parents have always been WAAAY too nice…they let him live.

  • WutheringKuyts

    Bloody hell, this is difficult.

  • curious13

    George Clooney hates David O’Russell, but I’m sure this guess is about Ben Affleck. Maybe George stealing Matt Damon away from Ben.

  • rudy

    David O. Russell
    George Clooney

  • bored_and_thinking

    Jen Garner was in a short lived TV series called “Significant Others” So my bets on Ben

  • Vampa15

    I’m just throwing this out there, but Robert De Niro had a fling with Steven Spielberg’s wife maybe? The wording says to celebrities but not necessarily two actors