She Is Totally On Top Now

woman on top of manSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This young performer is really depressed right now. He got out from under the control of his family… only to fall under the control of his girlfriend.

She decides everything: what he is going to wear, where they are going to live, how often he speaks to his family. She tells him that she wants him to stop touring because it is too stressful. She presents all this to him as if it is for his own good… but it is actually all for her own good!

She is nobody, but she thinks she deserves to be a star… and her relationship with him is just one step up the ladder. She is the one who wants them to move to a place where she can be “seen”. She is the one who is having him publicly shill products with whom she is associated.  She is the one who wants him to get tickets so that she can be photographed in the front row at Fashion Week.

She is the one who wants to live together… and engaged a reality TV show to film them looking for a place to live. When they go out for dinner, she is the one who calls the paparazzi to notify them where they will be. In return for the tip off, she is the one who asks that they always use the word “beautiful” before her name.

She is totally using him, but he doesn’t really seem to get that. He is terribly unhappy but he doesn’t know why. His friends are worried that he is not strong enough to get out of the relationship. He is not very mature, he drinks a lot, and he is afraid to be alone.



blanda and joeSOLVED!

It’s Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler! Source:

Yes, Blanda is totally running the show now!

Here is some interesting detail about her motivation and her controlling behavior, courtesy of our friends at RadarOnline:

Joe Jonas’ Girlfriend Using Him For Fame

Joe Jonas‘ girlfriend is with him just for the fame and a pal of Blanda Eggenschwiler exclusively tells she doesn’t even like the Jonas Brothers or their music!

“She told me, ‘I don’t even like their band. I just go to their show, appearances and meet-and-greets so the fans will talk more about me and buy my products.’ She’s all about herself lately and expects Joe to shower her with public attention.”

“She’s never in New York anymore working on her career. Her life is pretty much dedicated to paparazzi shots, and her addiction to the attention she gets from his 12-year-old fans.”
And not only does the pal say Blanda is using Joe for the spotlight — but they claim she’s controlling his every move!

“Blanda has a lot of control over Joe and his actions,” the insider told Radar.

“She continues to brag about how she has so much control over him and she tells him when he can and cannot see his mom. To her, everything should be about her.”

Sadly, the pal thinks the entire relationship will end badly for both Joe — who will eventually realize he was used — and Blanda, who will be left only with her fleeting 15 minutes of fame.

You can read the full story at RadarOnline.

There were photos of the two of them looking at apartments in Tribeca and two of the women in the photos were the sisters from Selling NY (HGTV Reality TV Show). From our friends at The New York Post:

Keeping up with the Jonases

A Jonas brother was spotted with the Kleier sisters at an open house for a $2.6 million condo at the Urban Glass House.

Joe Jonas, clad in black jeans, toured the fancy two-bedroom unit at 330 Spring St. with his new Swiss gal pal Blanda Eggenschwiler, a model/graphic artist, who was also rocking black jeans. They were accompanied by sister brokers Samantha and Sabrina Kleier, stars of HGTV’s “Selling New York.”

Fellow home hunters, we hear, seemed more interested in Jonas, who graciously posed for photos with fans, than the 1,700-square foot, two-bedroom, 2 1/2-bathroom apartment, which comes with a home office and floor-to-ceiling windows. The Philip Johnson-designed, 12-story building features Annabelle Selldorf-designed interiors.

And, of course, Blanda did wind up with front row seats to fashion shows during New York Fashion Week! Here she is with Maya Kibble, a close friend of The Jonas Brothers:

blanda eggenschwiler and maya kibble

Congratulations to KM101, who was first with the correct guess!

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    • Jamerican says

      Oh dear….did you even read the blind? A man in his mid 30s (Kanye) would hardly be considered a “young performer”. Additionally, I dont know of Kanye under the control of his family as the blind states.

    • PinkSlip says

      And the girlfriend wants to be a star: despite how much disdain everyone holds for the Kartrashians, she’s still a star…

    • ktbell05 says

      Yup. But isn’t he rumored to be using an insane amount of drugs? Maybe that is contributing to the fact that he is so unhappy and unable to regain control over his life. :( this is sad. And that girl….karma isn’t good to people like you.

  1. Virgo826 says

    He: Joe Jonas
    She: Blanda Eggenschwiler

    Cute tie in to Joe Camel#2 for the day:)
    Can’t wait to see what’s next Ace!

  2. AuntieMama says

    He: Prince Joe Jonas
    She: His bland “girlfriend”
    From recent pictures of what Joe looks like, he better drop her quick because he looks terrible. She has horrible taste clotheswise. Joe is looking more like a pauper than a Prince now.

  3. cynthiamey says

    Joe Jonas and Blanda Eggsomething or other, I cant spell her last name. I wonder, is it true that she is a lesbian as some are saying, and that she worships Satan? Joe looks like trash since he’s been with her

  4. madla says

    I wish I could say that it’s Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but he is not a young performer obviously… Does he have maybe a nickname or so? wishfullthinking

  5. kitkat123 says


  6. blackkeys213 says

    Joe Jonas and Blanda.I knew she was doing anything to be famous.I wish he would see what she’s doing to him.Ace please solve this.

  7. DCMama says

    He: Joe Jonas

    She: Blanda Eggenschwiler

    There were photos of the two of them looking at apartments in Tribeca and two of the women in the photos were the Kleinfeld sisters from Selling NY (HGTV Reality TV Show).

    He never looks happy in any of his photos and she looks like a snake.

  8. yohoapirateslife4me says

    I was gonna say Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Blanda until I read she got a TV show, and I’m sure Kevin’s the only one who’s got one, so I have no clue at all.

  9. turntojade says

    He: Joe Jonas
    She: Blanda Eggenschwiler

    She’s obviously the cougar who’s using him to market her products and get herself some much needed attention from the paps. And he’s the pot-smoking, cocaine-sniffing, alcoholic disney-star-gone-wrong, who’s too insecure to let her go. He was under the strict control of Papa Jonas till a few years ago and now under that bland girl’s. Poor guy, he can’t ever seem to catch a break. Hope he ditches her soon and cleans up his act.

  10. LeahLynn28 says

    One of the Jonas Brothers?All three brothers are in fake relationships right now,so this young unhappy performer could be any of them.

  11. clink1833 says

    I was thinking it was Joe Jonas too, as Ace seems to have a source within the Jonas camp. The only reason I thought it might not be him is because the blind doesn’t mention the H. hmmmm. maybe he’s off that horse and just drinking – the girl riding horsey style in the picture and the title of the blind me confirm this.

  12. Lolalola says

    He: Joe Jonas
    She: His Girlfriend.

    He isn’t alone. He will not be alone. It has the support of many people who loves him and accepts him as he is. No matter what he has done.
    I don’t know if you keep reading this Joe, but I want you to know I’m here for you, many are! You have to be strong! I know that you can!

  13. sweetgigi1017 says

    OMG JOE JONAS AND THAT BLANDA GIRL. THE FUNNY THING IS THAT #BLAMEBLANDA WAS A TT ON TWITTER YESTERDAY. Not only is she bad BUT her own friends make fun of him and his family it sucks he needs to wake up and smell the coffee his fans are trying to help him and he just gets angry. He and his brothers are getting a second chance (ppl in this industry are lucky to even get a first chance) and his messing it for him and his brothers.

  14. blackkeys213 says

    It Joe Jonas and Blanda.he looks upset when ever he’s around her.and her friends made fun of Jonas fans and he’s father in a podcast.

  15. forevermeansnever says

    He: Joe Jonas

    She: Blanda Eggenschwiller

    They were spotted looking for apartments. He doesn’t hang out with his family often && she was at Fashion Week tonight in NYC, front row. Wow. You are always spot on when it comes to the Jonas family, Ace.

  16. heatherdonaldson says

    He: Joe Jonas
    She: Blanda Eggenschwiler

    Blanda recently opened her instagram (@blahblahblanda) and I noticed she was at a fashion show last night in NYC. Also hung out with Jonas Brothers’ longtime friend, Maya Kibbel.

    Joe seems to be the type who needs a girl at all times, Valentine’s Day is coming up so you know she has to stick around, after that he’s going on tour so I hope he finally opens his eyes and see who she really is.

    Also if you look at the paparazzi shots of these two she’s always smiling while he looks like he’s about to attend a funeral. Not to mention sometimes they match outfits and both wear hats. I believe she plans out what they’re going to wear.

    Ditch the girl, and focus on your career. Your fans are waiting for a comeback.

  17. WutheringKuyts says

    I hadn’t even heard of Blanda Eggenschwiler until today. Blanda. What a name. The more you know~

  18. amelia303 says

    Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder. They were front row at a fashion show today, and Eleanor is a total nobody

  19. forevermeansnever says

    Ace, can you solve this? We all know it’s about Joe Jonas and Blanda Eggenschwiler. The Jonas Brothers just started their new SA tour and she is now promoting her T-shirts and iPhone cases on that tour via Joe wearing them. She’s constantly talking about him in interviews (she wasn’t interviewed by magazines until she made her relationship with Joe public).

    It’s like every Jonas event she’s right there to make it all about her and destroy the experience for fans. Honestly, I believe it’s a bad move for her to be around. How else are they going to reconnect as a band, get this come back on the roll, and concentrate if she’s always around making it about her? PLEASE help!

  20. CoCoJoe says

    Weren’t there two “solved” blinds yesterday? The site would not not let me past the home page all day, so I missed the reveals. Any info?

  21. ifyouwannawakeupearly says

    Worst part is that over 40 years ago, you could have said the same thing about a certain British musician and his screwball artist girlfriend who later became his second wife, without changing even a word.