Money Talked And Everybody Walked

case settled[Blind Gossip] When celebrities get accused of crimes, they can sometimes make the plaintiffs go away by having their high-priced lawyers wear them down, by threatening them with counter suits, or by paying them off.

This time, however, it seemed that the usual legal maneuverings and threats weren’t working for this famous actor. It looked like the plaintiff was actually going to have his day in court. It looked like the disgusting, private, sordid details of the actor’s bad behavior would be laid out for the whole world to see! Everyone would be talking about it…

Oh, come on. Are you kidding? You know that there was no way on heaven or earth that was going to happen! Guess who just made a huge payoff to the victim to drop everything? That’s right. Money talked and everybody walked. Or sailed. Or flew. The price of freedom? $1.75 million.

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  1. rockstar says

    Too easy….John Travolta. See “Everyone will be talking about it” – Look who’s talking. Or flew – John’s a pilot. Too many hints! So easy!

  2. LooLoo says

    Oh, Travolta, there are plenty of guys who would be happy to get your advances. There is no reason to keep foisting them on men who aren’t.

      • LooLoo says

        When it’s the man doing that to women, it’s called se x ual harassment rather than a fetish.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Agree 100%. If he was a non celeb and or wealthy his actions would be judged as sexual harassment…at the LEAST, especially if they were being done to women. If he has been doing this for years (making unwanted sexual advances and touching) in the eyes of most judicial systems he may even be treated as a sexual predator. If someone finds a way to protect the identities of witnesses as with Lance and build a case the same way, the truth would come out.

  3. Booboo1068 says

    John Travolta

    But I also think Justin Bieber’s possible baby mama and her supposed ex were bullied and bribed. What happened to the results of the DNA test he took or his lawyers vow to counter sue to set an example. The latest pic of him (not) groping a fan’s breast puts that whole baby mama situation in a new light? JB is young, rich, horny and out of control. JT is much older, rich, horny and out of control. I hope one day the truth about JTs (by non-celeb standards) criminal behaviour at times is made public the same way Lance Armstrong’s finally was.

  4. julietjas says

    Johnny T — let’s see:
    suits: white suit in Saturday Night fever (or is that a stretch?)
    talking about it: Look Who’s Talking movies
    heaven or earth: played an angel in Michael, also Battleship Earth.
    (sailed must be a clue but I can’t catch it)
    flew: of course Travolta is a pilot
    price of freedom: never knew but he sang on a Scientology album in 1986 called The Road to Freedom.

  5. gadgetgal says

    John Travolta!

    –“Everyone would be talking about it”
    Movies: Look Who’s Talking & Look Who’s Talking Too

    — “Money talked and everybody walked. Or sailed. Or flew.”
    The incident happened on a cruise ship (sailed) and Travolta loves to fly his planes.

    Also, it has been reported that the judge just refused arbitration in this case and therefore the trial would have been public. Bingo.

  6. stolidog says

    John Travolta
    “or cruise” reference to masseuse from the cruise ship that filed the complaint
    “everybody would be talking” reference to “Look who’s talking”

  7. JenJenJen says

    Easily John Travolta. I think the guy threatening to sue worked on a cruise liner hence the “or sailed” comment at the end.

  8. JenLTX says

    COME OUT OF THE CLOSET, JOHN!!! Seriously, Travolta, we ALL knew you’d do this, and it’s not helping your image even a little.

  9. KitKat73 says

    John Travolta and all his masuese’s.

    Clues: “Everyone will be talking about it!” Look Who’s Talking movies (awesome movies)

    Or flew…he’s a pilot

  10. solare1213 says

    Hi Ace, been a while…
    Travolta and that south american dude who just dropped the case….
    Same old, same old…

  11. EastlakeGirl says

    Hmmmm….I’d say either John Travolta (flying reference) or Dennis Quaid (reference to Something to Talk About).

  12. Smudge says

    John Travolta. I saw some news outlets reporting yesterday that the sailor that accused Travolta of sexual assault had won the right to have his case heard in court.

  13. anonymous says

    John Travolta. Clues being his movie roles (“Everybody would be talking about it” = “Look Who’s Talking”) and “flew” referencing his love of flying planes.

    • blueburst4 says

      -Everyone would be talking: John starred in the Look Who’s Talking Franchise
      -No way on heaven or earth: He played a fallen angel or something like that in Michael
      -Everybody walked or sailed or flew: His famous walk from Saturday Night Fever, he owns his own plane and has a pilots license

  14. KWDragon says

    This has gotta be the Travolta case. When I saw that JT’s lawyers lost their bid to keep the case private (citing a non-existent privacy agreement just because JT bought a cruise ship ticket?!?), I knew this was going to get settled ASAP. $1.75 M for getting sexually aggressive? Yeah, bad behavior is okay if you’ve got cash to burn.

    Clues: first paragraph – badgering sounds like the legal pitbulls of CoS. Heaven & earth? Also CoS. Or sailed (on a cruise ship) or flew (cuz JT is da pilot). Gads.

  15. callmedave says

    John Travolta of course. His cruise ship accuser has dropped his sexual assault lawsuit against certified private pilot Vinnie Barbarino…

  16. sunshinestar says

    Got to be John Travolta and the cruise ship guy that accused him of sexual harassment… and yet again the word can keep on beleiving that Travolta is a devoted husband. Getting old… just come out and live your life!

  17. Stars In My Eyes says

    Pains me to say this. John Travolta.
    When I first read the headline I thought Chris Brown and Frank Ocean, but this is about an actor. “flew” the clue, Travolta’s a pilot.

  18. timmybeaverhausen says

    Travolta. “heaven and earth” “flew” “laid out” (on the massage table). He’s a total creep.

  19. ILoveLucy says

    Jeebus. The John Travolta cruise incident was about to go to trial. I was hoping it would. Ok, kinda took the wind outta my sail today!!! It would have been a fun ride! Enjoy the cash , dude.

  20. Stars In My Eyes says

    And “everyone would be talking about it” is another clue, from “Look Who’s Talking” with Travolta.

  21. 8days says

    John Travolta settling sexual harassment claims with the masseuse?
    Clues: Heaven or Earth (he played an angel in Michael and was in Battlefield Earth); everyone would be talking about it (look who’s talking) and the mention of flying (he’s a pilot).

  22. Catseyezzz says

    I’ll have to go with John Travolta
    or sailed: he lives on the water in FL
    or flew: he is a pilot
    laid out: he was having massage

  23. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    John Travolta.

    Someone please tell John that gay is OK! Dear lord…

    I feel like the hints are “flew” (Pilot) and “heaven/earth” (Michael/Battlefield Earth).

  24. syrup says

    all I can say is it is not Charlie Sheen! Is there anything we don’t already know about him? Maybe…Tom Hanks or Steven Spielberg or someone pretty respected like that?

  25. whodat says

    John Travolta and the Royal Caribbean Cruise Masseuse. Just saw the the latter just dropped his case.

  26. HollySleuth says

    P.S. the clues include:

    “or sailed” (the assault was alleged to have happened on a cruise ship

    “or flew” (Travolta is well known for his love of aircraft)

  27. zeep says

    Travolta, Look Who’s Talking on his private jet, Battlefield Earth. But TMZ says there will be no arbitration!

  28. CdnGoose says

    Initially I was thinking about Chris Brown’s latest fiasco… but as I read on and to $1.75M all I can say is, “Wow!” Sounds juicy!

  29. S27S says

    Am guessing John Travolta, because of the “Or flew…” but is he still considered a famous actor?

  30. urmyboyblue says

    Actor: John Travolta

    “talking about it” = Look who’s talking

    Sailed = Travolta is/was being sued by a cruise ship steward
    Flew = Travolta is a pilot

  31. MamaJunesneckrolls says

    John Travolta — sailed , flew being clues “sailed” – cruise ship… flew – he’s a pilot.
    Oh John , we all know – just come out already, I’d bet his career would be fine!

  32. kimberlogic says

    John Travolta as the celeb who made the payoff over the harassment/assault of a cruiseship employee