Mixed Up Doubles

men playing doubles tennis[Blind Gossip] This esteemed, over-40 American film actor was playing a game of tennis with a friend when they noticed a couple of young men doing the same on the next court over. The four men wound up playing doubles together, and the actor suggested that they all get together for dinner.

The actor took them to a very fancy restaurant that night and they all enjoyed dining on fine food and drinking great wine and talking about sports and women.

The next day, the actor called up one of the young men and asked if he would like to get together for dinner again. The man agreed, and although the other two couldn’t make it, they had another wonderful night out at another nice restaurant, with the two of them drinking and the actor regaling him with stories about his life in show business. This happened several days in a row.

The actor then began texting the man several times a day… until one of the man’s friends clued him in that he actor was gay, and that he saw their dinner dates as actual “date dates”.

The naïve young man had no idea the actor was gay. He just thought that he had just become pals with a famous actor! So when the actor texted him – as usual – the next day, the young man mentioned that he was really glad that they had become friends and that he enjoyed his company, but that he just wanted to make sure that the actor knew that he was straight and that he had a girlfriend.

The actor replied, “I don’t know where you got the idea from that I ever wanted anything more! I’m totally straight and I just want to be your friend!” But after that, the man never heard from the actor again, and the actor never replied to his texts again.

Yes, the actor is still in the closet.

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