He Already Has Someone


[Blind Gossip] Every time this cute young performer even speaks to a girl, reports start circulating that he has a new girlfriend.

Calm down, people!  The blonde is just a friend! No benefits. If he takes her home, it’s just to protect her.  He already has someone whom he loves very much. He just isn’t ready to take it public yet.

harry stylesSOLVED!

It’s Harry Styles of One Direction! Source: BlindGossip.com

Every time one of the boys from One Direction is seen with a girl within a 10-foot vicinity, some people automatically jump to the conclusion that they are dating.

In this case of this blind item, though, blonde pal Ellis Calcutt was just a friend. From EntertainmentWise:

Harry Styles’ Blonde Pal Ellis Calcutt

Reveals All About One Direction Date

Harry Styles’ mystery blonde, who he spent Sunday with has been revealed as school friend Ellis Calcutt but if anyone thought the Glasgow university student was going to be the next Taylor Swift then think again as she’s denied any hint of romance.

The One Direction stud arrived in Scotland straight from his appearance at the NRJ Awards in France where he was forced to avoid his American ex who was also performing. Speaking about spending the day with her teenage millionaire friend.

Ellis told the Daily Record: “We’re good friends from school. It was great to catch up with him.”

While Harry has quite the reputation with the ladies, according to a close pal of Ellis there’s nothing romantic between them.

“They’re just friends,” and insider insisted.

The pair enjoyed a slap up meal at Pizza Hut before heading to the movies and then back to Ellis’ student digs for an evening in. The source revealed of the evening: “It wasn’t a party at the flat. He just came round.”

Like Harry, the 18 year-old student is from Cheshire and is currently studying business in Glasgow.

She was forced to deny claims of a romance after they were pictured together and said she was “absolutely not,” dating Styles on Twitter.

Here is a photo of Harry and Ellis when they were in school together. Doesn’t Harry look so young?:

harry styles ellis calcutt

However, not all women put themselves in the “just friends” category. One of Harry’s friends, actress Emily Atack, just revealed that she and Harry Styles were dating for a short time. From The Daily Mail:

‘We had a short-lived thing

that was just a bit of fun':

Emily Atack FINALLY admits to fling with

One Direction’s Harry Styles

They’d been open about their mutual crushes on each other, and were rumoured to have dated in May 2012.

And after keeping their romance firmly under wraps for over a year, Emily Atack has finally come clean about her brief relationship with Harry Styles.

The Inbetweeners actress admitted while she enjoyed a brief fling with the One Direction heartthrob, they were never serious enough to call each other ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’.

She told Reveal magazine: ‘We were never boyfriend and girlfriend. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever admitted to what it was, because I’ve always just shrugged it off before.

‘But I think it’s best to clear it up. So, yeah, we had a short-lived thing that was just a bit of fun. Then we went off in our opposite directions.’

The 23-year-old blonde explained she enjoyed ‘a laugh’ with the teenage pop star last year, but confirmed the floppy-haired lothario hadn’t been in touch since their ‘brief’ dalliance.

Emily added: ‘Harry and I had a laugh. It was brief, but fun, and then we moved on. We haven’t spoken in a while – he’s one of the most famous people in the world now.’

The actress first admitted she had a crush on Harry, 19, when he shot to fame on The X Factor back in 2010 when he was just 16.

Writing on her Twitter page three years ago, she said: ‘Does Harry from One ­Direction HAVE to be 16?! Let’s pretend he’s 18 at least! Then there would only be One Direction he would be going… to the bedroom!’

If you are from England, you probably know that Emily is an actress on Inbetweeners. Here is a photo of Emily Atack walking around with an Ashton Kutcher lookalike:

harry styles emily atack

Yes, Harry goes on dates with girls. The important thing to remember is that it’s usually all for fun and publicity!

Remember the whole Taylor Swift incident? That was all for publicity. We told you that the relationship was fake and even told you when they were scheduled to break up in They Won’t Make It To Valentine’s Day.
We even told you about Taylor’s ranting about how awful the fake relationship with Harry was in Relationship Runway Rant.

harry styles taylor swift

Like we said, he already has someone whom he loves very much. He just isn’t ready to take it public yet.

Congratulations to Carolina1 for having the first correct guess! Special kudos to JoJoJo for picking up on this easy clue:

It’s Harry Styles, clue being “if he takes her home”, One Direction’s latest album is called Take Me Home.

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  1. ningyo says

    Chord Overstreet definitely, do I need to go through the list of girls he’s been linked to every time he’s seen with them? It’s ridiculous.

    • jojojo says

      It’s Harry Styles, clue being “if he takes her home”, One Direction’s latest album is called Take Me Home. And he is definitely in a relationship with his bandmate but “isn’t ready to take it public yet”.

      • ssslithering says

        Three thumbs up for the Louis Harry call – SWIM saw them nuzzling noses at a party pre Christmas. My gaydar is usually better tailored to identify other girls, but in this case – it was pretty much pinging like marbles in a tin box. Or something slightly less hokey. Whatever, I doubt this relationship will ever see the light of day but it would be nice…. *sigh

    • haims says

      Harry Styles (of one direction)

      Blonde: Swiftie, or Cara D

      Person he’s in love with: Nick Grimshaw (just look at the pictures from Harry’s birthday party)

      • andi says

        Nick Grimshaw and Harry have zero chemistry; they are good friends who both happen to be gay. The party photos show nothing but an embarrassed and drunken Harry.
        Harry’s chemistry with Louis is indisputable.

      • roodelilah says

        I think the blonde is Taylor Swift, or Emma Ostilly. Remember when he took her home last year.
        And by the way he is in love with Louis.

      • kaystyles_ says

        but he was recently spotted with a ‘mystery blonde’ and people are suspecting it’s his best friend back in high school in Cheshire. he even walked her home after dinner or something but her and her friends confirmed on twitter that they were just friends and reunited because they haven’t seen in more than a year.

  2. dspbr says

    OK – performer makes me think its a cross-over artist that does maybe acting/singing/dancing. When i think about young guys that COULD fit that bill… i can only think Zac Effron? But i dont know who the “blonde” friend is?

  3. tink says

    Harry Styles. The blond is taylor swift. He’s not ready because it’s another boy from his band that he’s in love with, and his management is guarding the closet door.

    • YoGo8c says

      Where does it say Louis though?

      It’s only ever ‘Louis’ according to Larry fanatics. Who think everything is about him. What happens if…it’s NOT Louis? What would you do then, lol! :)

      • says

        But if you bother to look into it, it is definitely Louis. It’s not confirmed or anything, but there is a reason why Larry is more popular than any of the other “ships”. It’s Louis (or at least I hope so).

  4. livealifeoflaughter says

    Harry Styles of One Direction? He was recently seen in Glasgow with an old school friend called Ellis Calcutt, resulting in more dating speculation. He is actually in a relationship with one of his bandmates, Louis Tomlinson.

    • YoGo8c says

      He ‘actually’…how can you confidently assert this? This is my LAST comment on this blind (if any of my yappings even get printed) but why would Harry ‘take it public’ with Louis Tomlinson?

      This is the same Louis who has publicly ridiculed Larry and shouted at fans over it? How do you figure they are going to do a total about-turn and announce it all? ‘Oh yeah guys, we were lying all the time… Oh well’.

      It doesn’t make any sense with regards to this blind to me. Imo it’s either Nick Grimshaw (‘pub-lic’ sounds kinda similar) or some as yet unknown figure. The use of gender-neutral words suggests male but it could be m/f.

      • ChattyCat says

        I agree. I think it’s Nick not Louis.

        ady7392 – “Yeah…because “he” is gender neutral.”…I don’t see “he” used in the Blind. Am I missing something???

  5. says

    Harry Styles because the rumours are actually completely mental. The blonde could be referencing Cara Delevigne or his friend Ellis is Scotland.

  6. xoxo-gg says

    It’s Harry Styles who is of course known for his womanizer reputation. He recently went to visit his friend Ellis and took her back to her dorm after they hung out so now everyone thinks they’re dating. Given that they didn’t state the gender of the person he loves I’m going with Louis of course.

  7. 2beards1band says

    ”cute young performer” = harry styles
    ”the blond is just a friend” = ellis calcutt
    ”he already has someone” = louis tomlinson
    blind gossip i love you!!!

  8. VioletBoo says

    Harry Styles. Takes her home = the album “Take Me Home”
    Also the someone… when he is asked about what he likes in a girl he always answers with a “someone who…”.

  9. brobdingnagian says

    Harry Styles and his friend Ellis Calcutt!

    His true love that he is not ready to make public is bandmate Louis Tomlinson

    • YoGo8c says

      Good grief, if it’s Louis and the star is not able to make it public yet do you really think it sounds like Louis, who is so far in the closet he almost speaks moth!

      • jazzwells says

        I never understood why you felt the need to reply on every ‘Larry’ related comment there are on every blind that could possibly be about Louis and/or Harry. You seem to be a little insecure on what you believe in to feel the need to go around trying to debunk every opinion that doesn’t match up to yours.
        Anyways, if “he already has someone whom he loves very much” is about Louis, then i’m a happy camper! These two boys would make a lovely couple. And from what I’ve observed, there most likely already are. :-)

  10. OhmyTommocarrot says

    “takes her home” haha this is obviously about Harry Styles and Ellis Calcutt/Jules. Poor girls, kinda feel bad for them and all the nonsense hate they must be receiving :/

  11. lotsalot says

    Harry Styles from One Direction

    Ace, what are you doing with all these Harry/1D blinds?! Do you have an incredible insider or are you just purposely ambiguous to get more hits for the site?!


    -exaggerated “speak” ;how whenever this performer is seen near a girl he is linked to her. JBiebs wouldn’t fit because he was with Selena for the past few years.

    -“rumours circulating” would only fit with a VERY FAMOUS “young performer” of which I can’t think of many besides Harry that are constantly in the tabloids.

    -“Calm down” could be a hint for the hysteria it causes One Direction’s fans when Harry is linked with a new girl

    -“blonde” 3 young blonde women (non-celebs) have been pictured/speculated about in regards to Harry Styles recently. One was his hairstylists sister, another was a family friend who sells cars and the other was a childhood UNI friend. The tabloids often referred to these women as “mysterious blondes”

    -“Takes her home” is a hint to One Direction’s most recent album Take Me Home

    -The picture displayed shows a man with dimples, Harry Styles also has dimples

    • Elfe_345 says

      I totally agree with you! That’s what I thought when I read the article. BG gave many clues. If this article is not about Harry Styles, then I have no idea who it is. But anyway, I think it’s all about Harry Styles.

  12. SanguineT says

    Harry Styles as the “cute young performer.”
    He isn’t ready to take his love, Louis, public…only the teeny-boppers don’t know. (I aged myself with that one! LOL)

  13. nosecrets says

    this is about Harry Styles from One Direction.
    Clues: Take her home – their new album is called Take Me Home.
    cute young performer: their single “Live While We’re Young”
    The ‘someone’ he loves very much, who he cannot take out in public is Louis Tomlinson, his boyfriend.

    • shuboy says

      Check that…..I think the blonde is Ellis Calcutt, a friend that the Media is saying Harry is dating.

      • nosecrets says

        yes, that’s right. But I’m pretty sure he’s been seen with more than one blond girl though.

    • Sarahrose says

      Yess absolutely. harry the young performer, blonde is cara, and the secret love is maybe louis or someone gay

  14. sweetgigi1017 says

    Nick Jonas

    -“The blonde is just a friend” The blonde girl from the Saturdays.

    -“He already has someone whom he loves very much. He just isn’t ready to take it public yet.” WHO COULD THAT BE. Ace you should specify if its a girl in the industry or just an ordinary girl.

    • Mahy says

      Since when do Nick Jonas and Mollie King even know each other? and why wouldn’t he make it to the public with other girl if he can spread rumors with Mollie? Doesn’t fit really…

  15. nosecrets says

    and another thing, Harry does have a blond friend, whom people think he’s dating.. He might even have more i’m not sure..

  16. iocaine says

    Harry Styles. Seen with a blonde heading toward his house this week. Another beard. Oh, Harry, just come out, will you?

  17. gossip babe says

    i am going with harry styles from one direction because of the take me home clue and because of the “speaks” when taylor has an album called speak now it would also explain why they went to her hotel three times tho it was just for publicity

  18. justanother_reader says

    Boy: Harry Styles
    Girl: Cara Delevingne

    – Harry Styles is a “cute young performer” – he’s in One Direction
    – Whenever there is a girl near Harry, rumours start that’s his girlfriend
    – “take her home” One Direction’s new album is “Take Me Home”
    – Closet relationship with band mate, Louis Tomlinson. Cannot be a public couple right now (for many reasons).

    Poor kid, though. Cannot catch a break with rumours.

  19. officerock says

    Harry Styles. His special someone is Louis Tomlinson. I’m so happy for them, literally best couple ever. Forget Brad and Angie or Beyonce and Jay Z.

  20. xxlovemusicxx says

    I’m guessing Harry Styles based off the fact that he was mobbed when he was with his blonde friend yesterday.

  21. etamine says

    Harry Styles.

    Take me home is the name of 1D’s new album, he’s gay and in a relationship with Louis Tomlinson.

  22. IcanC says

    Harry and his husband, Louis Tomlinson have been so far out of the closet this month, I don’t even know why people need these posts.

    For example, they were outed, AGAIN, at the NRJs in Cannes this past weekend by French personality, Michael Youn on Live TV. While on the Red Carpet, the Frenchman told a reporter that he saw 2 from One Direction kissing on the mouth backstage. Check his twitter account, he has not backed down from the statement even though he was challenged by some 1D fans. There is a gentleman’s agreement in the entertainment business that the media does not out people and 1DPR is generally able to suppress these things. French fans who watched the telecast heard it and the video is on YouTube but it has not gone viral.

    FYI, for those who are new, Louis and Harry, have been outed by their bandmates, friends, family, and acquaintances on a regular basis the entire time they have been together. Their relationship is not news for long-term 1D fans.

    I guess 1D PR is trying to get causal fans to accept the relationship before Louis and Harry give any sort of official confirmation. So at the point they make the announcement, everyone will be, “yeah, we thought so.”

    To be clear, Harry Styles is head over heels in love with a male brunette named LOUIS TOMLINSON whom he’s been dating since Fall 2010. ALL other PR reported relationships had no significant romantic meaning for Harry. Most of them likely never happened, were fake, or they were just in the same room together. From day 1, Louis was End Game for Harry. Harry has said that repeatedly in interviews. It’s strange that people would rather believe PR hype than Harry Styles’ own words and actions.

    For instance, in a new interview today posted on YouTube, Louis was asked what the alarm clock ringtone was for his cell phone. Harry started singing something. The other boys, including Louis didn’t think he sang it right and were laughing about it but Harry said I’m right. Zayn said maybe it was his old one or something and then Harry blew up at Zayn and yelled, “No.” Everyone else was laughing but they had to do a cut away from the interview because the interviewer was afraid a fight was about to start. She actually stated that as the reason for the break in the interview. Possessive husband behavior don’t you think? Soft-spoken, Harry actually shouted at Zayn with aggression. Go watch the video, if you don’t believe me. I don’t know the ringtone for my own phone alarm clock, how about you?

    For those fans clinging to the hope that Harry might marry them, forget it. Louis Tomlinson put a ring on it. I think they got married December 2012. Harry is off the market.

    Male and female fans, young and old, ask yourselves, if you could marry, live with and have Louis Tomlinson’s full romantic attention, would you bother looking at anyone else? I’m pretty sure most people, would say no.

    Don’t believe the numerous articles/news reports about Harry dating everyone who he stands next to, Harry dating Nick Grimshaw, or Louis’ “girlfriend” being more than a “gal pal.” Blind gossip has already confirmed for those who did not know that HAYLOR was completely fake. This post also confirms the newly reported relationships as fake.

    Harry and Louis are the real relationship. Everything else is just PR to promote Harry’s brand for his budding solo career after 1D goes on “hiatus (split up),” after the 2013 tour.

    Haven’t people noticed that for the last year Harry Styles has been heavily promoted, not One Direction, Harry Styles?

    1DPR has pushed that idea that 18 year old Harry had 410 hookups in 2012. As planned, this got Harry’s name in the news almost daily during 2012. As a result, even people who aren’t 1D fans kinda know the name Harry Styles, especially after Haylor. The manwhore image also pulled focus from his relationship with Louis. I’m guessing Louis and Harry getting married has forced 1DPR to start changing the message.

    1DPR is effective, isn’t it?

    I heard that the PR plan for the marriage/public relationship with Louis is convoluted: It starts with fans getting used to Harry being in a relationship (Haylor), then Harry’s relationship breaking up, then Louis’ relationship breaking up (some hope it will be ASAP–before Valentine’s Day but I have heard it might not be until after the tour starts), then Harry and Louis getting to be seen spending time together again publicly outside work–friends reconnecting and helping each other getting over their breakups, then they start to explore their unresolved feeling for each other that they may have had since X-Factor–which is why Harry hasn’t had any long term relationships, and then they start obviously dating, and then they announce that they are a couple. I doubt they will mention the marriage for a long time because then people will want to know the date but I hope they will be honest about everything when they finally confirm their relationship.

    By the way, I hope they throw the plan above out the window. It seems too complicated to me.

    I get that confirming the relationship could have a negative impact on both the One Direction brand and the Harry Styles brand if they make an announcement now, but I would love for them to immediately get rid of pretend girlfriends and just be themselves. They still wouldn’t have to do a confirmation until they were ready.

    As a fan, I find the continuing lying even more distasteful, now that they are married. The fact that Haylor occurred during their first month of marriage was a travesty.

    I would note that these posts are also promoting Harry Sytles’ brand. There are a lot of people saying that they don’t know Harry Styles or One Direction but that they have seen the numerous comments about them in the various related post.

    Given the numerous posts on this subject, I an beginning to suspect that Louis and Harry may be confirming their relationship much sooner than many fans think.

    We’ll have to wait and see.

    Thanks Ace.

    • channel orange says

      Good grief, I hope they finally come out so we can all move on. Tired of these blinds! By the way, I have never even heard a song by One Direction (proud to say it) and I know all about “Larry”. Pssh.

      • Ati2d9 says

        Ok, my gripe to this is that a marriage license are a matter of public record…someone could easily check the truth this may or may not hold.

      • YoGo8c says

        I also have to ask, this French guy, he said he saw 2 of One D kissing but did not say which 2. Suddenly it becomes Larry? Did he say if it was a friendly quick peck or a long kiss at the time? Nope, people are just assuming once more. And the interview/ringtone you talk about is almost too convoluted and crazy in your words to rationalize over. You’ve gone so off the handle trying to explain whatever it was, the point (if there was any) is lost! What exactly are you trying to prove with a bit of foolishness in interviews? They are probably bored stiff of the same questions and spicing their time up!

        Married? Good luck getting hold of a public record on that which should be easy to do if it’s a UK civil (legal) ceremony. Let us know when you’ve found it. It’s no wonder Louis gets mad sick with you. On the chance they were ever in a relationship it seems like some fans have totally hijacked it so it suits fans more than anyone else.

      • __xoMegxo__ says

        YoGo8c, if Louis was honestly annoyed by all the ‘Larry shippers’ why doesn’t he ever quit it with the gay sex jokes between him and Harry? When Harry was asked during their Hasbro twitcam interview if he was good with his hands, Louis says ‘really good’. When Louis was asked what they were all doing yesterday in a German interview, he says ‘trying to walk’ while staring at Harry as Liam is just sitting there shaking his head. I really don’t think that he’s that annoyed with the rumors because if he was, why would he say things like that when he KNOWS Larry shippers will go crazy over it. And all this happened after his twitter freakout. There’s countless examples of comments like made by Louis, so I really don’t believe he cares all that much.

      • says

        YoGo8c, if you don’t care, then ignore it! All i see you writing on here is a bunch of stuff about how Larry isn’t real and that he’s dating Nick Grimshaw. It’s getting really annoying. And you are not changing anybody’s opinion. I (and many other larry shippers) still think Larry is 100 percent real.

    • LanaLee says

      I totally agree with this being Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson (they’re always putting Harry with blondes, the Take Me Home reference), but do you really think they got married??? They’re just so young! I did see this somewhere else though and i can’t remember where!

    • TheEnglishTexan says

      And this, boys and girls, is why you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet. Hardly anything you’ve written here is fact. It’s rumor and gossip, most of which was made up through websites like Tumblr and Twitter. You can’t say things are confirmed when they’re presented as blind items, or if they’ve been retweeted and reblogged by thousands of people you’ve never met before and have absolutely nothing to do with the actual media. Real, hard, confirmed facts only come from conclusive proof. So unless Harry and Louis start making out in an interview or explicitly state they’re in a relationship with each other beyond friendship, then you’ve really got nothing.

      This entire post that you probably spent a lot of time writing up reads more like fan fiction than real life. There’s no proof, and videos of them being touchy-feely in interviews don’t count. It’d be incredible if all that were true, but really, you have no way of knowing. You’re not Harry, you’re not Louis, and you’re probably not someone who’s close enough to them to know all this well enough to be able to say it’s all true. But hey, if you are that one secret source who knows the ins and outs of every single tryst those two have together, then my apologies.

    • awaywithpixie says

      There is a lot of absolutely no proof in anything you’ve written. Not one single thing you’ve said can be verified by any verifiable source (i.e. Harry or Louis), as it’s all rumour and conjecture.

    • saywhat says

      To the “Larry doubters”, it’s kind of ridiculous to say that you can’t make any conclusions without “hard” evidence. No, none of us know FOR SURE. But the circumstanital evidence that Harry and Louis are a couple is very strong. People have been convicted of murder on far less evidence!

    • saywhat says

      … and I have to agree with IcanC and other posters that the spate of blind items about One Direction could definitely mean that something is up; possibly that “Larry” could be coming out sooner than expected. And/or BG knows a winning formula when it sees one and posts these items to keep us coming back, haha.

      I don’t know about them being married, though, because I haven’t seen a single piece of evidence to suggest that.

  23. silbie says

    Lindsay Lohan and Max George
    rumored to be friends with benefits
    woman in photo looks like Lindsay

  24. Cecilia says

    Harry Styles and that Ellis girl he is friends with. she is gorgeous but rumour has it that he is dating Nick Grimshaw

  25. alanna says

    Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw. I think its interesting that the blind says “HE just isn’t ready to take it public yet” which in my opinion points to Nick Grimshaw being the one he loves very much and not Louis Tomlinson (in which case it would say THEY aren’t ready) since Nick is already out.

    • cadaver11 says

      Why would it say ‘they’? BG is speaking about one particular person here not two people. So it’s not Nick Grimshaw who he’s in love with.

    • Erika says

      That’s what I’m thinking. There have been lots of rumours of them lately. And based on the picture, the dark haired male sort of resembles Grimshaw and while the pic is of a female, the curly hair sort of resembles Harry’s.

    • YoGo8c says

      Much more in agreement with this, if anyone. Larry tinhatters won’t have it as a possibility though. They must not be able to see just how much free time he keeps with this guy. AKA: a lot. And they’re really sweet together too.

      If there is anyone, he better fits in my mind.

      • YoGo8c says

        Should mention Harry was AGAIN with Nick last night, for a nie birthday meal out, and James Corden. Pictures, actual fact, recorded, once more. No Louis in sight – again.

        I just don’t know how some people can’t even consider it.

      • allison53 says

        so they were hanging out? that means nick and harry are dating? just because harry and nick were pictured hanging out doesnt mean they’re dating, just like how harry and ellis were hanging out and aren’t dating.

  26. saywhat says

    Once again, this screams Harry Styles. The media, no doubt fuelled by One Direction’s management, and a lot of fans flip out whenever he talks to a girl. He was recently seen with a blonde girl and as usual the media speculated that they were dating. He always uses the gender neutral “someone” when describing his “perfect girl”. And most of us can guess who that “someone” is. “Take her home” = “Take Me Home” – the album, etc.

    I think that this is essentially an update of “He Will Lose His Job If He Comes Out”, where BG (likely intentionally) left out whether the person was in a relationship or not. Also, note how this person is referred to as a “performer” … does that remind anyone of “Two Hotties Are Interested in One”?

  27. anycolouryoulike says

    It’s Harry Styles. But haaaaah noooo he is NOT with Nick Grimshaw! :’) He’s most certainly with Louis Tomlinson.

    This one goes hand in hand with the “He Will Lose His Job If He Comes Out” which I think is about Louis and Harry is the one who feels the same way but isn’t pushing to come out as rhe other one stated. I think Louis is the one pushing. I think Harry isn’t ready soley in the sense of what if they don’t get the support or gain the type of fans that will buy merchandise. They’re just puppets and slaves for their job. I actually think maybe he’s afraid say it’s in their contract that they’ll make them break up or split as a group. And I think this is the sense that Harry isn’t ready. Maybe just for the fact they might not gain the type of fans that will sell merchandise because of their demograph and certainly homosexuals don’t appeal to that demograph Boybands appeal to (the rabid fangirls who dream about marrying them).

    And this falls in line with the Boybanders Hiding a Secret Blind Gossip and possibly the one about Young Men in Love With One that “says” it’s not about One Direction but certainly sounds like it.

    So yeah this one is Harry Styles and the other one about losing their job if they come out is Louis Tomlinson and they’re both from One Direction.

    • YoGo8c says

      “It’s Harry Styles. But haaaaah noooo he is NOT with Nick Grimshaw! :’) He’s most certainly with Louis Tomlinson.”

      Proof, tinhatter. Are you under his bed? Do you live in London?

      • annnn says

        YoGo8c you must be fun at parties uhu?
        You’ve commented almost every “Harry/Louis” guess with negativity, this is just a guessing game, take a chill pill.

  28. Mahy says

    Performer: Harry Styles.
    Blonde: Cara Delevingne. (thanks to the media.)
    Someone who he loves: Louis Tomlinson.

  29. misstakenn says

    I’d say harry styles, with “take her home” as the hint, and Cara Delevigne being the girl. When that picture of them in the car leaving some club together came out people went batshit. Also, it’s well known that Harry is linked to dozens of girls after only speaking to them once by gossip sites. It’s upsetting that he can’t come out with his real relationship without the media making a shitstorm about it.

  30. clara says

    I just want to know whether he is with Louis, or with Nick Grimshaw. It shouldn’t be that difficult to give a good clue. He is spending way too much time with Grimshaw. And his whole relationship with Louis is just weird and awkward since the American tour. Louis acts like he doesn’t even know that there’s a person named Harry in the band. But sometimes, when they don’t know they’re being filmed, you can see that they are still very close. So I just wonder what changed between Louis and Harry? I am not really interested in more blinds about Harry, the womanizer, who is in fact gay. I want to know more about the person ‘he loves very much’. My heart says it’s Louis, but my brain says it’s Grimmy. I just don’t understand how Harry could be with Louis, if he’s spending all his free time with Grimmy? On the other hand, I don’t understand how Harry could be with Grimmy, if he’s staring at Louis like he’s god himself, and trying to please the in every possible way and laughing at all Louis’ stupid jokes like they’re the best jokes he’s ever heard. It’s so obvious that he likes him a bit too much.

    • saywhat says

      What has changed between Harry and Louis is, in my opinion, that their management started to get very nervous as the rumours and “circumstantial evidence” about their relationship began to pile up, so they restricted how much they could be seen together in public (basically, not at all) and likely told them (and threatened them – see other blind item) to knock it off with all of their touchy-feely antics during shows, interviews, photo-shoots, etc. Same with Twitter – they either told them, no more cutsey tweets, or actually took over their accounts to some extent.

      As for Nick Grimshaw, well, of course Harry is allowed to have friends. And if you were essentialy banned from seeing your boyfriend in public, then I bet you’d be hanging out with your other friends more often. That’s the way I see it, anyway.

      • anycolouryoulike says

        Well Nick and Harry openly spend time together. Harry and Louis go out of their way to be private; that should be a clue. For instance before the NRJ awards they went to the movies just the two of them. But it took 2 different sources to confirm it was Harry and Louis; one had a pic with Louis and it wasn’t found out till days later that a girl met them and just got a pic with Harry. So it just proves HOW private their time is spent with each other is. They even still live together even though the media would like to say otherwise. I mean come on now they tried to say Harry hooked Louis up with Eleanor when Louis was tweeting about Eleanor to her cousin waaaay back in 2010! And not only that when the most fake relationship aka Haylor started they even tried to say Louis made it happen! I mean come on they’re trying to make them seem as platonic as possible when it’s far from the fact.

        Whereas Nick and Harry they openly joke and it’s not a problem even when people do speculate. And plus just looking at the chemistry between Nick and Harry it’s not even remotely the same especially on Harry’s side. I mean I can see that Nick fancies Harry so much but it looks so unrequited to me on Harry’s part. :/ I remember a tweet a few months ago that Nick said “You can do SO much better!” so I just get the feeling he really likes Harry but Harry doesn’t feel the same but Harry loves Nick but not as more than a friend.

  31. lovelylindseyy says

    basically its Harry Styles.. but what i wanna know is why are there so many One Direction BGs?? something must be going on..

    • NoahAllie says

      yeah i wanna know too, why are there so many about 1d, i think “the boybander hiding secret” explain everything ..maybe for the BG reader, most of them are 1d fans

  32. JustTheFacts says

    Gotta be Harry Styles. The world seems to spin off its axis every time he’s spotted with a sweet young thing.

  33. natalie3mom says

    This is obviously about Harry Styles. He has been linked to three different blondes in the last two weeks alone. He has had articles written about him being seen with Sam Teasdale who is his stylist’s twin sister his friend Ellis and his families friend Jules who helps them with car deals and now he has a new car., shocking. “Takes her home” is in reference to the albums title Take me Home. The guy in the picture has a very prominent dimple which Harry is known for. This says “he already has someone” whenever Harry is asked about what he looks for in a girl he always says “someone” instead of girl or her. Harry is obviously in a relationship with Louis Tomlinson and his management will not let them make it public because they will lose fans. Every time Harry is seen near a girl he is linked to them. His image is manwhore and that is wrong. He is in a loving and committed relationship with Louis. You must really have an insider leaking you lots of info seeing as you have at least 4 unsolved blind items about One Direction right now. That does not even include the solved Haylor one. Why would Harry need a fake girlfriend if they weren’t trying to hide something?

  34. says

    This is definitely about Harry Styles. Every time he looks at a girl, everyone thinks that they are together. And that blonde girl is a girl he has been spotted with recently. She is a family friend. A that person he is already with is definitely Louis Tomlinson. They are perfect for each other :)

  35. Marnie says

    Guy: Harry Styles
    Hint: Take her home (From 1d albun Take me home)
    The real question is: Who is that someone?
    I’d love an update on “boybanders are hiding a secret”.

  36. sophbell says

    Directioners are known for going crazy whenever Harry is spotted with a random girl, and we always jump to conclusion. So, I would say this BG is about Harry Styles & his friend Ellis. She’s a friend from when he was a school boy and shes a blonde. Also “takes her home” to protect her, because isn’t that what best friends do? 1D’s new album is called “Take Me Home” and theres also a lyric in one of their songs from their yearbook edition of the album that’s “that i’m the only one that gets to take her home.” Btw, he’s in love with Louis.

  37. askies says

    I’m laughing at the uproar over Ace “misidentifying” the Ashton Kutcher lookalike as Harry. The comment was obviously making fun of when ages ago the press said Emily was spotted out with Harry when in reality it was this bloke who looks nothing like H. Pretty sure Ace knows what Harry looks like. 😉

    • Blind Gossip says

      Ace does, indeed. We changed the copy to make it more clear that we know that this isn’t Harry. Love, Ace

  38. FlyingSnickerdoodle says

    Mind-controlled celebrities… Mind-controlled masses… Mind-controlled Government… Mind-controlled puppets… Mind-controlled you? SNAP OUT OF IT!

  39. Heilige Bimbam says

    After reading day in and day out, mostly from the gay brotherhood with their gaydars, that Harry Styles is gay, I am more convinced than ever that he is NOT gay. The obsession with outing Styles as gay, is for me the absolute proof that the guy is straight. My gaydar tells me that gays are attracted to Styles, and to Louis, but unfortunately they are straight. Sorry, folks.

    • saywhat says

      With all due respect, I think that your gaydar needs to be recalibrated! I understand how it can be annoying when people are obsessed with outing people that they have a crush on, but some of those people are, in fact, gay. I’m not one to believe in wild conspiracy theories, but I’ve seen the “evidence” and I’m convinced that Harry and Louis are together.

    • clara says

      I don’t even think there is a question about Harry being into guys.
      He accidentally liked a picture of a shirtless boy on Instagram back in April, because he thought it was a video he could watch. Instead of that, the whole world was able to see for a moment that Harry likes spending his nights searching for pictures of pretty boys. The Instagram of this boy must have been a heaven for every gay man, full of pictures of his face and body. There was really no other explanation possible.

    • YoGo8c says

      Heilige, genuinely, no offense but if you think that it’s gay men, attracted to Louis and Harry, that are instigating this iconic turf war then you not only need a crash course in what the heck is going on but just open your eyes and scan most of the IDs here and across any other “boy-related” mostly straight female fandom! 😀

      The ‘mostly straight female’ bit was a clue. 😉

      PS: is there are a closet case or two here? I would put cash on it. That certain people are presently coupled is where I deviate from the main.

  40. WhoDatGirl says

    Ugh, Larry just come out already!!! You’re the worst kept gay closet relationship in entertainment history!!!

  41. Marnie says

    Thank you, Ace. I hope he will “ready” to take it public soon, and be free. Forget Modest!

    • YoGo8c says

      I’m sorry but let’s face facts here. Harry has all but inned himself in GQ, well he hasn’t really, but the press and his more vocal fans have taken it as a green light he can’t be anything other than a ladykiller. They all totally disregard his queer antics and focus on his alleged conquests. It ain’t happening kids, even if Harry wanted it. The tide is against everyone here for a happy coming out party. And you can blame the same thing you plough your money into when you buy their records and concerts because it keeps performers in, ironically.

      Louis? Please. Louis is never coming out if he is gay. He’s up to his eyeballs in either a real relationship with this Eleanor girl or it’s the showmance of the decade. After all he’s said and done, he’s not going to cartwheel out of the closet when huge institutions like the papers and MTV have done their best to imply Larry is a fan fantasy. I wish you guys would see facts as they are!

      I reiterate (to the gnashing of teeth) I think these two are over anyway and outing them is now pointless. I know that’s not a popular opinion but I’m not in it to win popularity contests. The blind was always about Harry, and it was obvious at the time. It’s a nice safe one. And his name and face are clearly used to climb ladders for several girls.

      • YoGo8c says

        I apologise to the person I answered to, it wasn’t aimed at you specifically, it was a general view that got tacked to your post. Sorry ’bout that.

        I don’t include Ellis Calcutt in the list of bandwagon jumpers to get famous off the back of a popstar either. She’s obviously a dear friend and a very nice girl. I’d also suggest that because of the ‘Hollister’ brand hoodie and hair, the Atack girl was walking around with a ‘Harry-alike’ when her agent speed-dialled the paps for the Daily Mail on that occasion. Strange.

      • Cecilia says

        I agree so much with your comment. This Larry paranoia is getting out of hand. Maybe they were together at some point, but its obvious they are not a couple right now. I feel sad when I see how persistant their fans are, they have denied it so many times but at this pont there is nothing else they can do. Larry shippers will always believe they are together no matter what. It must be really akward for them

      • YoGo8c says

        Cecilia, I’m quite boisterous on shit like this bcs it’s an area that interests me. My view to those shippers that bash my view for not supporting Larry (and yet I’d be delighted if they WERE a couple, against all odds, but just don’t think they ARE these days) is…don’t blame me. Here’s why:

        I have never, and never will, give ONE penny, cent or rupee of my money to the Simon Cowell empire of music. And the more you BUY into One Direction (££$$) to ‘support’ them (ho ho ho), the more you perversely help KEEP a closet, in theory. Larry fans can stamp their feet all they like but it’s they that spend their money on this group, not me. It’s fans money that helps keep whatever smokescreens going! Ironic, huh? And they don’t see it.

      • Marnie says

        No problem! You don’t have to apologise. (By the way, after reading all your post about Nick and Harry, i truly believe you’re Nick Grimshaw indeed, so i love you 😉 )And I agree the tide was against everyone here for a happy coming out party, but blind gossip is giving me hope. Maybe the contract wit Mrs Calder is ending this October. Maybe the contract with Modest is ending, too. I need to hope because i’d love to see my son growning up in a world where nobody has to hide. Yeah, i’m 34 years old and i’m a mum so i assure you i don’t buy their records and concerts and i don’t have to blame myself for “whatever smokescreens going”. I’m just a woman, who see their love and support it. And I may understand the teenagers who want to sleep with them and don’t want to see behind all this bullshit, but i don’t get how it’s possible to believe they were together, but are no more. They were constantly holding hands during the meet and greets, they have matching tattoos, when they can interact they light up.. But yeah, everyone is free to see what he wants to see. We can only wait. (I apologise for my bad english. I’m italian)

      • ChattyCat says

        OH LORDY I love you YoGo8c! Your posts reflect EXACTLY my opinion…which saves ME having to labour over posts!!! I don’t know nor care what sexual orientation ANYONE is…MAYBE Harry is gay or bi. Maybe he’s not. BUT the obsessive Larry shi**ers are bordering on HARRASSMENT. Is it really anyone’s business who other people bonk?!! I love Harry. He seems like a genuinely kind, funny, bright, compassionate soul (he and his family do a lot for those in need that is never publicised) – and all reports (from media personell, current and past work colleagues, friends, people he trips over in the street and their dogs…) support this. To badger the 1D lads – who’ve had to transition from adolescence to adult sex icons whilst under public scrutiny – about intimate matters is just heartless. What business is it of ANYONE’S whether he’s into men, women, donuts,…he doesn’t owe US an explaination! Everyone should just leave the poor guy alone and worry about their own sex lives.

        And WHY do the Larry deluded speak in absolutes? They all KNOW Harry has sexual intercourse with Louis. NO doubt about it. ALL the ‘evidence’ they cling to is EXTREMELY flimsy and predominately graphically manipulated and over-analysed to suit their own hypothesis. The way they LOOK at each other??!!! Seriously??!!! Both Lou and Harry behave EXACTLY with each other as they do with EVERYONE else that crosses their paths…have you SEEN how affectionate they are with complete strangers (fans)??? If you haven’t noticed that they LOOK at EVERYONE inthat warm, accepting way then you’re just not perving I mean watching hard enough.

        But ultimately: it’s NO ONE’S business whether ANYONE ON THE PLANET is gay or straight. Now everyone: go get a (sex) life and stop worrying about others’.

  42. irenerenei says

    You rock Ace! But unfortunately a lot of fans won’t believe you. I mean “Harry Stylezz was sooooo in love with Tay, it’s sooo obvious!11eleven1 Hez so straight!112345!! Love your site <3

  43. Heilige Bimbam says

    This must be the page in WkiLeaks about Harry Styles. Jeez! There is more written here about Mr. Style’s sexuality than about Bin Laden when he was in hiding!

  44. Marnie says

    *will be ready

    By the way, i don’t understand a thing… if he’s in love with a woman, why has he to “date” girls for publicity? Oh, wait…

  45. tworley2772 says

    First time posting. Just want you to know that I’m so glad these are getting solved (even though most of us got them at the start) Can’t wait unil the last 2 are solved. Really looking forward to winter for our two boys!!! Thanks for all you do. You Rock Ace!!!! Toshia

  46. WhoDatGirl says

    Hey YoGo8c, how much does Modest! pay you to troll sites like BG to discredit the stories??? You really are a little too transparent and a little too desperate to prove your point. Either you’re a troll for their management/PR machine, or you really need a hobby, mate.

    • YoGo8c says

      Modest pays me millions to debunk Larry. I also kidnapped Shergar (look it up) and eat small children for breakfast. The San Andreas fault is my doing too.

      Do you suppose if I dig hard enough with my shovel I’ll eventually hit my opinion, which might just be different from the herds?

  47. deema_talia says

    I don’t understand why it’s so hard to believe that Louis and Harry could be together? They may not be, but do you know for sure? A lot of the stuff they do makes people think they’re together, and if someone actually wanted someone to not believe something, wouldn’t they just stop giving them reasons to believe it?
    Some of the more coupley things seem kind of deliberate if you ask me, and all of this “tinhatting” could be easily avoided if they both just give a straight response and stop acting like they’re in a relationship. I know straight guys who are best friends and they CERTAINLY don’t act like Louis and Harry, so for 2 people in the spotlight who want to make something seem not real, they aren’t really trying all that hard, are they?
    It may be 2013 but the world still isn’t all that accepting of homosexuals and you have to be daft not to see it. I don’t think they want to sacrifice their careers and their dreams to out something that they can out later in life after they’ve lived out their dreams. Fans just want them to know that we will embrace whatever lifestyle they choose and that they have our support so that the negativity never gets to be too much.

  48. Marnie says

    I don’t get why this blind has so few comments (When other 1d blinds are on fire, and they are not even solved). Ace is saying Harry, the womanizer, the “410 women at year”, loves someone and from a long time (months at any rate). This means everything we read and see is bullshit. This means he doesn’t want to say it, or someone (His management? Coff Coff) doesn’t let him. YET. It’s huge. And a shame. (And we all do know who this someOne is, don’t we?)