Hysterical Actress Threatens To Quit Show

woman crying 11[Blind Gossip] There was a trending topic on Twitter very recently about a young performer that may be baffling to some. While her fans don’t know the real story, we do.

This young star was hired as the lead of a new television show. While some of the crew members from her old show migrated to her new show, the actress was very adamant with producers that there was one specific male crew member that she didn’t want hired. The producers promised her that they wouldn’t… and then went ahead and hired him anyway.

She found out, became completely hysterical, started screaming at the producers for betraying her, and declared that she was quitting! Things have since been smoothed over, and production has started, but tensions are still running very high on the set.

So, why didn’t she want the crew guy hired? We’ll save that for another post…


Old Show:

New Show:

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  1. sabrina325 says

    Actress: Aria Grande (Cat) from Victorious or Jeanette McCurdy (Sam) from iCarly?
    Old show: Victorious or iCarly?
    New show: Sam & Cat

    I’m not sure that this show has started production yet but since it’s a Nickelodeon production from the creator of the two shows above it makes sense that some of the crew of the old show would cross over onto the new show.

  2. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Not sure but the photo reminds me of Hayley Panetierre with old show being Heroes and the new show being Nashville.

  3. 4sixx2 says

    Hayden Panettiere
    Old Show: Heroes
    New Show: Nashville
    She’s the only young lead performer I can think of.

  4. tiara107 says

    Actress: Jennette McCurdy

    Old Show: iCarly

    New Show: Sam & Cat

    Wasn’t there a blind item way back about a producer having an affair with an underage girl from a tween show? I think she was a popular guess for that one so that may be the crew member she didn’t want hired.

    • lovelula87 says

      that blind was from CDAN, which BI said was not a reputable source. they were allegedly making up fake blind items, so it is likely that blind was untrue.

  5. Virgo826 says

    Either Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi or Jennifer “Jwoww” Farley
    Old show: jersey shore
    New show: snooki and jwoww

  6. Jaci says

    Definitely Jennette McCurdy
    Old show: Icarly
    New show: Sam & Cat

    She tweeted this 3 days ago: Jennette McCurdy

    hey guys, i might be dropping out of snowflake and not doing sam & cat due to some bullshit that is going down. people suck and people lie.

  7. Revisionist says

    something doesnt sound right. I mean they would let a grip go in a heartbeat. Seems like it would have to be someone not actually “crew” like a writer/director/producer type.

  8. Jaci says

    Paul Glaser (of Starsky and Hutch fame) has never written for iCarly and you can see the pictures of the guy she was with in Hawaii if you just google pictures of jennette mccurdy and guy in Hawaii. Definitely NOT Paul Glaser.

      • Jaci says

        You could be right. I’m not arguing. But on imdb.com, Paul Glaser is not given any writing credits. However, if you look at who Jennette McCurdy follows on Twitter. There is a guy @paulytwee (and his name is Paul Glaser) that looks alot like the Hawaii guy.

    • Hbolt says

      I think people may be getting it wrong about the Paul guy. It’s very possible he’s just a script coordinator or something else. He might not care about keeping any imdb information accurate or even present on the site–some people don’t. But no, he’s not the Starsky and Hutch actor, lol.

  9. rudy says

    I thought Jennette McCurdy was great on ICarly. If this is her and it was a sleazy producer who is the problem, I hope she brings this public. It’s disgusting.

  10. zane92 says

    It’s Jennette, she actually tweeted about it… She said that she may drop Sam and Cat due to some “bullsh**”…