Hysterical Actress Threatens To Quit Show

woman crying 11[Blind Gossip] There was a trending topic on Twitter very recently about a young performer that may be baffling to some. While her fans don’t know the real story, we do.

This young star was hired as the lead of a new television show. While some of the crew members from her old show migrated to her new show, the actress was very adamant with producers that there was one specific male crew member that she didn’t want hired. The producers promised her that they wouldn’t… and then went ahead and hired him anyway.

She found out, became completely hysterical, started screaming at the producers for betraying her, and declared that she was quitting! Things have since been smoothed over, and production has started, but tensions are still running very high on the set.

So, why didn’t she want the crew guy hired? We’ll save that for another post…


Old Show:

New Show:

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