She Thinks She Is Still Twenty

older woman younger man 2[Blind Gossip] We don’t know if we would call this dark-haired film actress over the hill, but she certainly is acting as if she is desperate for attention.

She still looks good on the outside, but she is a mess on the inside. She tries to party and date like she is still in her twenties. However, since she is long past her twenties, it doesn’t read as fun and wild and carefree. It reads as desperate and sad and a little scary.

You never know if she is clean or messed up. Well, right now she is messed up. She is back into the same things that landed her in trouble before. Her inability to stay s*ber is definitely contributing to her current lack of projects. Neither her kid/s nor her ex/es have any control over her. All they can do is wait for her to hit bottom. Again. A few more good nights of partying are all it should take.

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    • NoseyNana2008 says

      It is so sad; especially after hearing how she talked about her own mother’s struggle with alcohol and drugs. She had stopped talking to her mother completely at some point but provided care for her financially until she died. It looks like she’s reliving her mother’s life. Really sad for her children. It would be awesome to see her serve as a role model for growing older gracefully, acting her age, not partying with her kids’ friends. So, so sad. And such a waste of talent!

  1. randijane says

    Demi Moore – she’s always had good looks and a pretty face but she’s starting to look very unhealthy, even after she got out of rehab the last time, post-Ashton.

    • Katmandu says

      The facade is starting to crumble. Bricks are starting to fall out of the wall. The plastic surgery is starting to sag.

  2. Booboo1068 says

    Demi Moore

    Bruce Willis probably gave up and is focusing on their daughters and his new baby and wife. You can’t help those who don’t want it and or refuse/ can’t see they need help. I’m guessing with most celebs it’s worse because they can choose to surround themselves with sycophants (but they’re too narcissistic to see it) and buy their way out of any real legal consequences…but they can’t be protected from themselves. If she doesn’t get help this may not end well.

  3. Andromeda says

    Demi Moore. I hope she can pull herself together someday especially for her children’s sake.

  4. Rednfreckled says

    Demi go shop at your favorite store Ikea and decorate something instead of partying like it’s 1999 lol :)

  5. zeep says

    If this is supposed to be Demi Moore, she doesn’t even look good anymore. Did you see her on Jimmy Kimmel, Ace? She’s had some new fillers in her face that makes her look like a mannequin like when Marie Osmond first had her face worked on.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      It takes a little time for fillers to settle into ones face, doesn’t it? I just figured it was a new round of injections.

      • zeep says

        That’s fair (and Marie Osmond looks better now). But when you know that to be the case, you should have the humility or even vanity not to leave your house to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Sucks until they’ve set in!

  6. silbie says

    Demi Moore
    “she is long past her twenties” – 50 years old
    her daughters were upset about her breakdown last year
    her exes – Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher
    Photo looks very 80ies/90iesish – was a major movie star back then
    woman in photo is brunette like her

  7. modelle18 says

    Demi Moore is definitely trying too hard

    her exes being Ashton and Bruce and her daughters a totally embaressed by her

    Its too bad because I really loved her movies up until she did Strip Tease

  8. KWDragon says

    Demi Moore. So sad. The real trick is to learn how to age gracefully, since you can’t actually stop aging. But for all of her acting skills, this is not in her repertoire.

  9. rudy says

    Demi Moore?

    Very sad for her and her family. I watched her little appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Sucks with Matt Damon. She couldn’t move any part of her face but her mouth. She was unrecognizable. She had a lovely face, it would have aged well if she let it age at all. I guess this is the same problem she is having everywhere in her life.

  10. Revisionist says

    I am going with Demi. She really lucked out coming up when she did before the internet so there is no permanant record of her wild days.

  11. Okayeah says

    I swear, don’t ever name your kid Demi! This is Moore for sure, but Lovato has made more than one appearance here!