Paper Girl

woman reading newspaper[Blind Gossip] This actress is known mostly for her work in television. She is pretty, but she is desperate to be thinner. While she already looks slim, she thinks that if she could just drop a few more pounds that she will land the lead role in a series this year. She has a difficult time battling the hunger pangs, so she has resorted to a rather bizarre diet.

She has been eating paper. She buys rolls of paper towels made of unbleached paper, and chews bits of it all day long. She claims she is not hurting herself because she only eats natural paper and drinks plenty of water so that the paper passes naturally through her system.

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98 comments to Paper Girl

  • rjmlh

    Every actress in Los Ang?

    • ssslithering

      Ugh I used to do this during my modeling days – tp, soaked in oj, will fill you up all day. This could be anyone. Ps – you still get bloated from all the paper, makes you feel full but isn’t actually that great for cutting weight. Compulsive exercise is far more effective (sarcasm) – eating disorders are pointless, for real.

  • Virgo826

    Jennie Garth

  • MissFaye

    Ummm… ??!!?!?

  • Boston20

    I know it says mostly TV but hunger pangs makes me thing of hunger games so Elizabeth Banks?

  • Mardy Bum

    what a dumb ass.

    gives new meaning to the phrase “paper thin”.

  • NJackson00

    I think its someone from Desperate Housewives… Teri Hatcher?? Although she has been in movies, she is mostly known for her TV roles.

  • jferron23

    Jen Aniston, hints: water, she’s all about smart water and she’s best known for her work on friends

  • NurseRozetta


  • shelaur22

    Hm. Pretty tv actress who is not stick thin. Dianna Agron.

  • Brooklyn 423

    Please don’t tell me Eva Langoria, she’s thin enough. The word deperate made me think of her.

  • KitKat73

    Eva Longoria? clue being “desperate to be thinner” she’s known primary for TV, Desperate Housewives and I dont think she has done much since it wrapped.

  • raslebol

    someone who needs a therapy and many help

  • pretty leaf

    Terry Hatcher

  • michelex23

    Jennifer Aniston. Clues being drinks plenty of water (she’s a spokesperson for Smartwater), she’s known for TV. And the girl in the pic looks like her.

    • PumpkinPie

      No way. Doubt that Jenn plans on going back to TV considering she’s doing just fine in films.

      • jferron23

        How is she doing well in movies? She’s only had a few bad rom-coms over the last few years (well, she’s had seven in the last four years come out) and all of them did pretty poorly. She’s not really carrying any hits lately, is she?

    • PumpkinPie

      First of all, I said “just fine”, not “well” in film, which to me is obvious considering she’s making more than 20 mil per film…. and she has 3 new films coming out within the next couple years. Doesn’t matter if they did “poorly” at the box office, she’s still being hired & still gets paid big bucks.

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    No clue who this could be, but has this person never heard of celery? It has the same calorie/fiber content. And it’s actual food. Maybe she has pica? IDK, such a strange thing to do. No one should want success THAT badly.

    • luvprue1

      But you have to eat a lot of celery to feel full. I think this blind is about Nicole Kidman. She is super thin,and she starred this year in the movie “The Paperboy”,and the blind is called “The Papergirl”.

  • Munchkin

    So the series she’s after a lead role in is My Strange Addiction.

  • Revisionist

    Not really a guess but this isnt as wierd as its sounds. A good deal of the food you eat is really made of wood pulp as a filler.

    • Knee

      “this isn’t as weird as it sounds”


      ….. Yes it is…..

      • Revisionist

        lol… yes her actions are strange and there are better ways to diet. my point was though you are probably eating a lot of paper and just dont know it. Its a very common ingredient in many, many foods. They just name it things like cellulose.

    • msp96302

      true story. This is not as uncommon as people think. I have known a slew of women who eat cotton balls. Sometimes dipped in milk or orange juice in order to fill up on a practically zero calorie diet. They claim it passes right through….who knows.

      • Ati2d9

        I think THIS ^^^^^^ Is even MORE strange than eating paper!!!! I have heard of the paper thing…but cotton balls soaked down…..YUCK!

      • Bromance1979

        Get those women to therapy!!!

      • SanguineT

        That is just insanely sick and gross. Lettuce, celery, radishes, etc. most salad rabbit food is full of water and few calories so would be a much better choice and healthier.

      • WaitLemmeGuess

        I’m with SanguineT. Who knows what they do to paper/cotton during processing. It could have all kind of toxic chemicals in it. Organic paper and organic food are not the same thing. And is it really less calories/carbs/sugar than a stick of celery when the cotton is dipped in juice or milk? That doesn’t even make sense!

      • erinmarrie

        SanguineT and WaitLemmeGuess : but the cotton balls and paper fill you up. organic food might not, so there is a little bit of a difference

    • Knee

      Yeah, I knew what you were trying to say, Revisionist….. I was just teasin’ ya : )

      Have a great weekend. It’s Friday Night here, so I’m about to bust out a box of Diet Paper and catch a movie

    • Heilige Bimbam

      Surprised that none of them has had to be rushed to the hospital with an obstruction of the bowels.

  • shuboy

    Jenna Fischer

  • Molls

    Krysten Ritter who already looks rail thin.

  • Up the Coast

    People are strange.

  • fotobandi

    Isn’t this a form of what is know as “pica”?

  • tink

    Gross. Eva Longoria? Hint: desperate

  • Rapunzel

    The photo reminds me of Keri Russell.

  • BevHillsChick

    Teri Hatcher from Desperate Housewives

  • ningyo

    Dianna Agron, definitely.

  • Calibound590

    Miley Cyrus?

  • emeraldeyes

    This is unfortunately common in h’wood. There are many reports of people trying to lose weight by anorexia/pica, and think that as long as they are just eating something, that it’s ok. This is actually unhealthy and can be dangerous.

  • LeahLynn28

    That’s gross.I really hope she gets help one day,because eating paper instead of real food is not normal.Paper is not food…ewww

  • SanDiego

    And the best part…you don’t have to wipe!

  • klouf87

    Terri Hatcher?

  • dee123

    Kerry Washington. She’s so thin.

  • linbug

    This might be a random guess, but the pic reminds of Kyra Sedgwick.

  • ktbell05

    wow. I think a therapist would be of great help. this is sad.

  • ktbell05

    women don’t realize men are not attracted to bones lying beneath them
    ugh. ignorant woman.

    • EvaDiva

      Not that I condone the behavior described above, but NEWSFLASH! Not every woman exists to attract men, ignorant whatever-you-are.

    • KatarinaJ

      also entirely discounting this blind says it isn’t about a man but getting more work. the sad reality is it is hard to be too thin in la. most of the time there is no such thing. I’d think Anniston would realize her age is often a handicap now and not any supposed weight issue when she has hardly fluctuated. someone like scarlett johanssen….?

  • ktbell05

    and I guess Eva longoria. seems vain and desperate imo.

  • penelope163

    Julie Bowen from Modern Family..

  • Mozez808

    jennifer love hewitt.

  • litswd.tb

    No matter who it is this is still dangerous, natural doesn’t make make it safer!

  • shanzibarus

    I don’t believe this is Dianna. Despite the fact her sudden off the radar stance in social media and award events, I don’t think she’s capable of being in such a dark mental place that she’d go to these extremes.

    If it really is her…it makes me horribly sad. She seems so level headed and full of light, the idea that she feels as though she needs to resort to these measures it kind of painful to think about.

    It’s so unhealthy. But then again, so is the media’s attitude to women and their weight.

    • shelaur22

      You may be a huge fan of hers, but you don’t really know her, or know what she’s “capable of” emotionally, or what she’d resort to.

  • LooksLikeCRicci

    Eva Longoria. “Desperate” to be thinner. Mainly famous for being Gabby on DH and before that, Isabella on Y&R. Both have rabid fan followings.

    That being said… Paper?!? Ewww!

  • melmac

    Jamie King

  • AuntieMama

    Someone delusional. It’s your talent or lack thereof that keeps actors from getting major jobs not necessarioy your wieght epecially if you are bone thin (not a good look)

  • Tenchi

    The Japanese Pornstar Diet? Hmmm … Jenna Maroney? Yeah I have no clue but eww

  • bellerose

    Why isn’t she just eating steamed or raw plain veggies, and raw celery, cucumbers, and lettuces? They’re high-fibre, very low-cal foods that at least have nutritional value. Eating paper for weight loss sounds more like an excuse for a compulsive pica disorder.

  • kermit1969

    Lisa Whelchel formerly of Facts of Life and recently Survivor. Newly divorced, helping Jeff Probst’s mediocre show and she would be great in a sitcom. She just came back on the radar so I say her.

  • Circles22

    At least we know she recycles.

  • CrossingTheLine

    Lea Michelle.
    She’s lost a lot of weight but I imagine she still doesn’t think it’s enough. And going vegan didnt do it so this is the next step I guess.
    Poor thing. She was so much prettier when she was in the theater (aka 10lbs heavier).

  • ms. alita

    lucy hale? pretty from pretty little liars?

    • hannahjones

      she’s discussed that she has an eating disorder before, but i dont think she’d eat paper. Plus she’s working on her debut album, i dont think shes trying to get other roles right now.

  • Ati2d9

    Just throwing these out there…Jenna Elfman, Kirstie Alley, Felicity Huffman, Helen Hunt, Debra Messing, Mary-Louise Parker…. Sad whoever it is.

  • xelarose

    Colbie Smulders from HIMYM?

    Pretty, not stick stick thin, and landed role in The Avengers last year so she could be feeling the pressure to land other roles after that?

  • neener

    For pity’s sake woman, have a salad. Geez…

  • chicgirl

    Jennifer Love Hewitt!

  • jaa1169

    Casey wilson from Happy Endings

  • tkartk

    My first thought was Terri Hatcher from DH.

    I also think it could be Tammin Sursock from Pretty Little Liars (Jenna) since she’s rarely shown and is now almost 30 and was best known in Australia for her role on Home and Away. While she has worked on daytime TV (Y&R) she’s also been in some unknown movies that are mostly produced by her husband, Sean McEwen. I’ve read that she wants success somewhere (TV or films) before starting a family and moving back to OZ.

  • gossup

    Danielle Fishel- Girl meets world is about to come out and she’s a supporting role and pangs could refer to Topanga? She’s also not the thinnest.

  • ILoveLucy

    This reminds of the fetish some girls have for eating bits of foam rubber to fill them up. But seriously, isn’t this a foreign substance? Wouldn’t this eventually cause intestinal problems, blockages and possibly death? Can’t you choke on this? It would have to be teensy bits constantly to fill you up and with lots of water. Just take a cellulose capsule with tons of water. Same thing, less chance of choking and it passes. How many young girls will copy this and die? But it’s probably already a popular teen alternative to eating. I’m just thinking “Blockage!!” Kind of scary.

    • ktbell05

      ILoveLucy I am thinking the same thing. This cannot go on much longer if in fact this person is literally only consuming the paper. Nutrients/vitamins/protein…ect. They must realize that this will end in death. Very dangerous and scary.

  • jenlovesleo

    Marcia Cross or January Jones

  • mrsrocknroll

    sarah michelle gellar?

  • regularguy

    Sick & sad whomever it is.

  • haims

    Zooey Deschanel?

  • carool

    Maybe it is Raven SymonĂ©…

  • sbreezy29

    Could this be Mischa Barton? She’s always trying to make a comeback, and never really made a splash in movies. It makes sense…