Two Television Actors Get Cozy

men kissing 11[Blind Gossip] These two good-looking actors are on separate hit television shows. They are less than ten years apart in age, but Actor A seems much older because he plays an adult on his show, while Actor B plays a teen on his show.

They both traveled out of the country for a fun New Year’s Eve celebration. Despite the fact that one actor brought his “girlfriend” along, the two actors wound up hooking up with each other that week… and have been inseparable ever since. There should be plenty of time for getting cozy, too, because they both enjoy being in the same city, and Actor B’s show isn’t coming back next season.

Actor A:

Actor B:

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  1. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Hmm. I have no idea. The only thing I can think of is that the “hit show” that isn’t coming back probably wasn’t something new that just tanked, but that it simply ran its course, like with the Office and 30 Rock. Maybe Actor B is from Gossip Girl?

  2. Virgo826 says

    Actor A: Matthew Morrison
    Actor B: Chace Crawford

    Hit shows: Glee, Gossip Girl-series ended in dec
    Age: just 8 yrs difference
    Both were in Sydney for New Years along with Matthew’s “girlfriend”

  3. tomtom says

    My guess here is
    actor A: Matthew Morrison (playing an adult in glee and he is only 7 years older than Chace)
    actor B: Chace Crawford (clue being show not being back next season)

    They both spent New Years Eve in Sydney and Morrison was there with his girlfriend.

  4. KrishnaLuna says

    Ian somerhalder and nina dobrev were in asia this new year’s.
    TVD films in Atlanta but I have no idea for the other actor.
    On that note, I hope I am wrong.

  5. JennUx says

    A: Cory Monteith, he’s known for being much older than he looks and is in Glee
    B: Not 100% sure…

    • Maggie says

      Cory’s 30, but plays a teen on Glee and the show is still on air, so he doesn’t fit for either actor A or B.

  6. Raito says

    Actor A: Matt Morrison

    Actor B: Chace Crawford

    They both spent NYE in Sydney, and Matt was there with his girlfriend.

  7. ImVioletsMama says

    All I know is James van der Beek’s show got canceled, but he has a wife, not a girlfriend. Doesn’t say if the other actor brought a wife/gf though…

  8. callmedave says

    Actor A: Matthew Morrison
    Actor B: Chace Crawford
    They spent New Year’s in Sydney with Matt’s “girlfriend” Renee Puente.

  9. valley of the dolls says


    I know Gossip Girl’s sixth season this fall will be its last, so maybe someone from there? I don’t know if the bratty socialites on GG count as adults, though :)

    I can’t think really of who the teen on a hit show would be but Dylan O’Brien of Teen Wolf comes to mind and he plays Stiles who is 16 or 17. Dylan himself is 21.

    The only other shows I can think of with teenagers as the main focus that aren’t coming back after this season are Secret Life of the American Teenager, iCarly, and Victorious.

    This was literally the most useless comment ever, I just needed to squee and speculate idiotically. Sorry, Ace.

  10. sbuck says

    Actor A: Matthew Morrison
    Actor B: Chase Crawford
    They were both in Sydney for NYE, at the same party

  11. kmurph says

    Matthew Morrison & Chace Crawford.
    Both in Sydney for NYE.
    Less than 10 years apart in age
    Matthew plays an adult on Glee which is coming back next season
    Chace played a teen on Gossip Girl which is not.
    Both enjoy NYC.

  12. loracyaf says

    Chace Crawford and Matthew Morrison.
    They were spotted together in Sydney NYE, are 7 years apart and Chace played a teen in GG.

  13. wonderone says

    Actor A-Matthew Morrison
    Actor B-Chace Crawford
    They spent New Years together in Sydney. Matthew was with his current beard, Renee Puente and a handful of other celebrities with questionable sexual preferences (JC Chasez???). Gossip Girl is no longer, and they are 7 years apart in age.

  14. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Shows not coming back are Private Practice, Gossip Girl and The B in Apartment 23. First actor that comes to mind would be one of the guys from Gossip Girl but it could be any of them.

  15. fazzamum says

    A:Matthew Morrison
    B:Chace Crawford?
    Both flew into Sydney for NYE – Matthew with his “girlfriend”. Gossip Girl has finished leaving Chace with lots of time.
    Chance is born in 85, Matthew in 78

  16. clpstl says

    Actor A: Matthew Morrison – Glee
    Actor B: Chace Crawford – Gossip Girl

    New Years Eve in Sydney

  17. scarlettone says

    Colton Haynes was in Sydney NYE too. He is leaving Teen Wolf. I’m throwing him into this mix of people in Sydney.

  18. puppyhale says

    Both Matthew Morrison and Colton Haynes went to Sydney this New Years Eve with friends such as Tyler Hoechlin, Sinqua Walls, and Chace Crawford. Gossip Girl is cancelled so there is no “next season” and he was playing an adult when it was last on a so it can’t be Chace Crawford. Sinqua and Tyler both are coming back to Teen Wolf next year. Colton plays 16 in Teen Wolf, also will not be returning to Teen Wolf next season. and Matthew Morrison plays an adult on Glee. Colton is 24 in July and Matthew is 34 in October making them slightly under 10 years apart. They have been seen together at a lot of the same parties and events. Matthew and Colton went skydiving together as seen on Colton’s keek. So my quess is.

    Actor A: Matthew Morrison
    Actor B: Colton Haynes

    • Virgo826 says

      The blind says actor B’s show isn’t coming back next season, not that actor B isn’t coming back to his show. Teen Wolf will be back for season 3, so it’s not likely that actor B is Colton Haynes.

  19. LeahLynn28 says

    I have no idea who they are,but this blind is cute.As cute as the guy’s smile in the pic above.I really want to know who they are…:)

  20. classynogin says

    Actor A: Matthew Morrison
    Actor B: Chase Crawford

    Someone was recently on TV complaining about them shunning him. Gosh I wish I could remember who it was! I knew he was outing them!

  21. gohelio says

    Haha — agree about the Matthew Morrison/Chace Crawford guess. My poor sister — her 3 favorite celebrities are Harry Styles, Matthew Morrison, and James Franco. Um……

    • valley of the dolls says

      Oh no :( Well, she can join the legion of girls who like boys who like boys and we’ll cry together.

      • gohelio says

        LOL — at least she’s not alone! However, I’m pretty sure she’s in denial, especially about Harry. And come to think of it she really likes Darren Criss too. Too funny.

  22. klouf87 says

    I wanna say it’s 2 of the the “Brostrailia” party. Kyle Howard, Shawn Pyfrom, Lucas Grabeel (along with “Girlfriend”), Colton Haynes and a few others have spent the last month in Australia traveling.

  23. randijane says

    Agree with the Matthew Morrison/Chace Crawford guessea.

    Does this blind also connect to an earlier blind about the actor with the NYE date who was born a man? If so then “girlfriend” in quotations would fit with Renee Puente. She has serious man hands :)

    • WhatLolaWants says

      Just because something doesn’t “seem” like something else doesn’t mean it’s always the case, especially people in Hollywood. We don’t know Chace or Matthew so…..

      Besides, they are almost always pictured together, and the clues fit them to a T.

  24. Bradster says

    I agree they are a thing. But I don’t really think this is them. I mean Chace hasn’t played a teenager on GG for years. He doesn’t even register as a teenager or too young for MM. I mean they said he played a teen. Maybe I’m too literal. JMO

  25. ningyo says

    Does anyone really consider Matt Morrison “good looking” though?

    I feel actor b could be about Colton Haynes and the reference to show not coming back could really mean that he’s not coming back to teen wolf next season instead. though, I can’t think of any older attractive actors he’s been hanging out with lately. Plus, he was in Sydney for NYE as well.

  26. TheOtherIan says

    less than 10 yrs apart in age could be anything from a few hours, days months apart up to 9.99 yrs. so they might be quite close in age.

    Shawn Pyfrom (26) from Desperate Houswives,
    Colton Haynes (24) from Teen Wolf,
    Chace Crawford (27) from Gossip Girl,
    Matthew Morrison (34) from Glee,
    Tyler Hoechlin (25) from Teen Wolf were at a NYE party in Sydney Australia
    but all these play teens, except for MM. So he may be actor A

  27. seamonkey_88 says

    I agree it’s Chace Crawford and Matthew Morrison. Idk if Shawn and Penn are still together or not. BTW, does anyone feel suspicious about that “Teen Wolf” Tyler Hoechlin is the new “gay” pretty boy. He showed up at the Sydney’s New Year party had all the “rumored-gays”: Morrison, Crawford, Colton Haynes, Shawn Pyfrom, JC Chasez in it.