Rough Retail Rejection

women shopping 3[Blind Gossip] This slim and pretty actress, who is best known for films, recently had a rough retail experience.

She was shopping with a friend in a high end store in Los Angeles after the holidays. She picked out several beautiful (and very expensive items) and waited for the salesperson to ring her up.

The salesperson ran her credit card through the machine. Denied. The actress let out a slightly embarrassed laugh and and pulled out another card, claiming that there must be some sort of mistake. The clerk ran the second card. Denied.

While there was no dramatic cutting up of the credit card like you’ve seen in the movies, the actress seemed shocked by the experience.  Well, shocked, and then angry. She muttered, “I’m going to kill him!”, grabbed her card, and fled the store empty handed.



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  1. mandymauer says

    This might be a long shot… but Amber Heard? She is best known for films and was in ‘Drive Angry’

  2. shelaur22 says

    Kate Bosworth. Seems to have expensive taste despite not getting any real work. And by real work I mean being in movies that people actually pay to see.

    • Banzai says

      I like this guess. Denise was in anger management. Charlie must’ve forgotten to pay his child support…

  3. LilaDelilah says

    Demi Moore or Katie Holmes.

    But Katie doesn’t strike me as the one to lose her cool like that. Plus she’s getting plenty child support.

  4. istillhavesarcasm says

    Now, is she going to ‘kill him’ because he maxed it her cards, or cancelled her cards?

    I think if we figure this out we can narrow it down.

  5. pinkdonut says

    January Jones referring to secret babydaddy Jason Sudeikis as ‘him’ (surely he must pay her child support?).

    • Pudsy says

      I’m going to guess Isla Fisher. And January Jones’ baby daddy is a guy named Xander; yes, the same name as her baby. They worked together in a movie when she got pregnant, he’s married, and the kid looks just like him. Now you know.

  6. stonn says

    I think it’s Katie Holmes because there is another blind item that details how her card was declined when she tried to buy $800 worth of clothes for Suri.

  7. sarahj103 says

    Actress: Isla Fisher
    Him: Sacha Baron Cohen

    I’m guessing this because she starred in the Shopaholic movie, wasn’t there a scene where she cut up her credit cards?

  8. sherlock says

    Sounds to me as if HE has maxed her credit cards.If she’s a successful actress then she’d have money in the bank.Sounds to me as he’s the one spending all her money.No clues here.

  9. jvrtpt says

    Denise Richards; shes slim and pretty, better known for films. Appeared in Angry Management (angry is italics) And it says “Denied”, as in Denise, twice.

  10. nolabelle says

    Sounds to me like Carmen Electra and Simon cowell who has grown tired of her and moved on to another boy, or girl….

  11. mc0107 says

    there are a lot of words that start with a ‘c’ and an ‘r.’ perhaps a clue, pointing to christina ricci?

  12. qayro says

    I got it!!

    It’s Anna Kendrick.

    Clue #1: “I’m going to kill him!” That’s a quote from her latest movie Pitch perfect.

    Clue #2: Slim and pretty

    Clue #3: Photo fits Perfectly.