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girl pot[Celebzter] The paparazzi are in constant pursuit of this star, capturing her every move in L.A.

So can you imagine their surprise when she recently opened the door and a strong scent wafted out, one of the illegal kind.

Two things that make this story interesting;

1) She was driving her then-boyfriend’s car… but he wasn’t in it, so he cannot be blamed for the fresh smell of pot.

2) Keen observers picked up on her somewhat wobbly appearance at a Golden Globe Awards after-party, suggesting that she had too much to drink. Now, in retrospect, her secret habit may explain things better.



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  1. randijane says

    Star: Selena Gomez
    Then-Boyfriend: Justin Beiber

    Lots of reports of her being ‘sloshed’ after the Golden Globes. Beiber is a big smoker, maybe she joined in?

  2. annnn says

    Selena Gomez! and Justin Bieber
    I knew that was not just alcohol at the GGA after party! she looked so stoned!

  3. istillhavesarcasm says

    Selena Gomez.
    Seen wobbling around after Golden Globes

    Ugh so trashy. You think when she dumped Bieber shed dump his habits too

  4. fuggetaboutit says

    Selena Gomez.

    She was reportedly drunk at the Golden Globes after party according to the Huffington Post nd other media outlets.

    Then boyfriend: the Biebs

  5. shuboy says

    Selena Gomez…….there were various articles about her being drunk at a Golden Globes after party. Her ex-boyfriend would be Bieber…

  6. flymetothemoo says

    Selena Gomez. She needs something to keep her career alive now that her relationship is over.

  7. tiara107 says

    Star: Selena Gomez
    Then-Boyfriend: Justin Bieber

    Of course she smokes weed. There’s no way Justin, as big of a pothead as he was (or is), and her didn’t smoke together at least occasionally.

  8. wtfunky says

    Selena Gomez, ex-bf Justin Bieber
    Speculation of her being drunk on the red carpet for an interview.

  9. lilygirl says

    Jennifer Lawrence.

    She once kind of admitted to smoking pot by not denying that she did smoke pot. LOL. And it would be recent, because Nick Hoult was recently in LA. They were said to have broken up, but I highly doubt they actually did. I think that story just came out so that people would stop bothering them.

  10. emilythedolphin says

    Selena Gomez

    Then-Boyfriend: Justin Beiber

    There is a video of her at the awards show and she looked and sounded so drunk!

  11. wham says

    I really want to say it’s Selena Gomez because there are tons of videos from when she was at the Golden Globe awards after-party and people were commenting on how drunk she was. But I don’t think she was still dating Justin Bieber at that time, so just a thought.

  12. callie4ya says

    Star: Selena Gomez

    Then-Boyfriend: Justin Bieber

    People thought she was drunk at the Golden Globe Awards after party.

  13. modelle18 says

    Selena Gomez

    then boyfriend – Justin Bieber

    hoenstly though if your boyfriend is a pothead chances are so are you

    + she was smashed at the awards in an interview

  14. LilaDelilah says

    Selena Gomez in JB’s car.

    There’s no way anyone could date a pothead unless they’re also one.

  15. Cassidy says

    Long time lurker, first time poster! I’m addicted to BG :)

    Star: Selena Gomez
    Then-Boyfriend : Justin Bieber

    I watched one of her interviews at the Golden Globes after-party and she looked a bit tipsy to me.

  16. tallzeez says

    Instant thought is Selena Gomez with her ex as Bieber who has a reputation as a pot smoker. Also she was like crazy slurry in her talking at the Golden Globes this year. However, i was not aware that she was always pursued by paparazzi

  17. WellbeaDream says

    This is my first comment, and I am guessing it’s either:
    Star: Selena Gomez
    Then-Boyfriend: Justin Bieber


    Star: Demi Lovato
    Then-Boyfriend: Wilmer Valderrama.. I’m more confident with the first guess tho.

  18. LALOVER says


    Star: Selena Gomez

    Then-Boyfriend: Justin Bieber

    Although I would like this to be Lena Dunham (several articles pointed out her ‘wobbly’ appearance when walking on stage to accept her Golden Globe –

    However, I can’t put my finger on who the ex-boyfriend would be!

  19. DelilaMars says

    My first post!
    Selena Gomez. Boyfriend being Justin Bieber at the time (recently spotted smocking pot). She also seemed very tipsy in an interview at the Golden Globes.

  20. Phaedra says

    Long shot,

    but Kristen Stewart and Then-Boyfriend Robert Pattinson?

    She was not seen at the Golden Globe Awards, but people tweeted that she was at the after-party. There are rumors that she and Pattinson broke up

  21. ghettofabulus says

    First time commenting and this is a no brainer
    Star: Selena Gomez
    Then-Boyfriend: Justin Bieber

  22. Jazzy says

    Selena Gomez – she was trashed at the Golden Globes afterparty – was slurring her way through an interview…

  23. Ati2d9 says

    Is it really a big deal if someone is smoking pot anymore….I mean we have medical marijuana and it is now legal in 2 states…..Would still be interested in knowing who this is.

  24. Chigirl says

    Hm not really certain. I am sure some will point to KS, but I guess it’s not a “then-bf” if they are confirmed to be together (who knows really).

    It doesn’t say it’s an actress.

    But on a side note, if that’s the worst she does, is it that bad? – relatively speaking.

  25. thejadedentrepreneur says

    That little Gomez girl may be a pothead but she was rolling her b@lls off at the GG after party.

  26. kookywooky says

    Star: Jennifer Lawrence? or Amanda Seyfreid?

    Then-Boyfriend: Nicholas Hoult? or Dominic Cooper?