Two Hotties Are Interested In One

boys high schoolUPDATED!

[Blind Gossip] These two talented under-25 performers are part of the same project. They have been working together just a couple of years, but they are very popular among the young adult crowd.

They don’t look alike, but both guys are very cute and appealing in their own way. Young girls would probably argue over which one is more worthy of her crush, and which one she would want to marry.

Sorry to disappoint you, girls, but the answer is… neither of them. Although they are both adorable, they are only interested in one other person. And it’s the other guy. Yes, they’re gay. And they are very happy together. Even if they can’t express it yet in public.

And, yes, those setups with girls are all fake.

UPDATE: This is about two actors on a television show. This is not about any of the boys from One Direction (although other blinds may be).

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  1. Sara_18200 says

    If you made it more obvious, you would be publicly outing them, names and all.
    Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.

  2. KatNap16 says

    This is obviously about Harry & Louis because there is no one else who fits the profile. Seriously guys, shit’s going down in the 1D world this year I can feel it.

    • xKaylaaa says

      Oh gosh, YES Im a huge fan, twitter and ALL LOL, im going through all these Blindgossips now. Its September haha But yeah, ALOT did go down this year. Totally!

  3. Maria says

    Well duh! this is obviously one of the ships from 1D. Probably Lou and Hazza, right? :) It;s obvious they are head over heels for each other, too bad I always go for the gay ones.

  4. alisonb35 says

    Definitely Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction… I don’t know how more obvious it gets.
    First of all the use of the word “One” (as well as in the Boybanders Are Hiding A Secret blind, which was obviously about them too)
    Under-25: Harry’s 18 and Louis’ 21, so calling them teens wouldn’t really work. Also in the XFactor where they were formed one of the categories is “The Under-25s”
    Same project… same band.
    Couple of years: They’ve been a band since late 2010, so a couple years.
    The young adult part seemed to throw people off, but I don’t see why… there are a lot of older One Direction fans, not all of them are 15 and below.
    “Don’t look alike, cute and appealing in their own way” Pretty much, they’re completely different.
    The end part about the set-ups… could this be anymore obvious.. Harry was recently “with” Taylor Swift, although it was basically proven a publicity stunt and she’s also been proven to be a good beard. Louis has a beard as well that’s been there for about a year now, but that’s so horribly fake it’s obvious.

    The part about them being happy together and not being able to be out in public yet really makes me upset… they are honestly so cute together and you can tell they really love each other and it hurts to have to see them hide everyday. A lot of the fans already know that they’re together and want them to come out, I really think they should.

    • saywhat says

      The fact that it says they are happy together makes me happy. Despite all of the fakery they have had to go through, they are still going strong. How cool is that? Of course, it would be better if they were able to be open with their relationship in public.

    • says

      I’m thinking the older fans bit references fans of Larry versus fans of One Direction because Larry shippers tend to be on the older end of the fanbase :)

  5. rednik says

    Harry and Louis from 1D. The way they look at each other is the way 2 lovers look. Of course they can’t come out yet because of their target audience.

  6. zschatt says

    first time commenter, long time reader. it’s boo bear and hazza! and maybe it’s just my obsessed shipper brain talking, but the picture totally reminds me of that sugarscape interview when they were talking about mario cart (who’s in front and who’s behind, i think we share that really). goodbye.

  7. lizcracy says

    “Two Hotties Are Interested In One”… ONE. As in One Direction.
    The picture is two boys playing video games. One’s hair closely resembles Louis’. The other one slightly resembles Harry’s. Recent Haylor relationship being an obvious set up. “All the setups are fake.” Along with Elounor, I might add. This is so obvious I am screaming. First time poster, as well!

  8. LarryStylinson12 says

    In my eyes it’s Louis and Harry from one direction. The obvious references of “one” (one direction), under 25 is an age category in which all the boys started out in when they tried out for the x factor, the same project is the band, and though most would say that their fans are tweens, they actually have VERY many young adult fans (for example ages 17-20) as well. They don’t look alike, although that’s not much of a clue, and it is only the younger girl fans who obsess over “marrying” or “crushing” on one. not to mention in different interviews/video diaries harry said his first crush was Louis, and Louis said he’s marry harry. Express it YET… hopefully that means they’ll be coming out soon, and the set-ups with girls… well, Haylor, Elounor, and all the articles of Harry being a womanizer and sleeping with 410 different girls in a year and such. Not to mention there is a photo of Harry and Louis playing video games together, like the photo in the headline.

  9. Stylincious says

    Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One direction, of course. Eleanor Calder is Louis’s beard and Taylor Swift and Caroline Flack are Harold’s beard. :)
    This article is the sequel of “Boy bander hidding a secret” :)

  10. YoGo8c says

    This is a really tricky one. The obvious fan fav answer is “Harry and Louis” but there’s also Liam and Zayn (or any combination really!). I also think Harry could be involved with someone else and the Larry distracts people away from that (?) but at the end of the day nobody really knows for sure.

    The clues point to One D with the refs and under 25’s. But I’d say this could be as likely to be Liam and Zayn, who look nothing alike. Or even Louis and Liam, because they get on extremely well and the pic looks like Louis (left) and Liam (right) to me.

  11. YoGo8c says

    One thing that might be a clue: ‘they don’t look alike’: might denote an ETHNIC DIFFERENCE. So, Zayn and…?

  12. fluxflux says

    I actually don’t think it’s Harry and Louis. “They don’t look alike, but both guys are very cute and appealing in their own way” Harry and Louis kind look similar. Definatly one direction boys. I’m guessing Louis and Nial.

  13. malikster says

    I’d say Liam Payne and Zayn Malik from One Direction. The key is “they don’t look alike” – people do say that louis and harry look alike.

  14. Tottie-zarry says

    Zayn javvad maalik and harry edward styles from the band one direction

    Ps cut the crap its not larry

  15. Tottie-zarry says

    Srsly think about it why didnt they bring this thing couple years ago when larry was in action? Cause its not larry .. why did they bring it now ! When actually zarry is in action and you cand deny it .. its the leading ship right now

  16. Valeria_1D says

    Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson please!!
    Itsn’t very soon?
    i though it would take more time..

  17. nosecrets says

    As i’ve guessed earlier I believe it’s about Louis and Harry from One Direction, but just fyi – this cannot be about Robert Pattinson&Taylor Lautner, since Robert is 26 years old, sooo.. that also means it can’t be about Ian and Paul, Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw or Mackelmore&Lewis due to the age thing.. :)

  18. Valeria_1D says

    If you don’t think that it’s about Harry and Louis (Larry Stylinson) you have a problem..

  19. lou 23 says

    if iam right and this is about harry and lou
    iam soooooooo happy for them these boys are in love with each other
    ilove larry STYLINSON

  20. snowmiss says

    Must be BabyCakes(Harry Styles) and BooBear(Louis Tomlinson)! I’m so happy that they’re still together. I’m a proud Larry shiper. You go, Larry! <3 xo

  21. Allee says

    aw aw awww Larry Stylinson obviously.

    – Same project, One direction
    – band has been together for over 2 years
    – super popular with young girls
    – girls are obsessed think they’ll “marry” them
    – dont look alike really
    – both under 25 (louis – 21, harry – 18)
    – Fake relationships – Haylor, Elounor, etc.

    clues – the word “One” is used quite a bit (for one direction obviously), and the cover picture (Theres a similar picture of Lou & Haz playing video games together)

  22. Allee says

    Thanks for making all these articles about Larry, Blind Gossip i love youu.
    (maybe sometime you can figure out when they’ll come out of the closet? xXx)

  23. scarlettone says

    This is obviously meant to point to One Direction, particularly Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. But the problem is, I don’t think Harry is gay. In interviews I’ve seen, I get a zero gay vibe from him. I actually think he is a young womanizer…didn’t he go after a much older married woman. She was a dejay at one of the radio stations that One Direction did promo work at. He broke up this woman’s marriage. Louis on the other hand, sets off screaming alarm bells on my gaydar. But he has a girlfriend who looks very annoying and clingy. Doubt she would front as a beard. Zayn and Niall..completely straight IMO. Liam? I think whoever the subject of the blinds are…they are probably less known and more obscure that One Direction…too obvious.

    • saywhat says

      No offence, honestly, but I’m sure you know that not every gay person gives off a “gay vibe”. And Harry broke up a woman’s marriage? Do you have a reliable source for that one? If you read this site I’m sure you know that a large percentage of media stories regarding entertainers are planted by their management for publicity or other reasons. As for this blind item, there are simply too many clues toward One Direction for it to be about any other group, in my opinion.

      • scarlettone says

        I’m well aware that not everyone gives off a “gay vibe” and I wouldn’t exactly call me a fangirl or even a fan. Harry is straight..he is known for sleeping around on the road and at home.

      • saywhat says

        scarlettone: Okay, he doesn’t give off a gay vibe to you – fair enough. My own eyes, and a very large amount of circumstantial evidence, tell me that he is together with Louis Tomlinson. But you say that Harry is “known” for sleeping around? And that he even broke up a woman’s marriage? You have bought in completely to what their management and the media is selling. To each their own, though.

  24. MomofSydBlake says

    Hi Ace!! Can’t get enough of Blind Gossip!!

    Anyways…..goodness after looking at Harry & Louis pictures on Google this is SO obvious it’s them!!! Just come out already!! You can tell in their eyes when they look at each other! How any girl could look at those 2 and not see “Gay” is beyond me!

    Harry & Louis from One Direction FTW!!!

  25. Atlantida says

    tbh i just don’t see the point of this article. everybody knows it’s a/t larry (BLIND lmao) and it almost copies the one that was posted… several monthes ago? i don’t remember the date but it’s just the same stuff.

  26. Masquerade says

    I don’t really know. This one’s confusing. Obviously is one couple from the two that there are in 1D. I’ve read there’s two, Liam and Zayn, and Louis and Harry. So I don’t really know which of the two is this one about.
    Because, see Liam and Zayn don’t look alike as Harry and Louis do look a bit alike. But Zayn and Liam haven’t had that many cover ups or beards like Harry has had. Besides, like others have pointed out, the picture could make reference to the Mario Kart interview. Hmmm…
    I don’t know. I’ll go with Harry and Louis…

  27. xoxogossipgirl says

    the only problem i have with this article being about louis and harry is that i’m pretty sure ‘boybanders are hiding a secret’ is a blind about them, so why would they write another one that just gives less clues? unless this blind it more to do with them coming out ‘even if they can’t express it yet in public’

    • anonymous91 says

      I think it’s partly what you said “can’t express it YET in public” (implying eventually…soon?)

      But Boybanders Are Hiding A Secret basically just said they were sleeping together. It didn’t specify a relationship. This one says they’re together and happy, which sort of implies a commitment. The earlier article (almost a year ago now) pretty much just said they were having sex.

    • says

      that’s the hope. the other blind was about a couple firmly in the closet, and notice the use of the word yet? gives me heart palpitations aha

  28. jaryak says

    People speculating Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner must not have read the article… Twilight films have been around for four years now and Robert is 26. That pretty much rules them out.

    This has to be Louis and Harry. Long live Larry! <3

  29. breeg says

    ooh I’ve got a feeling we’re being pranked. i don’t think it’s harry and louis, it would be too obvious. I’m gonna go with the minority and guess josh hutcherson from hunger games because of the picture?
    first time commenting, registered a few minutes ago and love this website x

  30. chasingred says

    Hmm lets dissect this blind.

    “These two talented under-25 performers are part of the same project.” — all the members of 1D are under 25, they are all in the same project, which is the band.

    “working together just a couple of years, but they are very popular among the young adult crowd.” — 1D were formed in like July 2010, so have been together for like 2 years. Hmmm but the “popular among the young adult crowd” throws me off a bit because, 1D’s fanbase is like 10-16 or whatever and that’s deffo not young adult.

    “They don’t look alike” — now personally i think that suggests ethnic/skin differences, so it must be pointing to Zayn Malik. But I was also thinking Harry and Louis but they do look quite simliar. BUT think see Harry is pale, Louis is tan, Harry is tall, Louis is small, blah blah they are different, they don’t look that similar to eachother.

    “Young girls would probably argue over which one is more worthy of her crush, and which one she would want to marry.” — The reptition of the word “One” would suggest One Direction. And in the 1D fandom, the fans do argue over who is hotter and who they would rather marry and shit. And…this may be a bit far fetched but…”marry” that rhymes with Harry and Louis once said he would marry Harry. I don’t know may be a coinsidence.

    “…those setups with girls are all fake.” — Harry has been linked with countless women (Caroline Flack, that DJ present woman, Emma Ostilly, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevigne etc) and as revealed a recent blind item “Haylor” is and was completely fake. Also, Louis’s relationship with that Calder lass is suspected of being fake.

    in conclusion, this blind item is deffo about someone in 1D. Harry and Louis maybe? But it doesn’t make any sense there has already been a blind item about the possiblity of two gay people in the band. why do another? but i can’t think of anybody else.

    and to those who suggessted R-Patz and T-Lautner, it can’t be them. They are not under 25. Rob is like 26 now.

    • wats says

      the ‘young adult’ might refer to what the category they were in on Xfactor was called? I believe that they were referred to as either under-25 (or just the older age group was called over 25) or young adult.

  31. AuntieMama says

    For something different and to make everyone crazy I’ll say the two youngest members of ONE REPUBLIC!

  32. Elenadearest says

    I’ll take Harry and Louis from One Direction for $100 please, Ace!

    – copious amount of the word ‘one’
    – same project; the band. It could be that they started as a group Simon put together on Xfactor, so they were a ‘project’
    – The Other was used in ‘boybanders are hiding a secret’
    – There are distinct ‘Harry Girls’ and ‘Louis Girls’ in the fandom
    – Harry’s fake girlfriends, and Louis’ fake relationship.

  33. AnnieGrey says

    It’s not One Direction. This is very common in England for close guy friends to act silly with each other in this way. Just look at McFly, and you can see very similar behavior. The only difference is, McFly is a good band.

    • whatsthecraic says

      It is One Direction. Don’t be a snob lol, McFly has nothing to do with this and none of them act like Harry and Louis do.

  34. carloseanopry7 says



    -Two hotties are interested in ONE. =One Direction
    the word, “one” throughout this article is repeated.. again links to one direction.

    -under 25 performers.. they started in Xfactor UK. and their age category is under 25s. part of the same project. XFACTOR UK and ONE DIRECTION.

    -been working together a couple years. since xfactor uk till now.. and thats like 2 or 3 years.

    -among young adult crowd.. most of their fans are teenagers and range from 13 onwards. can even range to around 20s.

    -they dont look alike:
    harry= curly hair, tall, green eyes, thick(well kinda thick), TATTOOS ALL ON LEFT ARM
    louis= straight hair, small, blue eyes, thin lips, TATTOOS ALL ON THE RIGHT ARM

    -young girls would argue.. if they are harry girls or louis girls.

    -the other guy.. can link to the other article, Boybanders hiding secret. or “other” because they both come from the same group.

    -cant express in public because of the heavily dominated girls fanbase. and a couple in a boyband is risky.. and may obv ruin harry and louis girls dreams who arent shippers of this beautiful couple. of course management cant risk it.

    -setups with girls are fake. harry with caroline, emma ostilly, cara etc etc and HAYLOR is so fake. Elounor is fake.

    • carloseanopry7 says

      oh yeah, and “marry”.
      “And I’d marry you Louis” -Harry Styles

      and “crush”
      “…my first man crush” -Louis Tomlinson

  35. claireteackley says

    This Blind can’t be about anyone but Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Let’s be honest.
    These are the proofs:
    -They’re both under 25, but actually ALL the members of One Direction are, so this could be a low point.
    -They’re part of the same project, obviously One Direction, which was formed in 2010, so yeah, they’ve been working together for a couple of years.
    -They don’t look alike. Some people are saying this could suggest the Blind isn’t about Louis and Harry cause they look alike. I don’t think so. They’re just the opposite of each other.
    Harry: pale, tall, thin, dark and curly haired, full lips
    Louis: tanned, short, curvy, light brown and straight haired, thin lips
    Also their noses are different. Well, this could also suggest an ethnic difference, but Zayn and Liam have a similar build and they’re both kind of dark haired and dark eyed.
    -The young adult crowd thing seems to misguide everybody, but to me the young adults could easily be the teenagers.
    -The young girls thing is another low point, cause it fits every 1D member.
    Actually, they used the words “crush” and “marry”, which were used by Harry and Louis referring to each other. But maybe I’m overanalysing, so.
    -Those setups with girls are all fake. Louis’ relationship with Eleanor Calder is massively shady, especially recently. And also was Harry’s with Taylor Swift. But i personally think we have to concentrate on that “ALL”. All means that the setups have been a lot. Harry is the womaniser, he’s the one who has been linked to a lot of women and is known as “the one who slept with 410 women in 2012”. Zayn and Liam have been linked to Perrie and Danielle and no one else.
    But seriously, we don’t need to analyse a Blind Item to know they love each other. The way they look at each other, the touches, all the coincidences are enough.

  36. Devine says

    First off, it’s obviously One Direction; that’s something we can all agree on. I think they’re talking about Zarry. Louis and Harry look like brothers, so there is no way it could be them. Zayn and Harry are almost complete opposites when it comes to how they look. Even the picture up top looks like it could be them when they were older, the one guy has a black quiff, shadow, and brown eyes while the other has slightly curly brown hair and green eyes. My money is on Zarry.

    • mailee says

      I completely agree!! Harry and Louis look like brothers and this Blind could be Zarry, Perrie is rumored to be a lesbian so who knows…

  37. mialawliet says

    I think this goes without saying, to be honest. I don’t even think it’s a secret anymore. Everybody and their aunt knows.

  38. Snowhitegloxx says

    Definitely Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They act like they couldn’t survive apart. So sweet! Larry is real.

    First time posting but I love this website! U did a really good job!

  39. forevermeansnever says

    Wow. Ace, now Blanda has opened her instagram profile. I’m sick of her getting the attention she doesn’t deserve. SOLVE the Joe Jonas blind item. Here all of us are begging you to and you’re not? Please just do it already. What else do we have to do for you to solve it?! This is getting annoying. HELP HIM.

  40. hsandlt says

    First time posting yay.
    Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.
    “One” Direction.
    Harry had been portrayed as a “womaniser” and has been pictured with girls, also recently having the Haylor stunt.

    But if not, perhaps Liam and Zayn, but not as much setup with girls.

  41. Mel1412_lxh says

    ok people so this is not about who you WANT to be dating in 1D or who you ship. Let’s see this objectively, which is the most known “bromance” since the very beginning? LARRY STYLINSON and there’s a lot of more proof, they’ve been subtly outed lots of times and people still think they’re straight lol this is just too obvious. It’s Louis & Harry.

  42. whatsthecraic says

    Honestly don’t understand how anyone could think this is about any two members of 1D besides Harry and Louis. Their chemistry is insane and there’s legions of proof- for one the dumb PR stunts Harry’s forced through and the sketchy fake relationship Louis is stuck in, and then there was that time they kissed in a bar in Australia and that time Louis went out on Halloween with white face makeup and the next day it was all over Harry’s hair…honestly could go on forever, how could you actually think this is about Zarry or Ziam or something when Larry is…larry hahahah

    Waiting on 1D to drop Modest

  43. kismet307 says

    Harry and Louis – One Direction. All the height difference notations across the web is clearly how they look different. Too bad this one will not be solved for some time as their management company keeps them well hidden in the closet.

  44. thelarrystylinsoneffect says

    Are you guys seriously it’s saying Niall and Harry? What? I can’t even.. it’s obviously Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. We have enough proof already blind gossip, we already knew Haylor was fake, and obviously the “Boybanders Are Hiding A Secret” gossip item is obviously about One Direction too. Might as well let this item be solved already.I mean, not that we already knew Louis and Harry were dating..

  45. ali says

    The “Under-25” part is a clear X Factor reference. On the show they have an “Over-25” category (called the Over 28s in England, but the idea is the same)

  46. ShadyLarry says

    first post here so bear with me but Louis and Harry from 1D but Ill give it a year or two to get solved cause their kinda at the high peak of their career.

  47. ONIT says

    Stylinson is what I thought too.
    Sulkin/(Henrie is an intriguing thought though.
    Pattinson is already 26. To make it more clear, he’s not under-25. 😉

  48. sabrina325 says

    Chord Overstreet & Darren Criss from Glee? Criss is turning 26 in Feb, but at the time of the blind he’s still 25.

  49. ashleyelizabeth says

    IT’S CRISSCOLFER (Darren Criss & Chris Colfer) OR HOBRIEN (Dylan O’brien & Tyler Hoechlin) I’M CALLING IT IT HAS TO BE ONE OF THEM OH MYGOD

  50. thelasthigh says

    ACE – Your Boybanders Are Hiding A Secret blind item only says the boys are in a sexual relationship. Is it a romance as well, or just sex? Is the relationship ongoing? It’s a popular blind item and I’m sure the readers would like an update. I know I would!

  51. scarlettone says

    I’m going to go with Davie Henrie/Greg Sulkin. I knew it was probably a more obscure pairing. Plus, I assumed that Henrie was gay. As far as 1Direction goes: Harry is straight or maybe bi but leans more towards being straight. Louis (closeted has a full time beard), Niall/Zayne – completely straight. Liam? Most likely straight. Trust me on this..none of the 1Direction dudes are a couple and won’t be pairing up. This comes from someone who isn’t even a fan.

  52. therealone says

    Don’t quite understand how this wouldn’t be about One Direction? 
    The use of the word “One” to me says enough. 

    Suddenly it’s about two actors, huh? 

    Project: Boy Band

    A Couple of Years: 
    One Direction have been together for almost three years I believe?

    Harry Styles has been “Set up with girls” I mean this is clearly proven on YOUR own site.

    But if I went with you telling me this Item is about the two actors.
    You usually put in your items stating they are actors right away.

    Also, I can’t really think of two Actors
    •under the ages of 25
    •on the same project for a couple of years
    •in which young girls fight over who is cuter and who they’d want to marry

    Honestly, girls only want to Marry young  SINGERS and HEARTTHROBS.

    But since you are telling me it’s two actors. It must be then.

    • rosiedoes says

      Because Blind Gossip are the originators and if they tell you they’re not writing about a specific subject or person they know that it’s the truth because it’s their blind item to begin with?

      To say, “How can it not be about X?” is like someone saying, “What’s your favourite colour?” and you saying, “Red,” and they say, “Nah, I don’t think that’s right – I think it’s blue.”

  53. reginageorge says

    since when did you guys start specifying when an article ISNT about someone?

    regardless, i still believe this is about harry & louis

    • callmedave says

      “Notting” is fairly common in blind items. It rules out obvious candidates and makes you think a bit harder.

      Having said that, I don’t have any other ideas so I’ll go with the Teen Wolf suggestion since Chris Colfer hasn’t been involved in any bearding situations, but for variety I will say Tyler Hoechlin and Colton Haynes.

      • ady7392 says

        I know what “notting” is. I got used to it way back with Ted. It’s a bit unusual for a poster to add it AFTER the blind has already been posted. Just a bit weird.

        That being said Tyler and Colton make sense…but i still have my doubts.

    • WhatLolaWants says

      It’s BG’s blind. I’m not a fan of OneD, so I would have nevered guessed them. If people woudldn’t have guessed them, I probably wouldn’t see the clues. If Ace is updating, it might mean he(?) want’s people to stop guessing them because it is completely wrong.

  54. Raito says

    I first thought Darren Criss and Chris Colfer. They’re performers and actors, have been working together since late 2010. And they do not look alike.
    Chris Colfer has been saying lately that most of his fans are young girls; who would like to “turn him”, even. The only thing that makes me doubt is that he’s never been in the closet to begin with, and nobody believes that Darren Criss is straight anyway. Even though in the item it doesn’t say that these two guys are closeted.
    As for the girls’ setups, there’s only one obvious beard in this story.

    But what about those two guys from Teen Wolf? Have they been linked to many girls? If so, it’s probably them.

    If it’s neither, I give up. I have no idea.

  55. realmccoy18 says

    well if it’s about tv then it could be about some of those boys on teen wolf…or that old stand by chance crawford and the other one who’s name alludes me at the moment…

  56. says

    PLOT TWISTTTTT. David Henrie and Greg whats his face don’t seem like a great fit, they look pretty similar. Also everyone on glee is old as hell. I was thinking two guys from PLL, but all the guys on PLL are oldd. THE TWO GUYS FROM AWKWARD OMG WHAT IVE DONE NO RESEARCH AND HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THEM TOGETHER but it’s a new show, one has dark hair one is blonde, the fanbase is split down the middle on which one is more attractive and better to be with and THERE IS TOTALLY A PICTURE OF THEM PLAYING VIDEO GAMES LIKE THAT THEY ARE ALWAYS PLAYING VIDEO GAMES.

    • crystalbluee says

      yeah i thought it could be them too but guys from awkward never had any public outings with girls… soo no fake girlfriends.

  57. shanzibarus says

    I don’t believe for a second that this isn’t about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. You gave too many clues, all of which pointing to them to blatantly this might as well have not been a blind. Modest have caught sight of this. “Delusions” and “stanning” aside, this is a coverup. I’m sorry, but I refuse to believe otherwise.

  58. Brezza says

    Hi! first time poster :)
    I’m still go for Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, but you’re the boss, Ace. Big Time Rush or wizards of waverly place, maybe?

    The good thing is, you kind of confirmed the “Boybanders are hiding a secret” one were about One Direction, and that definitely is about Larry!

  59. patsymine says

    Well… I guess everyone who guessed these guys will need to re-think. Very sneaky, Ace. Your clues and timing screamed One Direction. You never mentioned they were actors until now.

    Teen Wolf actors? Tyler and Dylan?

  60. Abi says

    I’m so thrown by that update. The only TV show I can think of that has a ‘young girls’ audience (as opposed to teenagers) is Glee, which would fit with the ‘project’ thing. But I can’t think of two under-25 actors to pair up… Gonna have to do some more digging.

  61. madmaddie328 says

    I wanted to say Colin Morgan and Bradley James, but they aren’t under 25. I would say someone off of The Glee Project. Maybe Teen Wolf? I can’t really think of any popular tv shows that have under 25-year-old actors

  62. daphene_golden says

    We’re pretty sure it’s David Henrie and Gregg Sulkin from the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place.

  63. Steeph says

    Two actors? Oh my god could it be Darren Criss and Chris Colfer?
    I know it doesn’t fit the description perfectly but it would be amazing :O

  64. h_c93 says

    IDK dude, if there are hints pointing to something, I’m not catching them. None of what I’ve thought of matches up to the blind. A tv show very popular with young adults that has been around for a few years, with at least two “cute” boys in it who young girls MAY fawn over, and the boys have had public girlfriends. hmm…vague! Right now, all I’m getting is Glee and Teen Wolf.
    Glee: none of the guys have had very public set ups with girls, that I know of…
    Teen Wolf: I’ve heard that Colton Hayes and Tyler Posey were together, so maybe them?

    Apparently Gregg and David from Wizards of Waverly Place have been dating for years, so maybe it’s them?

    Am I totally crazy if I said I still thought this was about 1D? It’s REALLY suspicious that you would make sure to tell us that it was NOT about them after most people assumed it was, when I don’t think I’ve ever seen you do that before. Especially since it’s fairly obvious that their management team controls what is published about them, and are very obviously trying to make the boys seem as straight as possible. IDK I’m just saying it’s fishy.

  65. Me Talk Pretty says

    Wizards of Waverly place has been off the air for a year now, and it has more of a teen/tween audience than young adult.

    I vote the guys from Awkward.

  66. vampasdesired says

    Well, I still think it’s about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson and I guess it either got updated because Modest paid a lot of money or because it’s supposed to be about another couple, but it’s still the same for Larry. Not even my homophobic grandpa can deny that they are in love, soo

  67. hannahjones says

    glee deffo maybe….
    could be teen wolf, i like that idea.. tyler hoechillin and dylan o’brien maybe?