Full Of Excuses

excuses 1[Blind Gossip] This Actress has found success in both TV and films. Some people think she is beautiful. Some people don’t. The one characteristic upon most would agree is that she presents as relentlessly cheerful, enthusiastic, and upbeat.

That’s just the presentation. She is actually very depressed right now… and has started drinking and doing dr*gs.

She knows that she has a problem, but she refuses to go to reh*b. Her concerned friends have tried talking to her, but to no avail. Her excuses include: a new project coming up, producers to please, interviews to do, a baby to take care of, and her belief that reh*b centers don’t really help.

So, next time you see her in one of her energetic TV interviews, just know that all that energy may not be coming naturally. It may be coming from a little white pile of powder.

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  1. SD says

    I take back my Sarah Michelle Gellar guess.
    Could it be Christina Applegate?
    Success in both TV and films.
    “Some people think she is beautiful. Some people don’t” = Some ‘Most Beautiful People’ magazine titles.
    Definitely energetic & upbeat in interviews, particularly during her cancer diagnosis.
    “Presents” & “Presentation” = Popular SNL appearances.
    “Concerned friends” = ‘Friends’ cameo.
    “New project coming up” = Online clothing site for kids
    “Producers to please, interviews to do” = Her current TV show ‘Up All Night’.
    “A baby to take care of” = Has a 2 year old and her character in ‘Up All Night’ also has an infant child.

  2. sweeeeet says

    what tv show has Drew Barrymore Kate Hudson or Uma Thurman done, though? SJP has done tv and movies. I’m going with her

    • murdoch says

      Kate Hudson just did a nine episode arc on Glee before Xmas, Uma Thurman had a short stint on Smash last season.

  3. chachachabigdaddy says

    Not Drew Barrymore. Her new project doesn’t involve “producers”–would lead me to think the person in this blind has a music, tv, or film project coming up. I will say Katherine Heigl because I can’t stand Katherine Heigl.

  4. Ooohnss says

    Amy Adams comes to mind. I don’t know if she has done tv but she is always a bit manic looking in interviews.

  5. bestsofar says

    I’m on board with Drew Barrymore, she recently said in an interview, “I need an excuse to pull it together for my man.” Clue being “excuses”?

  6. clareb30 says

    My Guess Christina Aguilera, TV The Voice, Films Burlesque etc, Beautiful is the name of her song she also has a child and is bigger than she used to me !!! All seems to point to her

    • lavielove92 says

      I think if it was her singing wouldve been mentioned. but then again i just hope its not *fingers crossed*

  7. lavielove92 says

    A spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancee, nothing of that sort is ever mentioned only friends being concerned. so my best guess would be someone single…..sandra bullock?!

  8. kermit1969 says

    Jennifer Garner fits the bill- Alias for TV, and her film work etc. Also newborn baby cheating husband and she looked much thinner in her beautiful dress at the Golden Globes than she has in paparazzi shots of her and Ben. Of course I hope I am wrong and it is that vacuous Kate Hudson but she has done drugs and drank for years so I find it hard to believe she would all of a sudden become an addict.

  9. rosiedoes says

    The only one that sprung to mind is Neve Campbell. Always played rather miserable characters, but she seems to be cheerful herself.

  10. GingerNaps says

    Call me kookoo, but the word ‘which’ is missing from the Blind: “the one characteristic upon most would agree” ~ should be ‘upon which’ ~ so I think it’s someone who’s played a witch on TV. Melissa Joan Hart has a new baby, but maybe she hasn’t made movies….. Wait! Neve Campbell played a witch…..

  11. bunnymother says

    These are some funny guesses! Since when is Drew Barrymore’s beauty quesyionable?!?! She’s a goddamn Cover Girl!!! And she’s been drinking for years, so there’s no “starting to drink.”

    And “remember Andrea Yates?” Yates had postpartum psychosis, not postpartum depression. Postpartum psychosis is rare. You don’t kill your babies if you have postpartum depression! There is so much misunderstood about mentail illness, it makes me furious and sad.

    My guess is for SJP, with full of excuses referring to no excuses in the jeans episode of SATC. But she had twin 3 year olds, they’d be called toddlers not babies. Ok guess it’s Katherine Heigl.

  12. ElectricGypsy says

    The first name that jumped into my head, was: Drew Barrymore.
    She is relentlessly upbeat and cheerful in interviews, to the point it
    makes a person want to hurl!
    She has a young baby girl at home, and she has several new projects she has worked on.
    Drew had a starring role on a TV Show called, “2000 Malibu Road” – so that covers her TV criteria.
    Drew is not shy about letting people know she drinks….and has, in fact, started her own winery!!
    She has a long history of addiction, and this wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    I doubt it’s Katherine Heigl or Kate Hudson, since neither of them are especially “positive, upbeat and super happy”
    in interviews.

  13. jokerchick says

    Am I the only one that considers SJP’s little ones babies? I wouldn’t rule her out just bc they’re technically toddlers; some people call kids under 3 a baby lol

  14. SD says

    I lingered on this possibility also. She’s definitely the top of the list in terms of “relentlessly cheerful, enthusiastic, & upbeat”, fits the ‘beautiful or not’ category, has a baby to look after, will be doing press soon for Mud & Devil’s Knot, & has a new project slatted for 2013 in the form of duet with Michael Buble. However, you’re right, voicing ‘Monsters vs Alien’ & her ‘Friends’ cameo don’t really qualify as having found success in TV.

  15. kim1971 says

    I remember Reese played Jennifer Aniston’s sister in Friends. I think this is a great guess because not everyone thinks she’s pretty. My 2nd guess was Kate Hudson because she just had a baby & she’s super thin but I think most people thinks shes pretty….so I guess I’m gonna have to go with my 3rd choice…Drew Barrymore…just had a baby, was on TV & films, has a lot of projects going on right now & some think she’s beautiful & others don’t. I’m hoping that it’s not Drew due to the fact she’s had drug issues in the past but maybe that’s why she doesn’t think rehab works. Sad!!!

  16. Shannon says

    She was on Friends as Rachel’s sister for two episodes, but I don’t know if that counts as success in TV.

  17. bellerose says

    SJP’s kids aren’t babies anymore, and blind says “baby”, hinting that the BI has only one young child.

  18. Harry Callahan says

    I agree, “relentlessly cheerful, enthusiastic and upbeat” describes Drew Barrymore accurately.

    “This celebrity doesn’t want to go to rehab because of her belief that rehab centers don’t work,” suggests that our celebrity of interest has been to rehab before. Drew qualifies.

    “Next time you see her in one of her energetic TV interviews,” qualifies her since she is doing the Oprah interview.

  19. dee123 says

    NOPE. She went to rehab famously when she was young and found it did work. So why would she now think otherwise???

  20. Shannon says

    I don’t think it’s Drew. Seems like the blind would have mentioned her former drug abuse if it was her.

  21. MyCatLovesTV says

    Maybe I’m weird (well, yeah, I am) but I can’t imagine people thinking Kate Hudson was anything but beautiful.

  22. sabrina325 says

    I think it could be her. She has had success with TV as she was an executive producer of ‘The George Lopez Show’. Also the fact that no mention is made of a spouse or partner makes me think this is a single parent.

  23. ssslithering says

    Couldn’t be Heigl. She has no friends to worry about her. And with an ego like hers, I don’t think she fits the bill. That girl has thought she was hot shit since birth, what an amazing feeling that must be. She was mean and cocky back when she was a teenager in Connecticut. I used to do a few sports with her. She sucked HARD. Too much to condense in order to elaborate – but she definitely is too impressed with herself to fit this profile. 99.9% not her. Good luck Heigi, you really do suck and I feel like it’s going catch up to you eventually. In the meantime…

  24. doodadoo says

    I agree that two is a bit old to be considered a “baby,” but the mention of excuses reminds me of her “Bridesmaids” character heckling Annie when she goes into depression about her making excuses for her failures instead of doing something about it. Her husband, Ben Falcone, is also a producer so that clue fits, and she’s been in numerous successful movies and is a main character on the hit TV show “Mike and Molly.” Definitely not a conventional beauty, and I’d say she always comes across as upbeat. I’d hate for it to be her though, she seems so wonderful and down to earth.