No Show At The Awards Show

taylor swift 2[Blind Gossip] One awards show is a little different from the others in that they make lots of calls before the show to ensure that the winning celebs will show up for the televised awards ceremony. They want them to walk the red carpet, make a nice speech on stage, and pose for the cameras with trophy in hand.

This method works, because the winners usually all do show. Just about the only reasons for not showing up are severe illness, childbirth, or being halfway around the world for another scheduled commitment.

This year, as in previous years, lots of big celebrities – including Robert Downey Jr. and Taylor Swift – were there! They all found time in their busy work and travel schedules to attend. In fact, there were very, very few no-shows. One exception was Meryl Streep, who, presenters explained, was home with the flu.

But there was another no-show who went completely unexplained. This celebrity was actually in the Los Angeles area and certainly could have gone to the ceremony… but didn’t. The celebrity later said that they had absolutely no idea that they had even won an award.

Wow. That’s really awful that the awards show would commit such a terrible oversight and neglect to call this one winner. And that must be what happened, right? After all, this celebrity never lies about anything.

Awards Show:


Reason they didn’t show up:

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  1. fluxflux says

    Peoples choice awards, Demi Lovato.

    Taylor Swift, Robert Downey Jr, Meryl Streep and Demi Lovato all won awards. Meryl wasn’t at the awards.

  2. Whatzmyname says

    Demi Lovato is supposedly in rehab but checked out early (‘she never lies’) and is pretending to still be in rehab whilst hiding out at home. (This according to another gossip site. She has done this before. Stayed a few days in rehab and then preteneding to still be there whilst vacationing in mexico.