Relationship Runway Rant

private jet 7SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This Girl is furious about her most recent failed relationship! Her anger is directed at two parties in particular: the guy with whom she recently broke up; and her management team, for getting her into this relationship in the first place.

While her jet was being readied to whisk her off to her next location, she ranted to a friend about the coupling. She is mad at the guy because she feels that he didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. She called him a “F*cking idiot!” and “A bad actor” and complained that “He didn’t even f*cking try!” to make them look like a real couple. This is especially infuriating to her because his management team was the one that originally hatched the plan to set them up.

She is also mad at her management team because this is not the first time they have set her up in a relationship that went wrong. When her friend questioned her why she continued to allow herself to be set up, she went ballistic.

“Why?! Why?! Because we need the f*ing publicity, that’s why! And instead of getting good publicity, now I look like a f*cking slut!” She finished the conversation by declaring, “I’m done! I am never doing this again! I am ready to quit this whole f*cking thing!”

The entire time she was saying this, Our Girl was pacing up and down near the runway, yelling and crying and gesturing to emphasize her fury. That’s a far cry from the sweet, together girl you see during performances and TV interviews.

Oh, and given all this, we think it’s safe to say that this couple is never getting back together.



taylor swift harry stylesSOLVED!

It’s Taylor Swift and Harry Styles! Source:

Oh, Taylor. You silly, silly girl! How many more times are you going to engage in these PR relationships?

This little rant took place in the U.S. as Taylor was coming in from another country. Her plane had to stop for refueling, and Taylor used that time to pace around yelling into her phone.

A few notes to Tay Tay, who we hear reads BG:

1. Sweetie, the bodyguards that surround you don’t provide a magic invisibility shield or a soundproof shield.  It might help to remember that the next time you are in a public place.

2. You’re worth more than $50 million, and you get publicity every time you so much as fart. How much more publicity do you need?

3. You are an adult. Nobody is forcing you to go out with a new male celebrity every fifteen minutes. Nobody is forcing you to do photos ops coming out of hotels in the morning. If you don’t want people to think of you as a slut, stop pretending to be one.

4. The “good girl gets her heart broken by a bad guy and then writes a song about it” thing is played out. Time for a new schtick.

5. Act your age. Date your age. Oh, and try to date straight boys. They might actually like you.

Everybody got this right, as well you should have! The most obvious clue was “never getting back together”.

Congratulations to NeedToKnow, who was first!

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45 comments to Relationship Runway Rant

  • tvbuff

    Just to be a little different: Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhall (sp?). Taylor Swift and Harry Styles don’t need the publicity. Jake and Katie have not been in the news lately.

  • lovingthegays15

    Girl: Taylor Swift
    Boy: Harry Styles

  • MLBfan

    The more I hear about Taylor Swift, the more she sounds like an insufferable airheaded c**t. I don’t know how any of her “boyfriends” put up with her.

  • WellbeaDream

    I really do think it’s Taylor Swift and Harry, but maybe she said all of this and didn’t actually mean it… ’cause apparently they got back together. To me she is a pushover so if they really got ‘back together’ I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • fearlessyvonne

    taylor swift and harry styles.

  • happyhour

    So this was pretty clearly Swifty even before it became a solved item, but I’m curious as to how it became solved today? Did BG just decide to reveal the truth to get Taylor to sort her love life out?
    Either way, I love seeing new solved items!!

  • Virgo826

    WOW, Ace, why ya gotta be so mean to Swifty? Tough love, right? Her “schtick” may be getting tired for some of us, but 5mil+ Red albums sold say it hasn’t hit its expiration date yet. So while sound advice, I anticipate we’ll hear a “You got no Style” song in an about 24 months, and we will hate to love it just as much as the rest of her songs. (And Tay if ur reading this, feel free to use that song title…I promise not to sue for royalties)

  • thelasthigh

    Is Harry in a relationship? Last we heard about him was that he was screwing Louis, but does he have a boyfriend? Can we get a blind on that?

    And what about Louis and Harry seeming distant lately? Trouble in paradise, has the sexual relationship soured, or just trying to dispel rumours?

    • avantlove

      Not trying to be rude, but have you been paying attention at all to Louis and Harry recently? They’ve pretty much been all over each other lately. They definitely don’t seem distant at all.
      And Harry does have a boyfriend – Louis.

    • klouf87

      There are a gazillion blinds about those two.

  • “Oh, and try to date straight boys. They might actually like you.”
    Want some cold water for that burn, Taylor?

  • LooLoo

    I think what a lot of celebrities don’t get is that there’s a concept called too much publicity. When’s the last time anyone cared about Paris Hilton? She was overexposed and overplayed. Stars who last don’t get non-stop photo ops like that. They actually put effort into avoiding being overexposed.

  • clara

    Please tell what’s going on with Harry and his relationship. Who is his boyfriend?

  • TJ

    I knew it! Now Ace why don’t you solve Boybanders are hiding a secret blind because I am 110% sure it’s about Harry and Louis…it’s is so Obvious it’s about them!

  • easter

    hmmm… just a thought, but maybe taylor doesn’t like boys? maybe that’s why she’s always in these silly beard relationships.

  • klouf87

    Oh, Taylor, if you’re reading this honey, you’re an idiot and a laughing stock.

  • NoahAllie

    .. i think taylor is going to write a song about Ace..

  • Warrior1461

    Swift needs to just stop dating for awhile, stop with the PR relationships and maybe write something besides boyfriends.

  • asdfghjkl


  • Elle_Louise

    I hope Taylor and Harry see this lol

  • larrystylinshipper

    Hah, first time here and I already LOVE blindgossip. Taylor Swift is a beard and Harry Styles is gay & already taken by his bandmate. Their management sucks.

  • redhead

    Everybody knows Tay Tay cray..

  • Myrto

    “Oh, and try to date straight boys.” I’m guessing that Taylor’s next single will be called “He likes boys.”

  • feelsthisright

    Right now we’re just waiting to solve “Boys Banders Are Hiding A Secret”.
    We love you so much, Ace!

  • not so hipster

    Everyone knows Harry can’t act haha

  • step1128

    Ilysm!! You just made my life by confirming Larry Stylinson! <3

  • pratty4ever

    Ha! I love you Ace! “Try to date a straight guy next time.” To all the dumb, dumb people that STILL think Harry is straight… PLEASE COME TO THIS WEBSITE AND READ THIS AND ALL THE OTHER STUFF! Thanks so much Ace!

  • larrysecrets

    We all know Harry’s gay at this point unless you’re in denial.

  • larry_forever

    5. Act your age. Date your age. Oh, and try to date straight boys. They might actually like you. ‘Try to date straight boys’ oooh see Harry is not straight, he’s gay.

  • Elle_Louise

    joe jonas and chord overstreet are also rumoured to be gay. For someone who talks and sings so much about love you would think that she would try to find real love instead of bearding… so crazy!

  • picklepops

    Harry’s never pretended to be hetero. He just never comments either way (but tweets pics of rainbow skittles and flirting with guys).

  • iShipLarry

    Because Harry get more pussies than anybody and he don’t even like it and he’s commited to Louis Tomlinson 😀

  • iShipLarry

    did you saw Louis’ photos when Haylor is on, he’s been drunk almost everyday and after the Haylor thingy Louis’ photos looks like he’s in the air and, last 3 words “Larry Is Real” 😀

  • sportygirl8994

    haha yea if you notice in past interivews when being asked about Larry Stylinson it is usually Louis who answers or replies. I think its because Harry is a bad liar and Louis is a bit of an actor.