Fired Or Quit

quit job[Blind Gossip] Did she get fired or did she quit? We don’t a simple answer to that… but we do have the complete answer! Technically, she quit. But it was because the price of staying was too high.

Here is the situation: She wasn’t drawing as many viewers as they hoped she would. She wasn’t great in her role at the show. She didn’t create the hoped-for drama. She cost them a huge amount of money. But she still is a very, very big star.

So this is how the renegotiation went: “We want you back… if you’re willing to take a 50% pay cut.

Now, if your boss said, “You can keep your job… if you let us cut your pay in half,” what would you do?

That gave her an out. She found the gig emotionally draining, but was under contract for a huge amount of money. If they cut her pay, her team couldn’t fight her decision to quit the show. She wouldn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of a pay cut. She could easily use the excuse of wanting to get back to her primary occupation as her reason for leaving.

Nobody’s embarrassed. The show got a boost from her. She got a ton of money for a few months work. Everybody parts on good terms. Everybody wins.

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