Together Apart Together

couple 8[Blind Gossip] This celebrity couple split a couple of years ago. While the media didn’t cover every nuance of their division, it was definitely ugly behind the scenes. So we were very surprised to hear that this pretty blonde actress and her ex-husband have been privately spending a a lot of time together recently… and are considering taking their reunion public. While it would certainly bring publicity to their respective projects, we hope that publicity is not the primary reason for the hook up.

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  1. AJI says

    Could be Duchovny/ Leoni but I do not think so. No one has heard of Leoni as of late and I do not think she has a real project she could publicize so.. I am going with Locklear/Sambora, after their split life went downhill for both of them.

  2. ladyintheradiatorx says

    Sean Penn and Robin Wright both have projects in the works and they’ve been on-and-off a good amount…