All-American Girl and Golden Boy

couple dating 3[Blind Gossip] She’s an All-American actress, he’s a Golden Boy actor. Rumors about them as a new couple have been making for some interesting headlines.

So here’s the low-down on their relationship: They are just friends, people! Yes, they have been hanging out together. But there is a really good reason why they would never actually “date” date: He has a Significant Other. Who definitely isn’t an actress. But who definitely acts.

What would his Ex-Girlfriend say about all this? Not much. She knows that they are never getting back together.

So the next time you see All-American and Golden Boy hanging out together, know that they definitely aren’t doing anything intimate. They each just don’t mind making some headlines the day after hanging out with an attractive, famous, age-appropriate (for a change), “eligible” member of the opposite sex who lives in the same city.

All-American Actress:

Golden Boy Actor:

Significant Other:

Golden Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend:

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