Why These Friends Are Fighting

[Blind Gossip] This famous actress and her husband filed for divorce, but they have been able to remain friendly throughout the process. Part of the reason is that he still holds out hope of getting back together with her.

However, that doesn’t seem likely. The actress is juggling two boyfriends. Last year it was one of her costars and a non-famous guy. This year it is another one of her costars and the same non-famous guy.

This very active dating life has resulted in some friction with one of her close female friends.

The friend has an active dating life as well, but she has always kept it to one guy at a time. She disapproves of the actress’ habit of dating two guys at once and dating guys she works with… all while still stringing her ex along. She thinks that it makes the actress look foolish and unprofessional and is confusing to the actress’ child/ren. The two have gotten into some fierce arguments about it, and it has put a serious strain on their once-close friendship.


First Costar:

Second Costar:


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