Either They Go Or I Go

[Blind Gossip] This celebrity couple – both actors – has been married for several years, has one or more kids, and usually gets along pretty well. There’s an exception to that, though, and it is terrifying the wife.

He sometimes drinks. When he drinks, he sometimes gets argumentative. When he gets drunk, he sometimes gets angry. And when he gets drunk and angry, he tends to blame his wife for whatever is bothering him.

It gets worse. Sometimes when he gets drunk and angry, he pulls out one of his guns. He owns more than one. It’s usually not loaded, and heĀ  just waves it around and yells, but this is enough to scare the wife.

When he sobers up, he always apologizes, and always promises that he would never hurt her or the kids. He’s actually very nice and rather mild-mannered guy when he’s not drinking, and she believes that he wold never intentionally hurt her or the kids. However, she doesn’t like having guns in the house and she is tired of feeling scared. A couple of weeks ago, she gave him an ultimatum: “Either the guns go, or I go. And if I go, I’m taking the kids with me.”

Maybe today will be the day he makes a decision.

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