Why The Good Girl Beards It Up

[Blind Gossip] This popular young celebrity is pretty and personable and every marketer’s dream. Most marketers would flinch, though, if one of her darkest secrets was to come to light.

There was a time when she actually dated guys in whom she was genuinely interested. One of these guys was a celebrity. Like other Good Girls before her, she fell hard for him, and had a physical relationship with him. But he was just using her. She was crushed when she figured that out. Even worse, she was pregnant.

There was never a question about her having the baby. Both she and her team were absolutely panic-stricken at thought of America’s Good Girl bearing a child out of wedlock by America’s Biggest Jerk.

The baby was terminated, the couple broke up, and she went back to being America’s Good Girl. It’s one of the reasons her team has been so eager since then to have her beard for gay male celebrities since then. It’s much, much safer that way.

America’s Good Girl:

America’s Biggest Jerk:

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  1. Mel1412_lxh says

    idk i really think is Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas, i think she was really in love with him and well… Joe is big jerk (oh and i think he might be bi)

  2. Newnewsfriend says

    Could we please have confirmation on this one?? I think everybody’s got it right by a landslide.

  3. alwaystreble says

    Taylor Swift and John Mayer. He knocked her up and now she acts as a beard. Used to be for Harry Styles but they didn’t get along whatsoever, and Harry hates the idea of a beard. He just wants to come out. Taylor was a little too immature for his likings. Her management loved the limelight though and the wonderful press her most recent singles received.