He’s Really Into Twinkies

[Blind Gossip] It’s too bad that Hostess is going out of business, because this funny actor is really into Twinkies.

Although he has done tons of films and television shows, this actor is best known for his role on a successful sitcom that ended a few years ago. Despite the success of that show, he keeps working. In fact, he has starring roles in more than one project next year.

Like many Hollywood actors, he has been married and has dated beautiful women.

Those are all for show.

He is actually into boys. He likes them young (although not underage) and small in stature and hairless. Basically, he likes twinks who look exactly the opposite of him. He spends a good amount of his time and money on young rent boys in Hollywood.

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111 comments to He’s Really Into Twinkies

  • rhonda

    I want to submit Billy Crystal.Except I know he hasn’t dated beautiful women. I know Soap ended more than a few years ago. And hosting the Oscars and that movie he was in was 2012, not 2013. I just still want to submit him here.

  • cassadaga

    I thought of Jim Belushi.

    Yes side: “According to Jim” seemed fairly popular, he’s done tons of kids’ films (“Snow Buddies”, “Tugger: The 4×4 Jeep Who Wanted to Fly”, “Scooby Doo” and he’s in “Dorothy of Oz” coming out this year). He’s also hairy.

    No side: He’s 5’11 and quite broad, so he’s pretty big. He’s also currently married to a woman and the wording of the blind makes me think the person’s not married at this moment but has been before.

    • cassadaga

      Just realised he’s supposed to be big, so that’s another one on the “yes” side for me!