Troubled Son

[Hollywood Street King] Today’s Blind Item is the troubled 32-year-old son of a popular Detroit female singer/preacher from the legendary gospel group The Clark Sisters – reported to be spiraling out of control on drugs and alcohol.

He’s gone from being a back-up singer to Chaka Khan, to living in Vegas on his mothers tab. Mom is said to be unaware of his addictions, and unknowingly sponsoring our mystery man’s drug habit.

Sources say ever since our blind item’s mother was hospitalized from overdosing on diet pills, she’s spoiled her son.

That could be why our mystery man’s mother reportedly plans to leave him everything when she dies. It’s the reason that caused concern for many. Know why? Because sources say some are afraid he’ll squander his inheritance on drugs, women and alcohol.

I’m told when his mother was away from her Detroit home, our blind item threw a hometown bash – after packing up and leaving Sin City for the Motor City, where he sparked a group *rgy in his mother’s blessed home. That’s when our mystery man is said to have then smoked cr*ck till the sun came up.

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