Reeking Victoria


[New York Post] Which high-profile guest arrived at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after-party reeking of pot?


It’s Justin Bieber! Source:

Justin Bieber is a huge pothead, and he loves hanging with the models. He showed up to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show party stoned out of his mind and reeking as if he had just emerged from a bong-a-thon.

The models hung all over him anyway. Yes, even supermodels are willing to cut through the reek to cure their Bieber Fever!

One special girl – Barbara Palvin – even managed to score a few dates with The Biebs (much to the chagrin of Selena Gomez). For details, see Someone Else Was Jingling His Bells.

Models, marijuana, and millions: it’s a Bieber thing!

Everybody got this one right! Congratulations to ValleyOfTheGalls, who was first!


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