Nobama Girl

[Blind Gossip] This beautiful female celebrity comes from rather humble beginnings. She has been quite vocal about supporting one presidential candidate this election cycle. To our surprise, though, she is actually voting for the other candidate!

Why would she say one thing but do the other? She told close friends that in order to get work in her profession, supporting Barack Obama is practically required. But she is very worried about the economy and the impact that it has had on her family and her non-famous friends over the past few years, and believes that voting for Mitt Romney is that only way that things will improve.

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  1. Lizzie616 says

    My guess is Kerry Washington. She was on the Wendy Williams show saying how she was a member of some Obama campaign organization. She grew up in Queens, NY and is an actress (or actor as they now like to call themselves) and would need to appear to be a liberal to keep working in Hollywood.