Singer Has Been Cheating

[The People] Which singer has been cheating on his long-term girlfriend…with a man?



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8 comments to Singer Has Been Cheating

  • onesigherection

    boyfriend: Liam Payne
    girlfriend: Danielle Peazer

  • larryisobvsreal

    Louis Tomlinson
    Eleanor Calder?

  • megasaurus

    Liam Payne
    Danielle Peazer
    Louis and Eleanors relationship isnt even that, a relationship.

  • larryisobvsreal

    Singer: Louis Tomlinson
    Girlfriend: Eleanor Calder (But I think to have been cheated on you can’t be a beard oops) pLEASE SOLVE THIS (:

  • OOI95

    I don’t think is 1D.
    Cause Louis is dating Harry, and Eleanor is just a beard.
    This blind mentions that the GAY GUY is third party.
    Since Louis and Harry are in the relationship for years. Eleanor is the third party. LOL.
    Conclusion: It’s not Elounor.

  • vashappeninziam

    Singer: Liam Payne
    Girlfriend: Danielle Peazer

    They started dating during like xfactor. When this bg was first made, they had been dating for like 2 years? pretty long time. I thought liam was really committed to her but when the breakup started happening and when payzer 2.0 happened I could tell he wasn’t into her anymore he was definitely into someone else. The second time they got together was fake.

    Boyfriend: zm……. hehehe

  • So974

    Time to solve this, no ? Pleaseeeee :)

  • cara-delevagina

    I was thinking it’s Louis because “long-term girlfriend” is Eleanor, and they’ve bee together for about eight or nine months now… Does that count as long-term? idk

    and he’s obviously cheating with


    The problem with this article is that it doesn’t really give any information. So I wouldn’t know if it’s right, but I think


    Girlfriend: ELEANOR CALDER.

    Another thing is that, if the article doesn’t say that the girlfriend isn’t exactly famous (because let’s face it, Eleanor isn’t famous and hasn’t done anything to earn fame) so idk if it’s them.

    So I think it’s not them but it’s really all I know right now so lol oops

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