One Of You Will Know The Truth

[Blind Gossip] We have an important message for you to pass along to your teen/tween daughter. When she comes home one day in the near future sobbing because the young man she is crushing on is engaged to someone that isn’t her… we want you to reassure her that everything will be OK.

Tell her that he isn’t really getting married. Tell her that he doesn’t really love his fiancée. Tell her that it’s all a publicity stunt. Tell her that it’s just his team’s desperate attempt to convince people that he’s not gay.

She may not believe you. But at least one of you will know the truth!

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  1. Mel1412_lxh says

    it’s probably Louis Tomlinson and his “girlfriend” Eleanor Calder i think they’re going to make it seem like they’re getting married for us to believe Louis’ not gay and if it were Bieber maybe they would have said something about a famous girlfriend

  2. Catherine_ says isnt tagged as music , BUT it could be.. i dont think it is though, it just doesnt feel right i mean, more than 50% of musicians arent only gay or bi, but have interesting choices on their personal lifes and managements and labels want that as a secret it could be anyone.. but louis and eleanor is definitely without a doubt only a blind ( no pun intended ) person couldn’t see that and even so.

  3. ZouisEnchilada says

    Hmmm.. this is really hard. I am a HARDCORE LARRY SHIPPER, but it’s like.. They just did a thing on Payzer about this whole scandalous ordeal. Then again, THIS ONE hasn’t been solved yet, soooo….. BUT, there were rumors spreading about Payzer being a stunt when she was spotted leaving Modest! Headquarters sometime last year after they broke up. Could Liam and Zayn be gay together as well?

    About this time last year, there were also rumors about “Zerrie” (Zayn and Perrie) being a stunt to make her girl group sky rockets.

    I also VERY MUCH SO ship Ziam. (Zayn and Liam.)

    So, with that being said, it could have been either one if you think about it… hmmm…

    Tricky, because the fandom were talking about supposed rumors flying around about them some, but not as MUCH as Payzer…

    But, I guess now the scandal is over, because you have THIS: blind gossip article about Lou and Harry <3


    I made this account specifically to reply to all of these, and some others that I may know.

    Love blind gossip :) xx

  4. NoStalkersAllowed says

    It’s Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards
    How Do I Know? Thay Are Engaged Right Now But I Know It’s Fake Buh I Want Blind Gossip To Prove It. Plus it says Teen/Tween and most of directioners fall in that group

  5. confinedchemistry says

    100% it’s Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, now that we’ve gotten official engagement news recently…. you need to solve this one already! We need confirmation, damn it. 😉

  6. OOI95 says

    ‘He isn’t really getting married.’-Ring shopping but not engage. It’s Louis and Eleanor.
    ‘He is gay’-Louis
    Pls don’t forget that Eleanor is just a beard. Poor girl.

  7. alouisgirl says

    It’s about Elounor.

    There’s been many Blind Gossip articles about the two so i’m not surprised about this one.

    There were rumors that Louis was going to propose to Eleanor. There were also pictures of Eleanor trying on rings with Perrie, Louis, and Zayn.

    But of course, like all the other Blind Gossip articles about Larry, this one will never be solved.

  8. larrysecrets says

    This could be about Larry but it seems to apply more to Zayn/Ziam. I fully believe in Zerrie but it could happen.

  9. TheGirlWithTheCurls says

    okay so at first i thought,
    larry obviously.. but now
    im sorta thinking, zerrie.. which is sad bc they are so cute