The Next Pregnancy And The Real Reason


[Blind Gossip]  They do want to have more kids. And she is not taking on a high-profile project. So, is she pregnant or isn’t she pregnant?

The answer is no. She didn’t carry the first baby. So why in the world would she carry the next? Perhaps because the last pregnancy was a total PR mess? But if she can’t/won’t get pregnant on her own, they still have a couple of choices. They can either be more convincing the next time around (better SFX and more realistic acting)… or just admit that they are using a surrogate.

In either case,  the next baby is planned for late 2013/early 2014. And since they have some embryos left over from the last time, it will definitely be their baby biologically!

Oh, and the real reason she bailed out of that high-profile project? Because the director dissed her friend.

beyonce clint eastwoodSOLVED!

It’s Beyonce and Jay Z! Source: and ABCNews

Why did Beyonce bail out of  the remake of the film classic “A Star is Born”? She says it was because of a scheduling conflict. But that was a load of B.S…. or incredibly diplomatic.


Did one of President Barack Obama’s biggest celebrity fans drop out of an upcoming film with actor and director Clint Eastwood?

Variety reports that Beyonce Knowles has dropped out of the unmade Eastwood flick “A Star is Born,” citing scheduling conflicts, according to their sources.

The R&B singer recently hosted a mega fundraising bash with her husband, rapper Jay-Z on behalf of Obama’s campaign last month. And Beyonce also sang Etta James’ “At Last” for the Obamas “first dance” during the 2009 Inauguration.

Eastwood, who will direct the remake of the 1976 rock musical film, was cast into the lime light for a different reason in August. During a surprise appearance at the Republican National Convention, Eastwood delivered a rambling speech in which he spoke at length to a chair intended to represent an “invisible Obama.”

Beyonce was set to star in the upcoming film in the role once played by Barbara Streisand, and by Judy Garland in 1954.

The filmmaker has reportedly not yet settled on a male lead for the film.

Knowles’ publicist did not immediately return ABC News’ request for comment.

Beyonce and Jay Z were very upset with Clint Eastwood about his skit mocking Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention last year. Their loyalty to the Obamas was stronger than their desire to have Beyonce work with the Academy Award-winning director, so she dropped out of the film, citing a “scheduling conflict.”

The couple is ready for another child, although it is unclear who will be carrying the baby. As far as timing is concerned, it looks like it will happen in 2014.

Congratulations to everyone who had the correct guess!

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