Actress Doesn’t Know The Truth


[Blind Gossip] She is the daughter of a famous and talented actress. Although the daughter also trained to be an actress, she is under the illusion that she is scoring jobs on her own.

No one on her new television show has the heart to tell her that both her looks and her talent are mediocre at best, and that the main reason she was cast is because of her mother.

The daughter should brace herself now for the fact that her new show is going to be cancelled in its first season. Yes, it’s that bad. And she is that bad in it. You should change the channel on this one before it even starts.



TV Show:


It’s Mamie Gummer! Source:

Daughter: Mamie Gummer

Mother: Meryl Streep

TV Show: Emily Owens, MD

Well, that took an entire six weeks. Emily Owens, MD, we hardly knew ye. Before the show even aired, The Hollywood Reporter had a few choice things to say:

The CW’s annoying new hospital drama, starring Meryl Streep’s daughter Mamie Gummer, will be unbearable to any smart women who accidentally watch.

There is a moment in the new CW hospital drama Emily Owens M.D. when the main character, played by Mamie Gummer, says, “You must think I’m the most self-absorbed person in the world.”

It’s at this point, way beyond anyone’s level of tolerance, when any sane viewer will leap from the couch and scream: “Yes! Yes! I think that! For the love all things holy, stop talking!”


According to, although the show is cancelled, they will be burning off the rest of the episodes:

CW’s ‘Emily Owens’ Cancelled,Won’t Get Back Order But Will Air Produced Episodes

The CW won’t be going forward with freshman medical drama Emily Owens, MD. The network has opted not to pick up additional episodes from the series starring Mamie Gummer, which will wrap production on its 13-episode original order next week. The CW plans to air all produced episodes. The CW’s other two freshman dramas, Arrow and Beauty And The Beast, both received full-season orders. In its most recent airing last night, Emily Owens drew 1 million viewers and a 0.3/1 in adults 18-49, down a tenth from last week. While Arrow has been a breakout hit for the CW, posting big ratings as a 8 PM self-starter on Wednesdays, and Beauty & The Beast has benefited by having the CW’s flagship drama, The Vampire Diaries, as a lead-in, Emily Owens followed the lower-rated Hart Of Dixie, which contributed to it ranking as the CW’s lowest-rated new show.

Even Mamie’s stellar pedigree couldn’t get this turkey off the ground. Maybe her sister, Grace Gummer, will have better luck with her gig on The Newsroom.

If you would like to see a famous offspring who is working out well in her new job, check out Dakota Johnson (daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson)  in Ben & Kate. She’s good!

Congratulations to Zeep and everyone else who had the correct answer!

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