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[Blind Gossip] While relaxing in Florida a few weeks ago, this professional athlete spent the night at a club, drinking and openly flirting… with members of the same sex! Given that he used to be married to a very pretty actress, we now wonder if it was a faux marriage and she was simply serving as his beard.

tony parker 1SOLVED!

It’s Tony Parker! Source:

Now, we’re not saying that hunky Tony Parker of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs is gay. After all, he used to be married to the gorgeous Eva Longoria! And if you marry a beautiful, famous woman, you can’t be gay, right? Plus, there are photos of them kissing. And photos of them in bed together. Gay men don’t kiss women and lie in bed with them.

But our Tony definitely was acting all fun and flirty with some boys at a Miami bar last fall!

Hey, it’s hot in Miami! People only wear about half the amount of clothes they do elsewhere! And they drink a lot to stay cool. Maybe he drank a little too much that night? Maybe he just likes the attention? As an athlete, maybe he is comfortable having close physical contact with other men? Maybe he was just kidding around? Who knows? But the boys really like Tony, and Tony really seems comfortable with the boys.

We wonder if Eva Longoria felt like she had too much competition when they were married. It would be hard enough to be married to a professional athlete when lots of women are competing for his attention. It would be even worse if the men were flirting up a storm with him, too!

Congratulations to Awynhaus for being first with the correct answer! Special kudos to those of you who picked up on the faux clue. Tony Parker is French, and the word faux means “fake” en français. Nous vous avons donné un indice facile. Avez-vous le comprendre? Bravo!

tony parker eva longoria 2

tony parker eva longoria

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85 comments to Athlete Was Flirting

  • james

    L’avez-vous compris?

  • kermit1969

    Based on my limited knowledge, but knowledge nonetheless, both Eva and Tony are swingers. Tony is bisexual. I do not know what eva’s preferences are but her swinging behavior was a large part of why their divorce was quietly handled. She was still on a network show and no one wanted her outed as a multi sex partner queen. Hi Mario Lopez! Friends? Perhaps but I think they procure lovers for each other. Either way, Eva seeks younger men who are more willing to indulge her lifestyle (hence she rarely dates people her own age).

  • DiamondGoddess

    Oui, Ace, j’ai le comprendre!!!

  • thelasthigh

    why do people act like straight and gay are the only options? it’s possible to enjoy both men and women, you know! 😉

  • YoGo8c

    “Gay men don’t kiss women and lie in bed with them.”

    They do. Lol, they’ll do what they have to (in a very high-profile way so everyone knows about it) if it means keeping a secret secret.

    Not saying this guy is gay or bi, but it would be no shocker given the games and tactics that are employed to closet people.

  • raslebol

    Parker’s daddy is american ,Tony Parker has the dual nationality

  • raslebol

    or they’re bisexual