Singer Is A Hypocrite

[Blind Gossip] This singer pretends that she is genuine and unique and powerful, but her actions don’t  line up with her words. She says that her music is about finding yourself and expressing your independence and power… but her songs are usually about clubbing and hooking up and men dominating women. She disses pop music and says that she’s not a pop singer… but recently announced at a concert that hers was a pop show. She admonishes her fans to stay away from drugs… while continuing to do them herself. And while she claims that she writes her own music, an insider let us know that she actually doesn’t… but takes the credit anyway.

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  1. Emthegem2 says

    At first I thought Lady Gaga, but then she knows she is pop, she just wants to be more artistic pop. I could see this being Katy Perry, she does claim to at least co write her own songs, but she is deff pop. I couldn’t see pink telling her fans to stay away from drugs. But I don’t want it to be Taylor Swift!!

  2. xelene says


    “Beyonce’s songs puts forth a strong girl power message conveying the idea that women are empowered, in control, and equal to men”

  3. TryToGuess says

    that’s definitely Selena Gomez .
    – She said in many interviews that she wrote her songs from her album “star dance ” and especially ” love will remember” but she didn’t write anything AT ALL.
    – therefore , her songs “come and get” and ” slow down” wich are the most popular talk about hooking up and to get into her vagina …. ( the other such as “birthay” are the same ,the lyric is just awful tbh …)
    “she disses pop music ” = in reference to all the shades that she’s been doing over her ex justin bieber :)