Bear Hug

[Blind Gossip] Although this famous actor is now over the age of 50, he is instantly recognizable as the star of at least one television series and many movies. At his prime, every woman wanted to date him and every man wanted to be him.

He has a wonderful vacation home that is not located on either coast. When his wife is not with him, he likes to invite young men to party with him at this house. Boys only. Yes, he is gay (although he has always vehemently denied it). He is especially partial to young, burly bears. Yes, he likes them hairy.

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  1. ssslithering says

    Forget Wikipedia, Tom Selleck definitely has a place in Hawaii and definitely brings guys there. I though Tom Selleck being a closet case was common knowledge, like travolta or whatever. He was a huge star in the eighties and into the nineties – when he was cast as Monica’s boyfriend on “Friends” it was like, a big deal. It’s Tom Selleck, seriously.

  2. ssslithering says

    Yeah SWIM saw him in a compromising position with a body double (or similar) about 15 years ago, back when SWIM had an “internship” the summer before 11th. That “internship” was very eye opening for lots of reasons, but… this one is a no-brainer, it’s Selleck. He didn’t even try to be discreet, wish he’d just come out already.