Velvet Drops A Dime

[Blind Gossip] The Velvet Mafia (gay Hollywood power players) passed this famous actor around earlier in his career. He became very famous, but when he had lapses in his career, he would always return to them.

Sometimes people wonder how it is possible that no photos or videos of him with other men exist. Oh, they exist! In fact, there are lots of them, and many of them are already in the hands of the tabloids. But this actor has a deal with the tabloids. He feeds them dirt on other celebrities. In exchange, they can write whatever they want about him, and he won’t sue… as long as they don’t publish the pics or the videos.

So, all of you Hollywood hotshots: the next time you’re wigging out because the tabloids are spilling the most personal and intimate details of your private life, you might want to take a look at the very famous actor sitting next to you… because there’s a good chance that he is the one who sold you out!

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