His Private Girlfriend

[Blind Gossip] For the past few years, you have heard a lot about this Actor’s relationship with his Public Girlfriend. She is the actress, the famous one, the one who made them a star couple. But did you know that he has had a Private Girlfriend all along?

She is an actress/singer/whatever (although you have likely never heard of her). They originally met a few years ago when she was living overseas. They dated for about a year, but he broke up with her after he became more famous and started dating more famous actresses (like Public Girlfriend).

Private G was devastated, but she managed to remain friends with The Actor. That paid off for her. Every time he wanted to see her – even when he was living with Public G – he would fly her to wherever he happened to be – New York, London, LA – and they would simply pick up where they left off. She made it easy for him. Instead of criticizing him for being with another women, she would just bite her tongue and welcome him back with open arms.

She made it so easy, in fact, that since the famous couple’s recent breakup, the two have been practically inseparable. In fact, The Actor and Private G are living together right now. Very quietly and very privately, of course.

Will he reconcile with Public G? Well, both he and Public G know that they both are more marketable as a couple than they are as just a couple of actors. Insiders think that their reconciliation is inevitable… and that Private G will be sent back to wait in the shadows once more.


Public Girlfriend:

Private Girlfriend (not famous):

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  1. secrets says

    definitely Rob, Kristen and a mystery woman that ive heard some gossip on.

    i heard while filming New Moon in canada Rob met a lady (while he was sleeping with Nikki Reed, too.) i heard he would see her all the time whenever they filmed since they did eclipse and bd1&2.

    has anybody heard this? i heard shes just ‘cute’. must be funny or something.