Dad Is Having An Affair

[Blind Gossip] This couple – who you’ve seen on TV – does a lot of posturing for the camera. They present themselves as a long-time, happily-married couple. You’ve probably heard them give thanks for family and faith at some point. They do it a lot.

Behind the scenes, though, it’s a totally different story. Dad is having an affair. With a young actress with whom at least one of his kids starred in a movie a few years ago. The young girl (who is known mostly for television) is now of age, and we don’t know when the affair started, but the whole situation is really seedy. He is definitely old enough to be her father, and Mom and the kid/s are all really upset about it (yes, they all know). But there is nothing anyone can say publicly without ruining the reputation of the entire family.






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2 comments to Dad Is Having An Affair

  • MLF

    Hello! Long time stalker, first time poster, but I gotta say, it’s most definitely Mr. Kevin Jonas SR. and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle. There’s a lot of evidence that can be proven. A while back I stumbled upon the video of her and Mr. Jonas singing “When you look me in the eyes” TOGETHER. That is a love song…and I thought it was kind of odd, but never put two and two together. Also, in 4 days, the Jonas Brothers play a show in NYC, and will then go on to do an asian/europeian tour I believe in which…guess who they’re guest will be? Miss de Tagle herself! I found this right from her Twitter site… where she is constantly tweeting, retweeting, and writing about the Jonas family…why so obsessive? I find this kind of funny actually considering I’m a huge Jonas Brother’s fan…love all three…but I can’t WAIT for this to break news so we can hear all the details. It just goes to show how fame can RUIN a family.

  • KarmeliteKameleon

    Cyrus family